The M is different though, it’s a This laptop is far and away the current best value for its size and power. A nice array of ports and connections, an optical drive and a long lasting battery life. I love the black lid and blue accent lights. Large display-sizes allow higher resolutions.

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Like the Lenovo V, the XPS M offers a vieo set that’s a cut above that of most ultraportables, which usually sacrifice some features for portability. If you’re willing to compromise more on features and performance, you ddell drive the price down even further.

IT Reviews When you think of Dell’s XPS family you automatically think of big, powerful desktops or equally big gaming laptops, but the XPS M bucks this trend by being a small, seemingly ultra-portable machine.

The touchpad and the mouse buttons are a little bit cramped but this was expected from a laptop this size. This screen diagoal is quite large for tablets but small for subnotebooks. I am extremely happy with my purchase.

Stylishly finished in silver and black, with apparently good build quality, the XPS M looks unlike any other Dell laptop currently available, certainly not as brash as its big brother, the XPS M Even with a nine-cell Wh battery, the unit weighs a mere 5 pounds.


Conveniently placed media buttons. Fan noise is bearable, unlike most other “ultraportables”Stays cool!

The premise behind this victory has been to offer cutting-edge gaming machines at a reasonable price. On the one hand, its The top two speed grades of the mobile Core 2 Duo command a healthy markup.

Techreport The XPS M is a fast, flexible machine that lives up to the size, weight, and battery life requirements of a true ultraportable laptop computer. Although branded as a multimedia machine, the loudspeakers will leave a bitter taste in your mouth and Dell could have mounted something better on this machine.

Integrated Cingular broadband wireless.

I love the black lid and blue accent lights. The M line has recently gone through a refresh to allow Core 2 Duo processor options. Don’t like the “chrome” buttons and the trimming around the trackpad. The AC adapter adds another 0. Sell it’s a bulky little devil weighing in at 2.

Smallish gig hard drive. Strike Mobile Although bigger for an ultraportable, the Dell XPS M is packed with so many features that the ultraportables usually don’t have. The M is light enough to delll around comfortably and powerful enough to get all my work done. Dell homepage Dell notebook section. Once you’ve picked your jaw up off the floor, realize that much of that price tag is CPU. The only thing we don’t like about it is that the Page Up key is too close to the right Shift key. Three-plus hours of battery life.


Dell XPS M1210

A nice array of ports and connections, an optical drive and a long lasting battery life. Pop the black top on this mini Media M1201 notebook, and you’re greeted with a dazzling gray-and-silver color scheme.

And our test machine’s solid battery life should give you ample time to spend an afternoon telecommuting at the local coffee shop or watching an in-flight DVD: This laptop is far and away the current best value for its size and power. I get to play with a lot of notebooks with the work I do, and believe it or not that can actually get tedious when you see one laptop after the other that’s just kind of the same.

So, details like letters are bigger.

Dell XPS M – External Reviews

Please, switch off ad blockers. When you buy an XPS laptop, you’re getting a special Dell “first-class” service contract, along with all the bells and whistles, such vixeo the integrated optical drive, discrete graphics, and Windows Vista Ultimate.

If you’re looking for top comfort and full features in an ultraportable, you’ll find them in the M