Meet the spartans movie pics in black

Frank Miller Movie vs. Spartans History - Battle of Thermopylae

meet the spartans movie pics in black

The heroic Spartan king Leonidas, armed with nothing but leather underwear Photos. Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer in Meet the Spartans () Carmen . Meet the Spartans () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and Meet the Spartans () Poster Dancing Persian / Spartan Soldier (as Jaime 'Venum' Burgos) . Gregory Black utility sound technician. Dec 13, Sparta's enemies, when facing the intimidating Spartan forces, would Each year the ephors, or magistrates, chose the best hoplites in.

While panned by critics, the film made back triple its meager budget and secured them a contract to do a couple more films. They became known for turning out simple, cheap, and quickly produced parody films during the mid-late s, releasing Epic Movie, Meet the Spartans, and Disaster Movie back to back over andthe latter two films coming out within mere months of each other.

Their movies were routinely Not Screened for Critics. The few critics that did see them had nothing but scorn for them. After Disaster Movie flopped even by their standards largely due to popping up in August, which has become a much more crowded Dump Month in recent yearsthey took a short break before jumping on board the Twilight train with Vampires Suck.

While the latter was still not well received, it did slightly better critically than their previous couple of films and returned them to box office glory. While their output has slowed since their heyday, they've hardly stopped. Due to the nature of their films largely being simplistic parodies of whatever is popular at the time, a number of other parody films in the same style have been wrongly attributed to them.

This duo tends to attract writing just as negative as their own, so the page is locked. Their work provides examples of: Some of the films have issues with the titles not really representing the content being parodied.

meet the spartans movie pics in black

As the making-of materials on Disaster Movie revealed, this is because the films change rather rapidly in production and the title is simply meant to cover what the filmmakers expect to be the most marketable element.

In Disaster Movie, Juney chugs vodka, breakdances on her belly, and she and her unborn child get ripped apart by rabid wildlife from the popular disaster film Alvin and the Chipmunks. In Disaster Movie, there was a big bottle of Ambien and a wine glass, which could be a reference to Heath Ledger's death.

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Rumors also circulated that they wanted to be more direct based on casting the role of the Joker, but the deleted scene in question was actually just the character making out with some guy in a reference to Brokeback Mountain. A recurring theme in Meet the Spartans is violence against children. Not over-the-top ridiculous violence or violence for the sake of social commentary People are expected to laugh at kids having chairs broken over their backs? Carmen Electra appears in all of these movies and plays a major role in Meet The Spartans making her, for want of a better term, the series mascot.

Most of the X Meets Y formulas for the Seltzer and Friedberg are bizarre beyond belief, with the very few threads connecting them being that they were in the public's zeitgeist by the time the film was created.

As The Nostalgia Critic eloquently asked: Disaster Movie was their only movie to bomb both critically and financially, and since then, their output has been far more sporadic. Happens quite a bit in these movies, although the male characters absolutely Would Hit a Girl. The ending of Epic Movie. When it looks like Peter is going to lose, he just randomly finds the magic remote from Click in the grass, which, he of course helpfully tells the audienceis the remote from Click.

Lisa in Disaster Movie, though the characters' grief doesn't last for very long. Don't Explain the Joke: Every single reference will be explained flatly to the audience. The Soup made fun of this with a parody of the movies entitled "Reference Movie" in which every character parody explained who they were and said "Get it? Literally in Disaster Movie — three cows fall on different superheroes during the tornado scene, and another falling cow caps off the Massive Multiplayer Ensemble Number.

Two film critics who did not like the movie were hired to commentary Date Movie. Highlights include pin-pointing exactly where movies like Airplane! The directors themselves did a commentary for one of their films that started out informative, but quickly turned into a tongue-in-cheek bullshitting contest.

Exactly What It Says on the Tin: All of their films are fairly straight-forward in the title, even excusing for the tenuous connections the films themselves have to their titles. The amount of times they show a woman with extreme cellulite is just downright disturbing.

The naked "Flavor Flav" is not something anyone wants to see. Sometimes, these guys are mistakenly credited for the latter two.

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You could argue that the spoof genre would have died out in the late s regardless, as audience tastes moved to "bromance" films, ensemble pieces and more intellectual comedies, not to mention the rise in popularity of quickly-produced and, therefore, more topical web-based comedy, but Seltzer and Friedberg helped completely drive the genre into the ground, with Disaster Movie being seen as the one that officially signified its death.

Body armor was a valuable asset to the real Spartan soldiers. I wanted these guys to move and I wanted 'em to look good. Spartans, in full regalia, were almost indistinguishable except at a very close angle.

A quick look at the Spartans history reveals that all of the Spartan soldiers had plumes on their helmets. There function was to make the warrior appear taller and more intimidating, while giving him a royal-like appearance.

meet the spartans movie pics in black

Plumes had very little practical function beyond that. In what year did the Battle of Thermopylae take place? Historians who study the Spartans history are positive that the battle took place in B. They only argue over whether it happened in August or mid-September of that year. See what the Battle of Thermopylae site looks like today.

