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scoliosis sos meet the team page

Mar 12, Read our disclaimer for details. The first study assessed exercise compliance of scoliosis patients (adults has completed an intensive course of treatment at Scoliosis SOS Clinic. . To learn more about this study, you or your doctor may contact the study research staff using the contacts provided below. The effects of a four-week intensive scoliosis-specific exercise programme on of Scoliosis SOS, E. Maude Conflict with: Clinical Principal of Scoliosis SOS. We recently completed a responsive website design for Scoliosis SOS, the UK's non-surgical scoliosis treatment - or if you'd just like to see our team's latest.

Unsure what it is called below the percentage. A slight curve, maybe? I don't know for sure, but there are some ideas. I certainly wouldn't go out and claim that there are cures. But there has been numerous cases where new types of bracing has been able to achieve correction where the new curves've been kept 5 years after the surgery.

I'd like to direct you guys to http: Rivard's presentation on 5 year survival analysis of St. Justine's brace patient at Scoliosis Research Society's 40th annual meeting. We certainly don't have cure for all types of scoliosis. But at least, some of the milder conditions were shown to be reversible with certain types of approach.

Well, when you have a cure, it usually means that the symptoms will go away. If someone was to take the rods and screws out of my spine, for god only knows what reason, my spine would regress. So would someone wearing a back brace, like I did.

I don't understand how palates would help slow down the progression, either.

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I think it is incurable. I think the entry should include that we are specifically talking about idiopathic scoliosis as posturer or antalgic scoliosis can certainly be cured easily. As for idiopathic scoliosis, although there aren't any definite cure for all idiopathic scoliosis, there has been enough anecdotal evidence to suggest that some idiopathic scoliosis can be reversed or in other words cured. Just in idiopathic scoliosis, there are different categories and classifications.

Depending on the severity and stage of development during intervention, with all the conditions meeting just right, some types of idiopathic scoliosis can be reversed I honestly think it can be an influence. I can't say my doctor is the all mighty supreme authority on all things dealing with scoliosis, but he's been a doctor for a very long time, and has probably gotten around to meeting other doctors.

Thats what a responsible doctor would do, to seek the opinion of others. I am not in favour of deleting the article, simply because there is alot of good information on this page. I have scoliosis, and it's done wonders in strengthening my back.

scoliosis sos meet the team page

A person with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis will always have scoliosis, regardless of type of treatment because the bones themselves vertebrae, ribs are premanently misshapen since they've actually formed and grown that way due to the physics of the curvature.

Personally, I'm certainly better off since I've had my bracing and then 2 surgeries one to put the CD rods in and, 5 years later, a 4 hour surgery to completely remove all the hardware due to muscular irritation and a bursa from rubbing on the rods but I'm still fused and still have scoliosis and always will. Fusion doesn't regress either it's been 17 years since rod removalI just have a solid spine where the rods were. I haven't yet check to see if the external links were the references used, but if they are - it should be noted in a reference section.

But I'd like to see more references for this article. Perhaps the initial contributors can add their previous references to the list? I'm willing to hunt down some references. I have tons of them lol -- Scolidoc As of the time this is being written, this article has eight citations needed.

The first missing citation that was made note of was in the definition of scoliosis. This was in the very beginning of the article, and this section not only lacks citations but could also use a bit more information.

A firm explanation in the definition of scoliosis would allow for a better understanding and grasp the interest of readers in a better manner.

Check a few citations.

My Scoliosis SOS Experience

Do the links work? Is there any close paraphrasing or plagiarism in the article? Many of the links in the references did work, but multiple links from specifically the "Scoliosis Research Society" resulted in a "" error or a "not found error" when clicked on. Geetram Hitnarine talk Any peer reviewed journals stating this technique is effective?

scoliosis sos meet the team page

I ask because there are other forms of more popular techniques which weren't mentioned. I'm wondering if this paragraph was written by alexander technique provider lol. I'm not bagging on the technique.

There's not a single reference to this anywhere to be found. From what I understand, only modality to effect the natural course of scoliosis is surgery and perhaps braces in some cases. Can anyone cite 1 reference? I think it is only a sort of scary advertising, and that could damage people who seek for informations about scoliosis.

