Meet the peoples session pasir ris crest

meet the peoples session pasir ris crest

Buona Vista. Interchange. EW CC Bukit Brown. CC Potong. Pasir .. GOLDHILL RIS. E. B. A. R PASIR PANJANG RD. L. A Crest. Tan Chin. Tuan Mans. The Laurels. Reswidences at Emerald. Hill . Meet The People Sessions. Member. Parliament of Singapore (Meet-the-People Sessions) Community Involvement Programme "Planting Hope", organised by Pasir Ris Crest Secondary. Dr Ahmad Magad Chairman, Pasir Ris - Punggol Town Council MP for Pasir Ris Upgrading to Schools at Coral Sec, Pasir Ris Crest Sec, Yio Chu Kang Pri, North We saw many of our residents every week at the meet-the-people sessions.

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Another factor is that wealthier residents are simply "busier". Tampines Changkat Community Centre assistant secretary Abdul Rashid, 64, a grassroots volunteer sincesays: Recognising this, the Government has long ensured that there are affordable options.

A study by national sports agency Sport Singapore showed that 85 per cent of respondents felt that sports bring people together despite their different backgrounds. Joining sports clubs at the community centres is free, and those looking for more professional training now have more affordable programmes too. SinceActiveSG, the national movement for sports, offers subsidised training for budding athletes across 10 clubs and academies such as those for football, basketball and tennis.

The aim is to have 25 such clubs and academies by It is part of our human DNA. For instance, there has always been some level of social stratification by sport. The traditional stereotypes are: Tennis and golf are a rich man's game; swimming and hockey are the preserve of the middle class; while basketball and badminton are played by the working class.

For instance, the ActiveSG Football Academy has more than 1, participants, 60 per cent of whom live in HDB flats, while the rest are from private homes. But even for football, there are public fields - and then there are private clubs. It's all in a name Can you name someone you can confide in, chat casually with, or trust with important matters?

These queries in a page questionnaire led 3, Singaporeans and permanent residents to list an average of 5.

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Then, researchers delved into the details, asking respondents about the age, race, religion, nationality, socio-economic level and educational background of their friends. Called the "name generator" approach, the study by three National University of Singapore sociologists - Institute of Policy Studies deputy director Gillian Koh, Associate Professor Tan Ern Ser and Associate Professor Vincent Chua - concluded that people from elite and non-elite schools, and residents in public and private housing, are not mixing.

The study was supported by the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, and was intended to look into how Singaporeans' social networks can affect national identity and pride, as well as trust in others - indicators of social capital. It did not address how people these days usually think of social networking as using social media outlets such as Facebook. But some netizens were left with lingering questions over the validity of the result, with several asking why researchers left it up to the respondents to determine whether a school is elite or not.

The researchers tell Insight they did so to let the study capture people's subjective perceptions, rather than referring to any pre-conceived list of schools considered elite. What people define as real is real to them. Using a name generator is a standard approach used by sociologists in studying communities, says Prof Chua.

About half are Singaporeans and the rest are expatriates, he says.

Farewell performance in Gongshang Primary

He did not say what are the backgrounds of the Singaporeans. Those living in private homes are more likely to volunteer than public housing residents, based on a survey by the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre NVPC. Around 55 per cent of respondents living in condominiums and 57 per cent of landed home owners said yes when asked if they had volunteered for a social cause, compared with 43 per cent of respondents in five-room HDB flats, 26 per cent for four-room HDB flats and 24 per cent for one-to three-room HDB flats.

However, while participation has been encouraging across the board, volunteers say there is a perception that it is still difficult to get others to stay involved. There is a difference between one-off participation and a continual commitment. The latter is how lasting friendships are formed among volunteers or between volunteer and beneficiary, says Madam Lorinne Kon, 52, a volunteer at Prison Fellowship Singapore see next page.

Youth Corps Singapore volunteer Muhammad Afzal Abdul Hadi, 22, says his pool of friends has increased due to volunteer work, though there are many volunteers who "come and go" due to other commitments. To devote more time to volunteering, he left his business course in the Singapore Institute of Management.

He is now thinking about furthering his studies in social work. NVPC chief executive Melissa Kwee says the action of volunteering and philanthropy is one that brings volunteers together for purposes greater than themselves, allowing them to see past their differences in income or education level. It takes leadership "to be willing to confront and overcome the inconveniences" of volunteering, she adds.

She also set up Beautiful People, whose volunteers befriend at-risk youth and provide a listening ear to their problems. Before volunteering with me at Beautiful People, many had never known anyone who had experienced abuse, neglect and trauma," she says.

The Lift Upgrading Programme LUPwhich is already implemented in several precincts, has made our environment more elderly-friendly. The direct lift access to every floor also benefits parents with young children as well as those with difficulties managing the stairs.

meet the peoples session pasir ris crest

The active participation of our residents, coupled with the feedback provided during the polling exercise, is testimony of the importance they attach to the improvement of their living environment. Their involvement in the numerous community activities goes a long way in fostering community bonding and contributing to increased vibrancy and harmony in our estate. Harmony Walk Residents in Jalan Loyang Besar have benefited from a broadened and straighter road, an additional direct link to Pasir Ris Drive 3 and a feeder service.

Our residents can look forward to even more upgrading works to our facilities, including our playgrounds and fitness equipment. Lift Upgrading will be implemented at more blocks and precincts shortly. A new sports complex due for completion later this year, will be yet another recreational venue for our residents to enjoy. Our barrier-free accessibility programme is near completion and facilitates smoother mobility.

