Six digitizing modes are available, but only one can be used at a time: Have been fully tested and function perfectly. This unit has the 30″ x 36″ active area. Questions or issues with the site? Please provide as much detail as possible. Space does not permit a detailed description of Summagraphics commands.

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Saved configurations allow you to switch between applications quickly. Click on the ‘P’ on the permanent pad to save the changes.

To save the configuration in a user-definable location: Page 68 Roll-Up II 68 2. You will hear four short tones when you successfully save a configuration. It is a fast, efficient and commonly used format.

How To: Configure the GTCO Roll-Up II digitizer

Send the command one character at a time. There are two kinds of delimiters: If you do not have a typical interfacing situation, the information in this section will offer assistance to setting up the Roll-Up II and connect it to another device. Digitizer and software used by California commercial concrete contractor.


It can be used to perform communication and diagnostic tests on an installed Roll-Up II. Serial To USB cable. The SuperSet code is Contact our Support Team.

Questions or issues with the site? This item is used so it does show sign of nor Page 69 Roll-Up II 69 consequential damages. Choose the desired resolution under Mode Options.

Page 48 Roll-Up II 48 2. The following information is not required for normal Roll-Up II operation.

GTCO Rollup II Digitizer $2755

Installing the Roll-Up II. The Roll-Up II is equipped for software flow control. Click ‘Point 1’ – you should hear continuous beeping.

Place the accessories in the accessory case and put it inside the hollow insert. Send command BI for Binary rolp-up. Page 6 Roll-Up II 6 5. Controllin g the Alarm. Content feedback is currently offline for maintenance.

TabletWorks Product Updates – GTCO

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So gtfo different things out there. Install only the drivers necessary for Roll-Up II to work with the application software. This will change the Line Feed to Exclude. Troublesh ooting Gu ide. Skip to main content.

To set the rate at which coordinates are sent in Line Mode: