Meet the robinsons goob quotes on friendship

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meet the robinsons goob quotes on friendship

Oct 19, It baffles me how Meet the Robinsons flies under the radar as one of both feature orphaned characters who meet futuristic friends who change their lives. The ending lines – a Walt Disney quote about progress show above – is a My personal favorite is the character of Mike “Goob” Yagoobian, Lewis'. Mar 28, Meet the Robinsons () tells the story of a young inventor, LEWIS I remember freaking out in the movie theater with my best friend Potential parents arrive at the orphanage, andGoob has to snap Lewis back to the present moment. .. Disney quote that essentially boils down to keep moving forward. Meet the Robinsons () Matthew Josten as Michael "Goob" Yagoobian. Quotes. [first lines]. Michael "Goob" Yagoobian: Then, um, I didn't choose that one because [holding the steak up to his black eye] Mr. Steak, you're my only friend.

They show their fiery nature when Petunia's children were arguing while painting the house. A few minutes later, Petunia slaps her husband. Aunt Petunia berates and smacks him around Uncle Art most of the time, Uncle Gaston when food-fighting with Franny. You don't understand what's at stake here; Uncle Joe's seen the toast! We're past the point of no return! He is briefly shown sucking his thumb a bit later. Franny's brothers, Gaston and Art, who all have black hair and light complexion.

Implied to be this between Gaston and Franny. Played straight with Dmitri and Spike in a doorbell ringing contest. Tall, Dark, and Handsome: Art Framagucci is tall, muscular, has dark hair, and is quite handsome.

meet the robinsons goob quotes on friendship

Uncle Fritz, who seems to be the "voice" for his "wife" and puppet, Aunt Petunia. Stephen Anderson "Everyone will tell you to let it go and move on, but don't! Instead, let it fester and boil inside of you! Take these feelings and lock them away. Let them fuel your actions. Let hate be your ally, and you will be capable of wonderfully horrid things. He's more pathetic than villainous. Doris, on the other hand He tries to be this.

He tries to serve as this to Goob, telling him to hold onto his resentment. Goob is just confused. Seems to be the inspiration for his design. Didn't Think This Through: Bowler Hat Guy's main downfall is that he doesn't think any of his plans through.

To Doris; without her assistance, he's virtually a Harmless Villain. Even Evil Has Standards: Even Bowler Hat Guy only wanted to ruin one kid's future, and never wanted to enslave humanity, as Doris ends up doing in the Bad Future.

He's constantly cackling, but instead of making him menacing it highlights how ineffective and pathetic he is. Evil Makes You Ugly: We get to see bits and pieces of him growing up from Goob to become Bowler Hat Guy - he starts out reasonably attractive, but then he starts getting lankier and spindlier from stewing incessantly in a cramped, dark room in the abandoned orphanage until he's his Dastardly Whiplash present self.

Face Death with Dignity: After going back in time and preventing himself from turning evil, he quietly leaves Lewis at the Robinson family house, knowing this version of himself will be Ret Gone from existence. The basic difference between Bowler Hat Guy and Lewis especially Lewis' future as Cornelius is the essence of the movie's moral: Lewis points this out after the Motive Rantbut Bowler Hat Guy chooses to keep blaming other people for his problems.

Goob blamed Lewis for making him miss the winning ball for his team, which got him beaten up. The loss took such a toll on him that he never got adopted and stayed in the orphanage until he hit his thirties.

meet the robinsons goob quotes on friendship

The director's commentary states that jealousy of Cornelius Robinson is Bowler Hat Guy's entire motivation for his villainy. Until he meets Doris, and even then he is hopelessly incompetent at being evil. When Lewis shows him the Bad Futureand of course, when his Start of Darkness is erased from history. His attempts to pass off Lewis's invention as his own, and using Mini-Doris to make zombified slaves out of Frankie the Frog and the T-rex come across as these.

At the Inventco offices: Uh, what do you hope to accomplish with this? Oh, nothing of consequence, I simply wish to You mean you haven't thought this through? Now, my slave, seize the boy!

Meet The Robinsons Bowler Hat Guy's Don't Let It Go Speech

Bring him to me. Did you not hear what I said, you idiot? Grab the boy and bring him! Frankie [in a monotonous robotic voice]: Well, it's just that there's a million people over there, and I have little arms. I'm just not so sure how well this plan was thought through Why aren't you seizing the boy? I have a big head, and little arms, I'm just not sure Ugh, stupid, stupid, stupid! Implied via Ret Gone.

His and Doris's main goal is to destroy Lewis' future, which turned out utopian the first time. Nice Job Fixing It, Villain! Ultimately, Doris' manipulation of Bowler Hat Guy sets off a chain of events through time travel which result in her getting erased from existence, along with what caused Bowler Hat Guy's descent in the first place.

Rather than let go of what happened and move on with his life, he chose to blame Lewis. It really didn't help that he listened to the radio, which talked about Lewis's accomplishments.

