16 and pregnant season 1 meet the cast of supernatural

25 Behind-The-Scenes Photos From Supernatural That Change Everything

16 and pregnant season 1 meet the cast of supernatural

, £, View in iTunes . However, after Sam meets with the lead vampire, Lenore, and discovers they are actually of a TV show called "Supernatural" and they are actors named "Jensen Ackles" and "Jared Padalecki. Meanwhile, Kelly Kline (guest star COURTNEY FORD), still pregnant with Lucifer's child. Janice Fairman, the adoptive mother of tragic 16 and Pregnant star I thought they might mention that during one of the update shows, but they never did.' her daughter is gone, she can one day meet her granddaughter NBC cancels supernatural series Midnight Texas after only two seasons. and. The cast of Supernatural Season 11 The actors never appear to grow tired of portraying Dean and Sam. 23 Meeting Scooby-Doo . 16 Held captive by camera This photo is from the filming of season 1 episode, “Home”, in which . Pregnancy and parenting news, given to you in a way nobody else.

Lauren Cohan was immediately elevated to the main cast of season three and while she did attract some fans, most grew quickly frustrated with her manipulation. Bela didn't last very long, as her short-sighted decisions eventually caught up to her, and Cohan has gone on to do other, more interesting projects: The Walking Dead and a new starring role in Whiskey Cavalier.

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Julian Richings Sometimes a casting works simply because a character just has the right look for the part. One of season five's main arcs follows the Winchester's taking on the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

It took an episode each to take care of War and Famine, three for Pestilence, but Death tells Sam and Dean that there just isn't any way for them to incapacitate him like they did the others. Richings sells us on his character's cosmic scale, reminding Dean just how old and powerful he is. Plus, after Richings left the show, the writers tried to make other Reapers seem as interesting, and mostly failed, which should tell you just how critical Richings was to the character's success. An incompetent hunter who accompanied Sam and Dean as a guest on four episodes starting in seasonseven, Garth was a natural source of comic relief.

Fans loved Garth's awkward, bumbling antics, and given their response, they probably wouldn't have minded if he'd been brought on as a recurring character, rather than just a guest. Qualls is a series regular on two different shows, and while fans love Garth, Qualls has said he just doesn't have room in his schedule for the role.

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Sam and Dean may talk about Garth a lot, but it's not the same. We'd rather have more Garth, and that means DJ Qualls was miscast.

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Mark Sheppard - Crowley Demons are fun. Don't ever let anyone tell you different. Crowley was a salesman, a negotiator who offered humans classic crossroads-style deals for their souls.

16 and pregnant season 1 meet the cast of supernatural

Though he didn't start as the most powerful demon, Crowley nevertheless managed to parlay his wit and intelligence into becoming nothing less than the King of Hell. Mark Sheppard has been a fixture on the show since season five, until his character sacrificed himself for the greater good at the end of season Like several others in the Saved category, Sheppard didn't expect his character to resonate so strongly, but his humor and antagonistic chemistry with the Winchester brothers inspired the writers to give him bigger and bigger roles to play.

Elizabeth Blackmore - Lady Toni Much like Arthur Ketch, Lady Toni Bevell was introduced as part of the British Men of Letters - though she actually made an appearance before him in season 11, while he had to wait till season Much like Arthur Ketch, she was plagued by bland characterization and a dodgy British accent. An Australian actress, Elizabeth Blackmore, played the character, and she never really seemed more than a female version of Ketch. It's not really clear why the show brought back Ketch, but Toni didn't get the same invitation.

Her character was bumped off by Ketch himself near the end of season Neurotic, ruthless, and arrogant, there just isn't much to her to make her a memorable antagonist. She may be a cut above Ketch, who has been shown to be a psychopath, but that ultimately left without much of a role in the show. Nobody really wants to watch a character who is bad but not as bad as the guy standing next to her.

Ultimately, neither Toni nor Ketch were well-liked characters, but she just wasn't interesting enough to keep around. Tyler was always there for her, and continues to be there for her, though obviously their relationship would never qualify as having been easy—for a number of reasons, their tender ages being only one.