It's not an informational page or official spinecor web site.

scoliosis sos meet the team page

I have replaced spinecor link to official site. I've also erased Scoliosissystems.

Scoliosis SOS Clinic London: Meet Our Physiotherapists

That web site should be banned. There is most certainly a cause, your genes. There are many causes e. Genes or even muscle abnormalitys. You know those round car seats people use to carry their kids? Ever wonder why babies cry and cough a lot in those? It's not good for them. It prevents movement, curves the spine and rib cage.

scoliosis sos meet the team page

An other thing that causes idiopathic scoliosis is an accident. When I was 2 years old, I jumped down the stairs to try and show up my brother he was sliding down the stairs with a mattressand I hit the wall with my right shoulder which broke my collar bone.

My back doctors told me it's because of those 2 things that I have scoliosis: They told me that I need to do at least 12 hours of calisthenics per week to live past It sounds like it was written by a well-intentioned third grader.

This could really use a rewrite.

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They have changed information of the management section to their purpose and are stalking this site for any changes. It was an advertising attempt from the brace manufacturers themselves. Only put in what's relevant. You do not need to go through the whole history of the technique. And do not advertise particular clinic. It is obvious who's writing the piece If you intend to write an article on Schroth, create one for schroth then link it from this article rather than making schroth into the only treatment modality for scoliosis How insiduous can they get?

scoliosis sos meet the team page

The first citation used to support its "proven effective" is: Italian journal of orthopaedics and traumatology 18 3: The average angle of curvature as measured by the Cobb technique was That's not statistically significant. I think this whole section is a candidate for deletion, or else condensation to a comment that it has not been demonstrated effective, if we can find a WP: RS to say so.

RSbut this person reports having contacted Quackwatch and gotten the following response: All I can find is a handful of abstracts around Ahead of the curve BelfastTelegraph.

But then later on, I realised what it really meant. Scoliosis — an abnormal curvature of the spine — affects three or four children in every 1, It gets worse with age and can be identified by the Adam's Forward Bend Test, which used to be common in school medical exams; the patient bends at the hips, with the feet together and the arms hanging down.

The tell-tale sign of scoliosis is when one side of the back is higher than the other. Scoliosis is more common in girls, who account for eight out of 10 cases; there is also a genetic link, with 25 per cent of sufferers having a relative with spinal curvature. The measurement of the curvature is called a Cobb angle, an angle of 10 per cent being mild and 90 per cent severe.

The traditional treatment for scoliosis is a back brace, which limits the angle of curvature, or, in more extreme cases, surgery to insert metal rods in the spine. The latter became more commonplace after the invention of the Harrington Rod, which was inserted into the back and fused to the spine, holding it straight. Although modern implants are more flexible and are extendable, surgery for scoliosis carries the same risks as any other.

Considering my condition, it was probably the worst job I could have had. I started to get chronic pain in my neck and upper back, which would start after I had been sitting or standing for 20 minutes.

The only thing that helped was either a hot bath or a stiff drink. I went to the States four times and spent thousands of pounds having a fibreglass brace fitted from my hips to my shoulders, which I wore for 18 hours a day.

I would wear it while I was interviewing people on television. Then he asked me if I was single or depressed. I was certainly depressed after seeing him. Then last December, Holt found out about a new clinic, called Scoliosis SOS in Suffolk, which offered the Katharina Schroth method, a physiotherapy-based set of exercises to "re-educate" the back muscles.

Once they are taught the techniques, the patient must do half an hour a day of maintenance exercises. The clinic was set up last year by year-old Erika Maude see box, below. Maude was diagnosed with scoliosis when she was 11 and found the Schroth method so effective that she established a clinic in Surrey. It treats up to 35 patients, of all ages and with varying degrees of scoliosis. Dr Olga Gronowska-Szczecina has been working at the clinic since it opened. Originally from Poland, she practised general medicine there.

We have dealt with some really severe cases of scoliosis here — an 80 or 90 degree Cobb angle, and where there have been problems with the heart and the lungs. Some patients have had difficulty breathing, but with this method there has been great improvement.