Obsessed Are the Listmakers: Bowler Hat Guy loves checklists and is often seen ticking off items in his, such as "Steal time machine", "Ruin science fair", and "Get that [comic book swearing symbols] boy". Only Known by Their Nickname: Bowler Hat Guy never let one childhood trauma go and thus kept a child-like mentality.

Given that Lewis was able to go back in time and give him an opportunity to win his game, it's safe to say this version of Goob no longer exists. His goal is to get revenge on Lewis for accidentally causing him to blow a game-winning catch during a childhood baseball game. The recipient of this at the end. Bowler Hat Guy doesn't shower, doesn't even bother to think his evil plans throughand initially couldn't think of any way of revenge more effective than throwing eggs and toilet paper at the Robinson Industries sign.

Bowler Hat Guy to Doris. Turns out Doris was only using Bowler Hat Guy's hatred for Lewis to trick him into getting the time machine, so he could he use it to steal one of Lewis's inventions and make a lot of money.

Then, Bowler Guy would use the money to build more Dorises. Well, can I offer you a cot? Willerstein's forehead] I've got the caffeine patch. I invented it myself. One patch is the equivalent to twelve cups of coffee. You can stay awake for days with no side effects. Okay, next up is Lizzy and her fire ant farm. Lizzy, we talked about the fire ants. You know that they have a tendency to bite people. Keep moving, shall we? Let's not anger her, or make her jumpy in any way.

If I prove to you I'm from the future, will you go back to the Science Fair? Yeah, sure, whatever you say. What are you doing?! Let go of me! You're not the boss of me! Yes, I am, 'cause you're 12 and I'm 13! That makes me older! Well, I was born in the past, which makes me older and the boss of you! I am so dead. I'm not allowed to look at this thing, let alone drive it! Mom and Dad are gonna kill me, and I can tell ya this - i t will not be done with mercy!

Isn't there, like, a Time Machine Repair Shop, or something? Well, somebody's gonna have to fix this. I can't fix this thing! You broke it, you fix it! You didn't even follow through on our last deal! How can I trust you?! Well, you told me you were a Time-Cop from the future.

How can I trust you? None may enter unless they speak the royal password! Carl, what are you talking about? We don't have a password! I made one up while you were gone! Then how am I supposed to know what it is? If my family finds out I brought you from the past, they'll bury me alive, and dance on my grave! Yes I am, but that's not the point! The point is, your hair's a dead givaway! That is an excellent question! Wait, where are you going?!

Hey, ring my Doorbell! No, no, no, no, ring my doorbell! Look at this door bell. That's an accidental ring. It's in the rule book. Well, hey, there, little fella! Now, I know what you're thinking, and my clothes are not on backwards.

They didn't laugh, either. Anywho, what's your name, fruit-head? Well, say, Lewis, you haven't seen any teeth around here, have you? Been digging holes all day. Can't find them anywhere. All right, look, old man, I need to get back to the garage.

meet the robinsons goob quotes on friendship

Wilbur left me down there, and I wasn't supposed to leave, and these monsters attacked me on the porch and There's no monsters on the porch, you ninny. Of course, I also didn't think there was a woodchuck living on my arm, and lookie there! Hope he ain't got rabies. Old man, I need to get to the garage! Well, sure, I'll get you there in a jiffy. I know a shortcut! And five and six and seven and eight.

Matthew Josten: Michael "Goob" Yagoobian

Keep those tummies tucked. This isn't the garage. I don't think the garage is in here, either. A very grave matter, indeed. Hey, Goob - I mean, Michael, good luck at the big game today! I just hope I can stay awake. Don't tell me, let me guess He was up all night, working on his stupid project. But that's what happens when you get a science geek for a roommate. Well, unlocking the secrets of the brain took a lot longer than I expected, but it's finished, Mildred; I re-calibrated the headset.

Now the neural circuits will connect! I've cracked the hippocampus! Now to test it out. Oh no, I'm late! Wait a minute, Lewis, wait a minute. I almost forgot what I came up here for. I know you have a lot on your plate today, but I've scheduled an interview for you this afternoon. Sweetheart, this is about being adopted, and you will be back here clean, happy, and on time.

I'm done with interviews, Mildred. I'm not gonna be rejected anymore. Listen, I know where your head is, but I'm telling you, you have got to get out of the past and look to the future. I am, and this is it.

meet the robinsons goob quotes on friendship

This is my future. A dream that was ruined in the last inning. Whiz kid Cornelius Robinson graduates from college at age Cornelius Robinson rebuilds Inventco Cornelius Robinson is now It was then that I realized it wasn't 'my' fault. If you hadn't kept me up all night working on your stupid project, then I wouldn't have missed the catch. Goob, I had no idea!

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And don't call me 'Goob'! How many evil villains do you know that can pull off a name like 'Goob'? Look, I'm sorry your life turned out so bad. But don't blame me you messed it up yourself.