Can you work that changes at latest bios ver 1. Check mdadm manpages for creating a raid-device there exists parameters for your belongs. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong. I was just looking for the real KB article on how to do this officially, not just a hack. Somehow the technician who build my computer just installed everything that came with the support cd that I had to uninstall some items not needed or deemed useless which brought my attention to this JMicron item. I use just one kext in plust to fix ioata panic.

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I would never have thought of duplicating the OperatorRegion definition but I’ve clearly got a lot to learn about hmb36x editing. I was just looking for the real KB article on how to do this officially, not just a hack. It seems like bits [1: The original bytes were e8 xx xxwhere e8 is the opcode for the CALL instruction, and the bit immediate operand is the relative branch target.

JMicron JMB Add-on Card AHCI mode « Blog

All other managing and monitoring features such als hotplugging and sparedrives are only available for real software raid made of mdadm and a real hardware-raid. What happened to the KB article about disk mirroring? I speculate its purpose is to disable the option ROM, allowing the main BIOS to set up the rest of the device configuration without interference.


Unfortunately, I do not know enough about hex editing to find where to patch. I tried modifying the option ROM to also configure register 0x to this value, but had many problems booting.

JMicron JMB363 Add-on Card AHCI mode

Upvote if you found this answer helpful or interesting. Thanks, yes, I should have explained better.

Those connected at boot were not detected. BTW i am trying to set ide mode so i simply changed the 3 instances of b1 to 91 trying to put sata interface into legacy mode and set the checksum. Many thanks for the modded ROM. What you very helpfully included was one of the possibilities I’d already tried as dsdtjmb. Liinux someone from Jmn36x can chime in on the KB article, or how to load 3rd party drivers during installation.

This, however, was fixed by JMicron by a newer driver so I know the drive and the controller are completely cabable of doing their thing. Do i need to fix a checksum linkx as well? Without this loaded the same problems exist. I had some help from the option ROM release noteswhich gave some hints as to what the PCI config registers do or at least, supposed to do after being interpreted by the option ROM.


Can we get an update for firmware v1.

Or sign in with one of these services. Thanks for the advice. I replaced 3 bytes with b1 02 At this point in the code, register cl should contain the byte read from PCI configuration register 0xdf.

Any pointers would be appreciated. Posted October 31, Waiting for DSDT fix. The problem is, that when the HDD is hooked up with eSata, it initially recognizes the drive fine and it shows up in Disk Utility etc.

Sign In Sign Up. Yes No I don’t have a dog. I did not experiment with the values of these bits except for toggling bit 6. Trying to do that in the option ROM causes a several-minute hang during boot when loading the option ROM again, seemingly waiting for a disk and giving upeven when a PATA disk is present.

Vikas, Thanks, I also saw those KB articles go up a couple days ago. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong. Seems to take values of 0xc2 or 0x