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Were the Spartans really 'good guys'? The Spartans were not as 'good' as the movie portrays them to be. Greeks, including the Spartans, conquered neighboring areas to acquire more land and to build their slave labor force. Many of the Greek soldiers, who fought with the Spartan elite at the Battle of Thermopylae, were forced to fight because they were slaves.

Frank Miller, author of the graphic noveltalked about the nature of the Spartans in an interview, "The Spartans were a paradoxical people.

They were the biggest slave owners in Greece. But at the same time, Spartan women had an unusual level of rights. It's a paradox that they were a bunch of people who in many ways were fascist, but they were the bulwark against the fall of democracy. I didn't want to render Sparta in overly accurate terms, because ultimately I do want you to root for the Spartans.

I couldn't show them being quite as cruel as they were. I made them as cruel as I thought a modern audience could stand. In the movie, we see a government official holding King Leonidas' Gerard Butler newborn son above a cliff. The official is inspecting the newborn to decide if it should be discarded. Greek historian Plutarch 46 A. But if it was puny and deformed, they dispatched it to what was called 'the place of rejection', a precipitous spot by Mount Taygetus, considering it better both for itself and the state that the child should die if right from its birth it was poorly endowed for health or strength.

Conversely, a respectable man who admired someone else's wife noted for her lovely children and her good sense, might gain the husband's permission to sleep with her -- thereby planting in fruitful soil, so to speak, and producing fine children who would be linked to fine ancestors by blood and family. With impressive art and writing, the graphic novel's story is limited only by one's imagination.

This Is A Story About 'This Is Sparta!'

Did Spartan boys really leave home at the age of 7 for warrior training? As shown in the film, on a young Spartan male's seventh birthday, he would leave home to begin an education and training regime known as the agoge.

In addition to separation from one's family, the agoge involved cultivation of loyalty to one's group, loving mentorship, military training, hunting, dance and social preparation. The literal translation of agoge is 'raising'. The boys lived in groups agelae, herds under an older boy leader. They put their loyalty to their group above their family. Even after they were married, they would not eat dinner with their wives until they were 25 formal agoge training ended at age Sons of the King were the only males exempt from the agoge.

Was Leonidas' right of passage really to kill a wolf in the woods? A Spartan boy's right of passage was not to kill a wolf, it was to sneak out and murder a slave Helot. If you were discovered, then you would be punished severely, not for taking the life of another human being, but rather for getting caught.

Murdering a slave was meant to train you in the art of evasion. Did Sparta go up against the Persians alone? Perhaps the biggest problem with the movie is that the film leaves the audience believing that the Spartans were the only Greek force to lead an attack against the Persians.

The movie leaves out the decisive amphibious battle that took place in the straits adjacent to Thermopylae, where allied Greek fleets led by Athens held off the Persian fleets. Soon after, this Athenian led fleet saved Greece by destroying the Persian fleet during the Battle of Salamis, which marked the turning point in the war. Sparta and Athens working together also marked the beginning of Greece as a unified nation, instead of a collection of warring city-states.

Prior to these battles, it was originally the Athenians who had asked Leonidas to help them defend against the Persians.

Was the Persian King Xerxes really bald and 9-feet-tall? The real Persian King Xerxes had a beard and was much shorter. He never went to the front line at the Battle of Thermopylae as his character does in the movie Actor Rodrigo Santoro portrays the 9-foot-tall Xerxes in the film.

Rodrigo, who starred on ABC's Lost, is around 6'2". His height and voice were both altered for the role of the Persian King.

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Director Zack Snyder talked about Xerxes' exaggerated features in an interview, " He was out of scale of his voice, not that it wasn't commanding. Did Leonidas really consult an Oracle to aid in his decision to go to battle?

King Leonidas consulted the Oracle at Delphi. Similar to the movie, the Oracle was located in a temple that had been erected over a small chasm. The Oracle was a woman considered to posses a certain prophetic wisdom, often spiritual in nature. She was consulted prior to all major undertakings such as wars, the founding of colonies, etc. She would usually babble something almost incoherent, and the elders priests would take her word.

Like in the movie, she advised the Spartans that a king's death would save Greece. Some historians believe that this is why King Leonidas decided to stay and fight until death at the Battle of Thermopylae, instead of falling back to regroup. Did the Persians really use charging elephants and rhinos at Thermopylae? The Persians didn't bring any charging elephants or rhinos to the Battle of Thermopylae. This was a liberty taken by author Frank Miller and the filmmakers, in order to add to the movie's elements of fantasy.

The Persians did use horses in battle, as their army was twenty percent cavalry. Is the movie's hunchbacked traitor Ephialtes based on a real person? However, the real Greek traitor Ephialtes, a local shepard, was most likely not a horribly disfigured hunchback. Graphic novelist Frank Miller chose to alter Ephialtes' appearance in order to emphasize the practice of eugenics that is introduced early in the film.

This is underscored in the movie when Ephialtes Andrew Tiernan tells King Leonidas that his family fled Sparta to avoid having to kill him, as it was Spartan policy to kill babies with birth defects. After Ephialtes requests to fight alongside the Spartans, Leonidas proves to him that his distorted physique prevents him from fitting into a Spartan hoplite battle formation.

Rejected, Ephialtes goes to the Persian King Xerxes and informs him of a narrow passage that will lead the Persian soldiers behind the Greek army.