Meet the mayor of tower hamlets parking

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meet the mayor of tower hamlets parking

I am delighted to have been re-elected Mayor of Tower Hamlets. On behalf of @MayorJohnBiggs and all the staff at Tower Hamlets Council, we wish you .. New build homes like these at Watts Grove meet the needs of residents like Tahera. As part of the Magnificent Seven, Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park has a in the London dock strike of and first Labour Mayor of Poplar. This site contains recent webcasts of Tower Hamlets Council's Cabinet, of the Council's Cabinet Meeting are the property of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. Mayor and Burgesses of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets .

Over time, the cemetery became increasingly overcrowded, and increasingly neglected. During World War Two, the cemetery was bombed five times, and significant damage was done to both the chapels, which were later demolished. Shrapnel damage can still be seen on the graves in the north-west corner of the park.

The GLC wanted to create an open space for the public — they destroyed the damaged chapels and cleared half an acre of graves.

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A lack of funding stopped this project in its tracks. Ownership was given to the London Borough of Tower Hamlets in As part of the Magnificent Seven, Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park has a variety of interesting people buried within its walls.

meet the mayor of tower hamlets parking

Not as star-studded as Highgate, Tower Hamlets offers a walk-through of the people of Victorian Britain. She was also the founder of the Fern Street settlement. Alexander Hurley — Singer and comedian, second husband of Marie Lloyd. Charles Jamrach — Animal supplier to P.

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Alfred Linnel — Trampled by a police horse during a demonstration in Trafalgar Square. His funeral was organised by Annie Besant and William Morris. Robert McLachlan — early entomologist. Henry Norris — Civil Engineer, involved with lighthouse re construction projects.

meet the mayor of tower hamlets parking

John Northey, who died in the Princess Alice disaster in Some victims of the Bethnal Green Disaster. Monument to children who were in the care of the charity of Thomas Barnardo and were buried elsewhere in the cemetery in unmarked graves. The Blitz Memorial, a memorial to those who died in The Blitz, the memorial is made out of bricks from properties damaged in the Blitz.

Joseph Westwood both father and son were involved in the iron industry, namely the building of ships and other constructions made of iron. The War Memorial, located near the entrance on Southern Grove. The festival exhibits creativity through film, science, performance, architectural installations, walks, food, and music.

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It has taken place in Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park for the last three years. Every year so far has focused on a different theme, and the most recent was the relationship between public and private. Shuffle Festival inhabited a series of more intimate spaces for films, performances and music. Shuffle expanded outside of the walls of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, to explore public and private spaces in and around Mile End. The ultimate aim of this project is to achieve full coverage a charger a maximum of m from any point within the borough by A public consultation was also carried out to engage directly with residents and businesses.

Stage 1 With the aid of preliminary stage data, we identified the most suitable locations for EVCP installations. Sites are identified using pre-defined criteria which takes into consideration both technical requirements, for example, close proximity to the BT network and desirable requirements for example, close proximity to local attractions such as stations or high streets.

Under our process SSE will still be involved in the commissioning and we will manage this process. Using our in house Traffic Order experts we will draft all required Traffic Management Order and associated notices. Consultation Understanding that to deliver this scheme successfully it would be essential for stakeholders to be engaged with at the earliest opportunity we carried out a consultation to inform residents and businesses.

The information collected was key to guiding the location and type of chargers.

meet the mayor of tower hamlets parking

This process is ongoing and the aim is to now focus on specific areas of high demand. Identifying suitable locations within a London borough which has high parking occupancy levels proved difficult.

Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, Mile End

Through detailed stakeholder engagement we have been able to overcome barriers to implementation such as concern over the loss of dedicated parking. The future Tower Hamlets is at the forefront of EV charging provision in the UK and will demonstrate innovation and best practice which can be applied by other local authorities across London and the country as a whole. Implementing this scheme is made more interesting by the high concentration of taxis and PHVs residing in the borough which will soon begin converting to EVs.

meet the mayor of tower hamlets parking

The upcoming trial of lamp post chargers is a key innovation that, if successful, could be rolled out nationwide.