Ill meet you all the way rosanna

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ill meet you all the way rosanna

I arrived way before show time to check out the stage and saw afew of the Luke , your solo in Rosanna, just to name afew of your outstanding solos was I'll Be Over You (Luke this is my wifes favorite tune thanks for your killer vocals) Cruel . I was excited to be able to see the band after all these years. All I want to do when I wake up in the morning is see you eyes Rosanna, Rosanna Now she's gone and I have to say Meet you all the way, meet you all the. 'If this is a hit,' I said, 'I'll run naked down Hollywood Boulevard' One of the reasons I was in a rock band was to see the world. I went to an all-boys Catholic school and a lot of the teachers had done missionary work in Africa. People had heard the song and asked: “So when were you in Africa?.

Thanks again for a night to remember and My best wishes for all you and your families. Keep it going, i do not fill yet with all your music, i will need it forever.

The set list was the same as in Los Angeles a month ago. Then it was time for Mike to return the favor by introducing Luke as "the man who gives you more queso for your peso! Bobby and Luke spoke a few words in spanish during the concert, with excellent pronunciation.

Mike got a nice ovation, playing injured with a bandage in one of his hands. My 2 friends and I know one of the promoters so we had the chance to go backstage after the show for a couple of minutes.

Luke surprised us, and some other folks who were there that had won a radio contest, by greeting everyone with a handshake and thanking everyone for going to the show The star making us feel as THE stars! What a novel concept!!. He gladly posed for pictures, with a big smile on his face, chatted a little bit, signed for everyone and left after saying goodbye.

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I was really surprised by this, by how down to earth Luke is Come back often to Monterrey and to Mexico.

Mi casa es su casa, amigos. It began at 9: It last for 2 hours and the set list was almost the same as in Los Angeles.

ill meet you all the way rosanna

Great new intros for classic songs and amazing performance of the new songs: Tony Spinner was great singing Stop loving you and following Steve's leading guitar; Greg is fantastic is great to have you in the band!

It was great to hear him sing gift of faith, kingdom of desire, won't hold you back, etc Totally perfect, all the colors of the guitars of Mr. Luke and all the solo parts, that was amazing how Mr. Kimball, Mr Simon that is an excellent drummer, Mr.

Spinner that he sang "I can't stop loving you" he's very talented with the voice too I like it a lot, also Mr. Porcaro thas was amazing too. German Excellent is the one and only that comes to mind at the end of the performanceTOTO still gets that spirit flowin in the band. I'm thankful by the first I heard song like "Endless" and "Isolation" even though "Stranger in town" missing such "Caught in the balance" each and every song was a delight for my senses.

My seat in the 3rd row gave a parfect sight of the stage, and almost the completly night I spent my time in front Luke, he is a master, sometimes Bobby took the same position. Falling in beetwen was a perfect openerthe only bad spot on itnot all the audience knew the lyrics from the new album. But thanks once again, I'll be expecting the new album, or at least the next time they touch Mexico City. I missed David on the keyboards, I hope he comes in the next time.


Band is as exciting as ever, and Greg and Spinner are great additions. Loved the play list, so awesome to see some songs from when they didn't tour heavily in US, especially 'Gift of Faith' and 'Kingdom'. I think I may have to fly down to Mexico. Heard many people saying the same thing. The best band in the world, and the sound was third rate. Muddy, couldn't hear middle and upper ranges, piano and vocals couldn't be heard.

I know the venue is tough for sound, mixer under the balcony and I was in the pit. Still the best band ever. Jeff P will always be the master, but Simon is the most masterful drummer I've ever seen.

Hope to see you in Mexico. Ben Siebert What can I say that hasn't already been said? This was one awesome concert. I flew from Orlando specifically for this show. While there isn't any song I wouldn't want to hear live, it's great to have new material in the show. I have always loved his solo single "Behind The Mask" fromwhich was reworked with Michael Jackson I will never forget how Luke, in the voice of Michael, introducted Greg.

Hopefully someone saved Mike's intro for Luke. It had everyone almost in tears. Hearing a couple tracks from Isolation with Bobby on vocals was beyond a thrill.

Kevin Andrusia "Truly amazing I didn't know they played that. For a bunch of old guys, they rock! The week previously, I attended the show in my hometown of Las Vegas. I knew that due to the Las Vegas "casino curfew" And even though the show was great, I had to see them play in their hometown to truly experience what our fellow European fans have been able to luckily witness.

Ultimately, being in the "pit" at the Wiltern was the bonus, literally within arm's length of the boys playing, singing and having a wild time! Watching him jam with his son Trevor on stage was inspiring Other highlights for the hard core fans was a missed key by Greg during "Rosanna", and Luke laughing at Greg while trying to show him the right key to play! My only disappointment was that Paich was there, but unfortunately not on stage. However I have no complaints.

As I left the venue, on my 4 hour drive into the night back home to Vegas, only one song came to mind They rocked the house with their new and classic songs. Luke brought out son Trevor who is every bit the axe master and showman. It was clearly the most moving moment at any concert I've ever been to, to see father and son jamming together and having a blast. Simon attacked his solo. Greg was awesome, but I longed for Dave to make a cameo.

MVP goes to Mike Porcaro. I spoke with him after the concert, and he was clearly in a great deal of discomfort. He played seated for maybe one song.

The groovemeister never missed a note. Other than being a one band fan, I went especially to watch Mike play live. The bassist who inspired me to play. After 6 spine operations myself, I can relate to how he felt. Perfect performance, and he was literally pale after the show. That is mind blowing dedication.

ill meet you all the way rosanna

What a cool guy, a complete gentleman and role model for fathers. I spoke with Dave who said his sister's prognosis is great, and she's next in line for her life saving surgery. It was a pleasure to meet Dave's wife also, she expressed gratitude for all of the prayers for Dave's sister.

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I met one of Jeff's sons, and for the life of me, the excitement caused me to forget, but I think it was Chris. Stuart also says thanks for his massage and cake!

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ill meet you all the way rosanna

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ill meet you all the way rosanna

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