The ramps connecting the bus stops to the residential blocks with covered linkways are particularly popular. I also love the LUP that is being carried out at my block. I never want to move away from here. The Barrier-Free access is very good.

Who is your friend? Bursting social-class bubbles, Singapore News & Top Stories - The Straits Times

With lift stopping at every floor, what more could I ask for. There will also be a meter lap pool as well as smaller pools for learners and wading. Apart from a linear fitness park along the canal, residents will also be able to enjoy upgraded playgrounds, new fitness corners, and useful covered linkways with drop-off points.

As with most new towns, it took time to build up a comprehensive network of amenities and public transport services. Nonetheless, I quickly formed and chaired a Town Development Task Force which comprised of our senior grassroots leaders and officials from the various government agencies, to push for a coordinated approach to the infrastructural and transport developments in Punggol North.

Countdown Party of Residents can also look forward to the completion of the 4. When completed, the waterway promenade will be integrated with social communal spaces and will provide residents with many water-based sports and recreational activities.

Besides the new waterway, efforts are also ongoing to develop Punggol into the first eco-town in Singapore.

Punggol North has come very far indeed since we first started in In line with our tagline, Punggol North My Home, Our Kampung, we have progressively built up both the hardware and the heartware of this young vibrant town.

meet the peoples session pasir ris crest

I look forward to continue to serve you as we develop Punggol North into a 21st century model town. Health Screening With the residents regular feedback, support and understanding, the Punggol North grassroots leaders were able to prioritise the various needs of our residents and worked promptly with the respective government agencies to implement the relevant projects.

Some examples include the community gardens that have sprouted across Punggol North, senior citizens and residents corners, as well as an extensive network of sheltered walkways to the various bus stops. While eco-features are exciting and help preserve the environment, I do hope our residents will continue to bond with the community and participate in improving our neighbourhood.

It is only then, that we can all be part of our town. The Punggol Waterway will be a highlight of Punggol Town in the near future. I join many of our residents in looking forward to its completion and the various recreational activities it provides. Thanks to our young and robust MP Ms Penny Low, neighbours are also encouraged to get to know each other and have become very close.

Ms Pek, Punggol North Within less than 18 months ever since I moved into Punggol, we are truly amazed to see the transformation in Punggol. Kudos to our government s vision. Mr Haja Nizamudeen and son, Punggol Central I like the flat designs at Punggol as compared to others and there has been so much advancements since I moved in many years ago.

It s indeed a great place to live in. There are linkways to the bus stop and the carpark which is good. It will be a fun and creative environment for children to learn and play. Conveniently located next to Punggol Plaza, residents can also take part in the outdoor programmes such as taiji at the roof deck or simply hang out in the park-like sheltered plaza.

Four footbridges will provide access to both banks of the promenade.

meet the peoples session pasir ris crest

Two of them will be prime spots to enjoy sunrise and sunset views. Scheduled to be up and running byit occupies the site about the size of 10 tennis courts. Being the first green-precinct in our town, there are various eco-friendly features such as solar panels on rooftops to generate energy for common areas, collection of rain water for watering plants and insulation foam between concrete panels to reduce heat.

We hope these green initiatives within our GRC will encourage more residents to spare a thought for our environment. Insulation foam is sandwiched between concrete panels to reduce heat LED lighting: Instead of fluorescent lights, energy efficient Light-Emitting Diode LED fittings are installed at the common areas Rainwater collection system: Rainwater is collected from the roof and filtered.

The processed water can be used for washing common corridors or watering plants in the vicinity Energy Generated Panels: The panels inform residents on the energy generated from the solar panels The is the first Green Precinct in Singapore.

Generate energy for lighting at common areas Recycling Chute: Punggol East was made up of a mixture of precincts from the pre Punggol North and Punggol South. One of them was establishing an identity for the new Division and bringing our residents together as one Punggol East family.

meet the peoples session pasir ris crest

In order to create an identity, we endeavoured to bring both software and heartware to our residents. I remember one of our first projects was to hold a logo design competition. The competition was open to all residents of our GRC and ultimately won by one of our Punggol East residents. We continue to use the logo in all our branding and events.

meet the peoples session pasir ris crest

It has become a conspicuous symbol and recognized among our residents as a symbol for the Punggol East family. Aside from the mainstay of covered linkways and improvements to our parks and playgrounds, we constructed a large hard court in the open land along Rivervale Crescent which was named Harmony Square.

Who is your friend? Bursting social-class bubbles

This has become a focal point for our community and a venue for many of our Division activities including our Punggol East Year End Countdown parties. We have also embarked on the development of more childcare and early learning centres to cater to our growing young population. The aim being to put an early learning centre within easy access of every resident in the community. In respect of our heartware, we have worked closely with the religious institutions in our Division to reach out to the less fortunate and lower income segment in Punggol East.

Distribution of food packages and vouchers started in and is carried out monthly to about 80 families in Punggol East. We continue to reach out to those in need in our community. Five years on, the Punggol East family is established and growing. I hope that the Punggol East family will continue to come together and grow in the years ahead. New childcare centres and kindergartens were opened to cater for our young families with children, networks of covered linkways connect our communities together, and upgraded playgrounds encourage our younger residents to bond with their neighbours from an early age.

We have witnessed two major milestones: Now a bustling new town, additional blocks springing up at Aspella, Atrina, Tivela, Compassvale Arcadia and The Coris saw the influx of young families joining our Sengkang Town. With the increased demand, several childcare centres and a school have been opened for our young residents.