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Immediately, a salarian hurried to meet us. "Ah, Commander "Aside from the salarian, the council members are wrong. Neither species is. "The Council must be taking the Crucible seriously. his way down to the comm room where he met with the Salarian Councillor face-to-face. The Citadel Council was founded in BCE by the asari and salarians, the first .. Shepard meets the salarian Councilor, who had separated from the others.

I should see were this was going. The vorcha 'councilman' pointed at us. Javik gave me a quizzical look and I gestured for him to go ahead.

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It is even better when the salarian is still alive. This one has enkindled multiple females across the galaxy. The galaxy is under attack by Reapers. This was a Blasto movie! Should have seen that coming too. Using his tentacles, Blasto parted Javik and me. I stared at where I'd been touched. Was positive hanar weren't sexual beings. This one was ignored. This one's efforts fell on obstructed auditory senses.

But even he's just one hanar. Blasto Goes to War! Think of the children! Though both would cause excruciating pain if hanar still lives. I missed alone time with Mordin for this? Commander Shepard and Prothean partner of undetermined ethnic origin. They must be because that whole council remark, nobody even batted an eyelid. I am an Ultra Spectre Elite Deluxe. I've been threatened by worse.

This one has less recoil and faster load time. I'd rather not be a gun if I have a vote. And he's looking for some payback! There was either an exploding noise or a gun shot and my 'stunt double' rolled across the floor. Examine the C-Sec Corpse on the bathroom floor for comments from your squadmates, disgusted at Cerberus. Finally, there is a Medical Station on the wall next to the room's exit. As you walk along the corridor, an intercom goes off.

Through the broken windows to the left, you'll see a Combat Engineer with his back to Shepard. Take him out, and jump into the room to grab the Sniper Rifle Extended Barrel on the shelf. There's also a weapon bench if you want to change your setup.

Citadel Council

Break the latch on the elevator controls if it wasn't destroyed during the fight with the Engineerand activate the elevator. As you take the elevator, Bailey asks about any survivors. There won't be anything to shoot in the next area, so just pick up the items: To open this door, go to the room next to the malfunctioning door and use the first terminal for the Door Control.

You'll find a datapad describing the actions of a weapons smuggler and a possible conspiracy, as well as a sample of said weapon, the M Talon. Finally, go back to where you found the Door Control to exit this area. On the way out, salvage the 'Account Detail' terminal for credits.

Reaching the Executor's Office Edit On the other side of the door you'll find two more preoccupied Cerberus soldiers, this time executing a C-Sec sleeper agent who has now ceased to be useful. Take them out and enter a cafe area, with the kitchen on your right. This is one of the better places to hole up, because a number of Cerberus soldiers will flood in and you have to fight them off. Just beware that there's a set of stairs leading downward in the middle of the room, and to clear the enemy from it you'll need to physically go there.

It might also be wise to post one of your teammates in the hallway next to the kitchen, so that Cerberus can't flank you from there. Two medical stations, one inside the kitchen and one on the far wall, are available if you need the help. There's also credits against the back wall of the kitchen, a Sniper Rifle Piercing Mod near the far wall you'll likely see it during the firefightand — for a bit of flavor — a flatscreen TV in the corner of the cafe broadcasting a news report.

It's Khalisah al-Jilanicovering C-Sec's attempts to reclaim the Citadel's comm towers so that they can send a distress call. She is doing her part by looping footage in her broadcast range, attempting to contact C-Sec to gather reinforcements.

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Kai Leng Edit Up the stairs against the back wall, you'll find the executor's office. He's dead, but the salarian councilor is nowhere in sight. A disturbance in the cafe area you just left alerts your squad members to the place, revealing the councilor who was under cloak the whole time. Before you can get down there, Kai Leng will arrive to ruin your party. The salarian councilor gets out the critical information that Udina is planning a coup before one of several things happens: If Thane is around, he will intervene, saving the salarian councilor but getting stabbed in the process.

If Thane is not around but Captain Kirrahe survived the events of Virmirehe will sacrifice himself, saving the councilor. If neither character is around to intervene, Leng will kill the councilor.

If a ME2 save has not been importedneither Thane nor Kirrahe will be present. Using transponders, Bailey determines that Udina is leading the Council to a landing pad near Shalmar Plaza, where Kai Leng is presumably waiting for them. In his spare time, though, Leng decides to interfere with Shepard by attacking the police car with his sword. This proves effective, damaging the vehicle and putting Shepard's party on foot in the Commons. Presidium Pursuit Edit This next fight is the introduction of two new Cerberus foes: Phantomswho have biotic barriers, are extremely agile and have a melee-range one-hit-kill; and unless you've already completed Priority: Cerberus Attack Nemeseswho are shielded and have a sniper-rifle attack that will knock off all your shields.

Keeping your distance, or using disables on them like Concussive ShotCarnage or biotics such as Dominateis your best bet against them. It is also possible to shoot and break a Phantom's sword, but this can be difficult without pinning them with Stasis.

The first area has a stairway that will allow you to circle around the Cerberus lines and attack them from behind, but this is not necessarily advantageous: Next you'll have to take a running-jump to a new section. Nemeses and Phantoms appear again, but this section has significantly less maneuvering space. However, you can leap back to the first section, and the gap creates an effective choke point.

If you have Stasis, use it on enemies who are jumping across the gap; they'll fall to their deaths when it expires. Head down the parking garage towards the door, which Cerberus will seal behind them. Jump the wall to your right and then keep heading up towards Shalmar Plaza using the Citadel's "back alleys.

To continue from that point on, put that pad behind you and you'll see the next alleyway. The next zone has an Atlas in addition to more troopers and an engineer.