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christmas movie meet the coopers

This steaming yule log of a movie takes place over one highly eventful Christmas Eve get together. Every member of the insufferable extended. Love the Coopers is a American Christmas comedy-drama film directed by Jessie Nelson and written by Steven Rogers. The film stars an ensemble cast. Movie Info. LOVE THE COOPERS follows the Cooper clan as four generations of extended family come together for their annual Christmas Eve.

Eleanor and Joe are polar opposites as people and rudely disrespect each other's differences, but she invites him to spend Christmas Eve with her family. And don't even get me started on Joe drinking while in uniform, wearing his collar up throughout the movie and the rank on his chest changing positions between shots in the same scene!

Bucky has a grandfatherly, but still very odd attachment to Ruby, even getting angry when he discovers that she has withheld important details about her life from him. And when Lauren starts enthusiastically but badly French-kissing Charlie in public places, what is apparently supposed to be funny is really just disgusting and off-putting. The script and the movie in general are formulaic, but the filmmakers even got the formulas wrong.

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Much of the structure of this movie seems stolen from "A Christmas Story", complete with frequent narration, quirky characters and a scene of a little kid taking on a big bully.

There are also moments that will remind many a Movie Fan of "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" and any number of other movies in which family members dread going to their family's holiday get-together but end up experiencing some personal and familial growth before the movie ends. Unfortunately, those elements that worked so well in some of those other movies simply don't work here — for the reasons that I've already discussed and because of a noticeable absence of genuine joy in almost every scene throughout the movie.

christmas movie meet the coopers

Even the cast's frequent overacting doesn't help. As bad as the build-up was, I kept hoping that these stories would come together during the family's Christmas Eve gathering and produce resolution of conflicts and warm family moments.

While the film makes attempts at some of that, the results feel as awkward as everything that led up to those scenes and aren't enjoyable to watch. Was this review helpful?

christmas movie meet the coopers

He then apologizes and asks her to join the family dinner. High schooler Charlie drops in on his crush, Lauren, at the holiday store she works—finally making a move and sharing a kiss with her. Emma is arrested by police officer Percy Williams after she attempts to steal a piece of jewelry as a gift for Charlotte.

Christmas with the Coopers

In his car, Emma engages him in conversation, and he relents and lets her go, with advice that she buy Charlotte the most expensive thing she can afford. Sam and Charlotte continue arguing while preparing dinner.

christmas movie meet the coopers

The four generations of Coopers are arriving at the house, along with Joe, Ruby, and Hank's ex-wife, Angie. During the dinner, chaos unleashes when Hank and Angie argue about their divorce, which leads to Bo screaming at them to "just stop fighting".

There is a momentary power outage, and when it comes back Eleanor is kissing Joe, Emma is drinking everyone's wine, and Ruby screams when she sees that Bucky has collapsed. At the hospital, Hank and Ruby walk beside Bucky's gurney as he is being taken for tests.

Love the Coopers

Ruby kisses Bucky on the lips — confusing but deeply touching Hank. In the waiting room, Charlotte argues with Eleanor when she figures out that she is sleeping with Bucky's physician, Dr.

Morrisey, so Eleanor crushes her further by admitting that Joe is just a prop from the airport bar. Alone with a sleeping Bucky in his room, Charlotte and Emma argue about their broken relationship as sisters.

christmas movie meet the coopers

Joe leaves after also realizing Eleanor's affair is with Dr. Morrisey, but she chases after him, and the two share another kiss.

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Charlie is surprised when Lauren appears in the waiting room, responding to the text he sent her actually, Bo sent it to "help" him.