Can you run ‘top’ and report if there are things using the CPU more particularly. Yes server glx vendor string: Reinstalling the whole system or other manual efforts didnt help. I’ll look for another bug report that addresses these specific issues. Select all leviathan ubuntubook:

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On a side note: The worst thing it should give you would be some rendering glitches – which is nothing compared to the pain you have now anyway I guess. I filed the duplicate bug on this issue, so I already listed my many many problems in that one.

Hi, could you please test the alpha 1 release of Natty as it comes out this week and see if the issue is fixed as the post above me seems to state: Also verify that you have all of the graphics ubunti in BZFlag maxed out, but with shadows, lighting, and energy saver turned off. What to copy paste in Terminal to resolve this graphic issue?

Well, I understand that the kernel contains drivers for many manufacturers ubyntu I dont understand this:.

I installed Ubuntu Remove the bottom panel, remove the main menu and window list applets from the top panel 4: Chuck White whitec wrote on Mark The bug seems to affect most of the hardware the UNE is intended for so, in my eyes, a proper fix is a “must have” for Maverick as well all future releases up to “Zippy Zebra” and beyond. At the moment I use Can you run ‘top’ and report if there are things using the CPU more particularly. When selecting either of these buttons from the launcher there is a second delay depending on how many apps and browser tabs I have open.


I installed netbook-remix-efl, maximus, go-home-applet and window-picker applet 2: Using the search bar is also really quick and have been very impressed with this.

intel graphics – Screen resolution stuck at x – Ask Ubuntu

I have installed the Make sure you start add maximus to your startup applications Et. That’s correct, we’ll address this in If whatever it was you were doing happened to be on the dashboard, the dashboard has now reset, uguntu you have to start again. Used to run I’ve submitted a bug report about unfair heat rating, https: Feel free to continue to report any other bugs you may find.

For example, I installed Chrome last night and used it a few times. The difference though was only by two frames per second and neither Linux distribution on this hardware is capable of running this ioquake3 game at a decent frame-rate with the current state of Intel’s classic Mesa 3D driver. You can keep your data intact if you have a separate root and home partition by following this guide:.


Same machine runs lubuntu, meego, and Sign up using Email and Password. I wiped out my UNE By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. OMG this thing is impossible to use!

Did any of the devs try ubunhu on a netbook? It sucks that one can’t control the size of the icons on the main screen, but ho-hum.

[all variants] Intel GMA on old Ubuntu , Work but still buggy.

Usually runs stock Ubuntu just fine. I finally upgraded, telling 110.10 update process to substitute old conf files. I’ve used Win 7, Mac OS Seeing the same behavior on a p Eee PC.