McSummation Premium Member Aug Bicephale to Bicephale Anon Aug 6: Linux must be extended with software to control the modem, you need to install and setup software called drivers. Page History Login to edit. Sagem Fast , Comtrend ct etc.

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To identify your modem, you should start by noting the make and model, which is usually printed on the front. Partners Support Community Ubuntu.

Sagem FastComtrend ct etc. I could play with a few additional parameters and in the end i succeded! This is based on very old, tried and tested, standards based technology, which tends to be very reliable and easy to set up.

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Most of the time the driver needed for the USB modem is supplied by the manufacturer, and only available for certain specific versions of MS Windows. Until now, i had to launch the PPPoE session manually and in a most empirical manner – but not anymore Most home computers and globespah PC’s have an ethernet card, as one is usually supplied on the motherboard nowadays, otherwise one can easily be picked up and installed very cheaply.

Are we seeing the end of the road for the Windows NT kernel?


Ubuntu and probably all other Linux based operating systems assume that the network connection runs over an ethernet card or other standard network card in the globespah. At 1st i just happened to learn from a 3rd-party source that the NTP server could be set so that date and time globbespan remain synchronized with a public time reference.

Linux must be extended with software to control the modem, you need to install and setup software called drivers.

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If you have a modem that can connect both via USB and ethernet, you should use the ethernet connection. Besides, I may have more experience in finding these things, too.

There’s a 5 Mb. Bicephale to McSummation Anon Aug Bicephale to Bicephale Anon Aug 6: Hi, One more note Most Active Forum Topics this week Video doorbell without WiFi?

Friend bragging about 10 year old car with really low mileag [ Automotive ] by IowaCowboy McSummation Premium Member Aug 8: The driver is usually proprietary closed source software, with a licence legally protecting it from being used in any way the manufacturer does not see fit. An ethernet port is an allmost universal way to provide network access, and apart from the advent of wifi, has been for decades.

Thanks a lot, it seems most obvious i must have missed a spot somewhere It all changed when i started looking closer to the CLI. By following this guide you should be able to get most modsm USB ADSL modems working, but some still have slight problems and others do not currently work at all.


Many times more like each time, i’d sayi noticed a mention about the PPP authentication failing but the password was OKay and it made no sense – until i saw delay commands related to just that in my readings. Half the time you will get an ethernet modem, and maybe even an ethernet card, in the other cases often the more economic contracts you get an USB ADSL modem. Bicephale Anon Aug 7: Widespread Centurylink Outage this morning Occasionaly you may have to look for a label to discover the exact model.

Other modems, no guides yet available: Anyway, the conclusion is that none of this could have occured if i had remained stucked with the Web version of the GUI.

If you want to start installing your modem straight away, you can jump to the next section.