Meet the idler academy

meet the idler academy

We really enjoyed it and went on to create The Idler Academy of the opportunity to meet Tom Hodgkinson, the Idler Academy founder and. Tom Hodgkinson meets the amiable Python Idler Questionnaire: John Cooper Clarke Sign me up using recurring payment for Academy membership. Sign me up using recurring payment for Academy membership. I'll get the print magazine delivered to my door as well as all FREE access to online courses and .

Last year I did not produce an Idler at all.

Idler Academy: Victoria Hull Launches First Idler Festival

The design team are Christian Brett and Alice Smith. Yes, I have been a busy little bee, particularly over the last five years.

Sometimes I need to remind myself of my own philosophy, so I take a few days off on a retreat or go for a one or two day walk with friends. But really the Idler has always been about freedom and a different idea of leisure — not giving up and watching Jeremy Kyle and eating takeaway food in your underpants.

I still manage a nap most days. Why are you returning to print now, and what changes have you made to the magazine for the relaunch? Also I spent a year busting a gut updating our website every day doing this stuff for free. There is something deeply unsatisfying about the digital medium.

Digital magazines are largely rubbish in my view.

The magazine provides a blessed escape from the screen. Screens are great for sound and video of course — but somehow fall down when it comes to words. Also I think it was something that the Beatles did. In terms of content, I have followed the conventional magazine structure of a front section with short bits and news, a middle features section with longer pieces and interviews and picture stories, and a third section of reviews and how-tos.

Louis Theroux kindly agreed to a long interview and to be the cover star. Rather than a photo, we have gone with a caricature by Ellie Foreman-Peck. I love those old 19th century Vanity Fair covers and actually I find photography can be a bit boring.

Tom Hodgkinson, The Idler - magCulture

What are you most looking forward to this week? We are launching our new issue on Tuesday evening at the Social which should be fun. And how did that lifestyle translate into The Idler Family? After a couple of years with small children in London we decided to move to this scruffy farm house in North Devon full time while Tom wrote his first book How To Be Idle.

Both Tom and I have always prioritised being at home with the children and one of the reasons we left London for Exmoor was that our two-year old at the time hated babysitters so we just settled into our remote farmhouse and gave up on speedy London adult evenings. While we were there I became increasingly focussed on the children and giving them a life of rock pools and surfing and cats and puppies and ferrets and ponies and chickens and vegetable gardening and even pigs. Killing those pigs left one of the children vegetarian.

Social life was always with all the family — long weekend lunches, beach days, bonfire camps and festivals. It was full on.

meet the idler academy

Their tiny village school was completely un-pushy but we had reading at home along with animals, and mud, and fields, and sea and rocks to climb, which are surely the best lessons for a small child.

Family life is so family right now. I am in the thick of it and very happy. But of course all I have done is provide the food. My daughter and I have managed to fit in some super silly Love Island evenings together though. That really is light relief. My thirteen-year old and eighteen-year old boys have given that up. We used to all cuddle up together in that bed while Tom read to us before bedtime when they were little.

Stillness in the Idler Family home. Second — when some money falls into your lap, buy a good coat. In England we spend most of our time in a coat and it covers all the rest of your cheap clothes. My clothes come from Notting Hill charity shops, and Primark, of which I am not proud.

The Pakistani shops near us are wonderful for a good day dress or a short embroidered shift. Occasionally I get to splash out on a silk dress from Zara or Topshop.

meet the idler academy

My old designer clothes from Vivienne Westwood and the Soho tailor John Pearse stood me in good stead for years before the London moths hit recently. On my Fabster list when I have a little extra money? The Devon farmhouse in London.

What is the Idler? Founder Tom Hodgkinson explains

In Devon we lived thirty miles from a supermarket and five miles from a village shop. So I bought in bulk and stored all the dry and tinned food. We grew our own vegetables but we always relied on a delivery from Riverford and I still do in London. They are the real thing — not fancy.

I buy their UK-only box, which is cheap. I will not drink homogenised milk. It tastes of puss — poorly farmed cows leak puss into their milk which is something you may not want to know. Luckily Riverford deliver their delicious organic Devon milk each week, and a few litres go in the freezer for the second half of the week.

The rest of our food I buy from the superb Syrian shop Damas Gate at the end of our road. We rely on their Greek olive oil, tinned tomatoes, bottled pulses, nuts, falafel, and fresh herbs — plus their extraordinarily array of fresh flat breads.

meet the idler academy

And we also buy fresh bread and orange-yoked eggs from our local Polish shop. Victoria takes a moment in a favourite reading corner. How do you stay strong and well in body and mind? I find that running helps enormously. I love it though sometimes I get too busy to make time for it. I run straight out of the house and down to the river.

And I swim as often as I can, rather slowly. I also always walk and cycle to work and around London. And our big dog, Pilot, keeps me out and walking. In Devon I had the cliff to walk along and that kept my soul together. I miss it almost hysterically and have to get out to parks at very least. I have, however, just learnt to meditate with Sister Jayanti.

She also teaches our new online course How to Meditate: An Introduction to Raja Yoga. Her way is completely calming and actually happy making!