Or perhaps the significant other you Skype with is a bit nosy. It can also be configured to lock the computer automatically whenever you walk away. Any image stored on your computer can be turned into a video mask, allowing for multiple sets of eyes and mouths that can be rotated and resized about the picture. All-in-all, this is simply a great camera. Web compatible The Logitech C it worth the money. Logitech CE Webcam – Black

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The sensitivity of the microphones can be a problem however, if only for their being too sensitive. So how does the overall value of HD come into play?

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Image controls will appear to the right of Quick Capture for basic adjustments like face tracking, zoom, panning and focus.

It can also be configured to lock the computer automatically whenever you walk away. The new, more modern interface of LWS is rather bulky, but effectively uses white space to present a simple, uncluttered look. Skip to main content. The Logitech C it worth the money.

All-in-all, this is simply a great camera. However, the stereo mic feature easily distorts the sound when recording higher pitches.

This is an excellent device and I am quite happy with it. Timestamps and basic scheduling are supported, though masking zones with independent sensitivities is still a missing feature. The camera lens sits straight in the middle, surrounded by a set of blue activity LEDs and dual microphones.


Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910 Review

Good picture quality, though a bit overpriced for the “stereo mic” option. The image was quite good. It lacked the presence a person’s voice has when they speak on the radio as an announcer but it was clear, unclipped and easy to understand.

As far as video conferencing is concerned, p is f910 no-go.

Logitech HD Pro Webcam C Review | Everything USB

Featuring full HD video recording, this Logitech webcam gives you great quality videos and pictures. Framerate expectedly suffered in low lighting as the exposure was turned up, but remained fluid enough to hold a video conversation. Logitech C Computer Webcams. So far I have had several different web camera, and I was not overly pleased with the quality of the video.

As a music instructor, I thought this would be a great choice for using in online lessons. Logitech C Web cam When my wife wanted Skype I did a bit of research and the C web cam seemed to have everything she was going to need. With dual stereo mics, this personal webcam lets your loved ones hear logiteh real you.

Even ignoring these bugs, there are some fundamental issues with the very concept of face recognition software. The high-def picture quality is the best feature about this cam, no question about it.

The webcam offers amazing picture quality with a reliable autofocus, but the two of the major selling points – p and stereo microphones – are both handicapped due to software limitations.

The stereo microphones are also called into question, downmixed into monaural sound whenever the noise filtration is active. The Carl Zeiss Tessar glass lens lro native 5-megapixel image sensor are fantastic for picking out the fine details, even going so far as to make me self-conscious about logitfch clogged pores.


What I like better about the C is: At the forefront of Logitech Webcam Software package is the classic Quick Capture utility, which makes it a breeze to capture photos and videos in a wide array of resolutions both widescreen and 4: A second hinge just behind the camera itself allows for vertical tilt adjustments independent of the logitehc hardware, though horizontal panning is still a lost luxury.

Also accessible from the main menu is the Webcam Gallery. Featuring the RightLight 2 technology, the Logitech C gives you great quality video calling capabilities even in poor lighting conditions. On a sour note of caution, the cable length of the C has por shortened to just under five feet, down a whole foot from the last generation.

The high resolution does have its limits though, with some video light noise and compression visible at full crop. People who bought this also bought. Logitech CE Webcam – Black