Lord please meet me in the laundry room

Lord, Please Meet Me in the Laundry Room by Barbara Curtis on Apple Books

lord please meet me in the laundry room

Lord, Please Meet Me in the Laundry Room has 32 ratings and 1 review. Susan said: I have to confess this was the first book by Barbara Curtis that I have. for laundry room | Scripture Art 8x10 - Proverbs Chalkboard. $, via Etsy. trust in the lord Chalkboard Verse, Chalkboard Writing, Chalkboard Printable, Chalkboard Lettering, .. Abide In Christ, Jesus Christ, Jesus Said, Christ In Me,. Abide In of Prayer. Please know you are loved and you are in. Is your time with the Lord sometimes elbowed out by the demands of your family? Lord, Please Meet Me in the Laundry Room will help you find spiritual.

Saturday — colors again.

lord please meet me in the laundry room

Wash, dry and put away. Have kids wash their own load. My daughters each started doing this on their own. I rarely even see their clothes. Yes, it is a beautiful thing!

lord please meet me in the laundry room

Designate two days a week to laundry. Start first thing in the morning or put a load in before bed the night before! Obviously, pick days when you will be home all day. Own Less The more clothing you own the more overwhelming it is to maintain it. It takes so much energy and so much work!

If you are disorganized it is even more stressful and overwhelming.

Lord, Please Meet Me In The Laundry Room: Heavenly Help For Earthly Moms

No one wants to put clean clothes into closets that are stuffed full. Only keep two sets of sheets for each bed. That includes vests, jackets, sweaters, jeans, etc. She also told me that she washes her bedding every week including her comforter! Feeling like a filthy loser, I told my husband about her that night.

Thinking he would be in complete awe of her also, I waited for his reply. Reuse your bath towel. You should be clean coming out of the shower, right?

Take the time to hang your towel once you are dry and then reuse it. Could you use the same towel for a week? Wear your outerwear two or three times before you wash it.

lord please meet me in the laundry room

Have a hook by your closet, hang your jeans and sweatshirt on it at the end of the day. Obviously they will spit up or spill on their clothes but try to limit this habit. Keep your clothes off the floor.

lord please meet me in the laundry room

Trying on an outfit and then deciding not to wear it and dropping it on the ground equals another load of laundry. Toddlers pulling clothes out and not putting them away equals another load of laundry.

Work hard to keep your room and closet picked up. Focus on Secret 8. Get rid of single socks! There is no denying that socks cause stress and clutter. Together find the pairs and then donate the rest to Goodwill. Goodwill sells fabric by the pound to fund their programs so cloth is welcome, holey or mismatched. Just be kind and bag and label them. If the socks hang on it for more than a week get rid of them.

Hire Help There, I said it. Sometimes the best you can do is to know when you need help. Barbara candidly shares her own struggles striving to be a perfect mother. Everything from baking the perfect cake for the school contest, to the realization that God doesn't demand perfection but simply joyful obedience - even if your cake doesn't come in first place.

Barbara's book is easy to read and hard to put down. She'll make you laugh as you relate to the "genetic trait" of boys leaving rolled up socks around the house, or arriving for a Les Miserable on the wrong day. And you'll shed a few tears as she shares the delight in her young Down Syndrome son, who believes mommy can order snow off the internet!

Barbara and I grew up in very different worlds. I was not abused or abandoned as a child. I did not dabble in new age philosophy or move across the country. She has a dozen children, I have half that many.

She has used public, private, and homeschooling to educate her children.

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Yet, I found myself shaking my head in understanding many times as I related to her story. Barbara's book is one I can confidently give to new moms, seasoned veterans, moms of one, and moms of many. All will come away inspired by the truths she shares, and humbled by our calling as mothers.