And the adoption continues to haunt them in the form of their parents, with April picking a fight with her daughter even when they were shopping for prom dresses. The couple graduated from high school in and Catelynn enrolled at Baker College to major in social work. They sometimes brought their issues to Twitter, engaging in heated exchanges that left fans wondering what their relationship status was. By Thanksgiving of that year he was back home with Catelynn and their two dogs.

We apologize and move on. But inCatelynn became pregnant again. This time, the couple knew they were going to become full-time parents. Just weeks before they welcomed daughter NovaLee in JanuaryTyler surprised his fiancee with a sparkly new engagement ring. She's the most selfless, kind hearted woman that I'm lucky enough to call mine. The couple have also started a baby clothing line, Tierra Reign.

I can just feel it… I know it. All the s--t with my dad again. It's pushing me right over the edge. Sometimes I booze while she cheats, sometimes she'll booze while I cheat. It just depends on the day of the week. Catelynn continued to struggle, however, and in November she checked into treatment for depression again after considering suicide. My life would be desolate without her in it.

She was home by New Year's, and into Tyler's waiting open arms. Raised by adoptive parents, Wickelhaus struggles to decide whether to keep the baby or not during her episode.

16 and pregnant season 1 meet the cast of supernatural

The show initially focuses on the conflicting desires between her family and friends over whether she should keep the baby or place it through adoption. Once Wickelhaus decides on an open adoption, the episode focuses on the difficulty in finding an adoptive family.

16 and pregnant season 1 meet the cast of supernatural

Wickelhaus gave birth to a baby boy, Aidan Elliot Benson, on December 16, She continues to see Aidan and his adoptive family on a regular basis.

Lori later gave birth to her third child, a boy named Logan, on October 3,from Joey. Samantha Hernandez is a year-old girl from RosenbergTexaswho is pregnant by her boyfriend, Eric Salinas.

After Jordynn's birth, the episode focuses on Hernandez bearing the responsibility of caring for Jordynn while Salinas returns to school.

As ofshe is single.

16 and Pregnant

Nicole Fokos is a year-old from LongwoodFloridawho is pregnant by her boyfriend, Tyler Keller. Throughout her pregnancy, Fokos' mother is very supportive because she Fokos' mother lost a child shortly after birth and Fokos' father died two years later.

Following the birth, the episode focuses on Fokos and Keller living between houses and trying to get their lives back on track. Fokos and Keller have since broken up; the pair co-parent their daughter. Fokos had her second child, a baby girl named Scarlett Elizabeth, with her boyfriend, Kenny Navarro, on March 31, The pair had dated for only one month prior to discovering that Messer was pregnant.

Following the birth, the episode focuses on the relationship strains between Messer and Simms, who struggle with building their still-new relationship while caring for the twins. The couple separated following Messer's infidelity with long-time ex-boyfriend Robb Kidd. They eventually reconcile and, on October 17,the couple marry. The pair divorced in As ofLeah and Corey share custody of the twins.

16 and pregnant season 1 meet the cast of supernatural

Simms and Messer, during the course of the series, learn that their daughter Ali suffers from Titin muscular dystrophya very rare form of the disorder that has only ever been found in adults. He is years-old, a father of a two-year-old son he was married to his son's mother from toand lives near Leah's home in West Virginia. Prior to the birth, the episode focuses on the relationship troubles between Waller and Sickles. After her birth, the episode focuses on the adjustments Waller must make to her life and goals due to being a teen mother.

Sickles and Waller married shortly after Summer's birth, but have since divorced. Lizzie is currently married to Dave Mortensen who, himself, has three children; the couple welcomed their new baby on June 6th,but not many details on the baby are known as Lizzie's Facebook page is private.

The episode focuses on the lack of support Lowry receives from her own estranged family, which forces her to rely on Rivera's family. The pair separated shortly after Isaac's birth.


Lowry was selected as one of the season's four moms to appear on Teen Mom 2. Air Man Javi Marroquin in late Shortly after her wedding, she and Javi welcomed a son, Lincoln Marshall, on November 16, In FebruaryKailyn announced on her blog that she is pregnant with her third child.

Javi welcomed his second child, a son named Eli Joseph Marroquin, with his girlfriend Lauren Comeau on November 15, The event is hosted by Dr.