Team fortress 2 meet the spy cartoon pics

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team fortress 2 meet the spy cartoon pics

TF2 - Spy Video Game Memes, Video Games Funny, Team Fortress 2, Drawing The 'Meet the Team' video from Valve for Team Fortress Pyro is now my. Team Fortress 2 came bundled inside Orange Box, a Valve made product that also The Characters Meet the Spy - Released May 19, The Engineer and Medic are experimenting with teleporting bread, discovering that See all 4 photos». Learn more. More Like This. End of the Line · Meet the Spy Animation | Short | Action . Team Fortress 2: Expiration Date See more» .

Notes The music that plays when the Scout and Demoman are fleeing from a barrage of rockets is a slowed down version of Faster Than a Speeding Bullet. Throughout the Heavy 's procedure, an X-ray of his body is in the background, showing a bomb lodged inside him.

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The extracted bomb can be spotted in a bucket behind the Medic. This is the same bomb on the Meet the Medic title card. The Heavy's Minigun can be spotted in the background of a few operating room shots, resting on its own stretcher. The Medic's Overdose is next to the bucket containing the extracted bomb.

When his heart is destroyed, the line on the monitor goes flat.

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The next time it is seen, after the Medic retrieves a new heart, it resumes its old display as if the machine detected the heart's presence. One of the Medic's doves is named after Archimedesa Greek mathematician, physicist, engineer, inventor, and astronomer.

team fortress 2 meet the spy cartoon pics

A mysterious woman presumably resembling Miss Pauling can be seen through the window at 0: The labels on the hearts at 1: The smallest heart appears to have no label on it. Despite the Medic believing otherwise, human ribs are actually capable of growing back when properly shortened. In the opening, when the Demoman is fleeing from the BLU Soldiers in a wheelchair, he has a bandage over the top part of his head and an eyepatch worn on top of the bandage.

Later, when the Demoman is healed by the Medic, he rips off the bandage with the eyepatch on it to reveal another eyepatch underneath the bandage.

Similarly, when he is fleeing from the Soldiers in the first battlefield scene, his Stickybomb Launcher rests on his lap and is his only visible weapon.

team fortress 2 meet the spy cartoon pics

In the second battlefield scene, the Grenade Launcher replaced the Stickybomb Launcher, but after an explosion sends him flying out of his wheelchair, the weapon that lands in front of him is, mysteriously, the Stickybomb Launcher instead of the Grenade Launcher he was just holding. In the up-close scene of the Demoman fleeing the Soldiers, the Engineer and Sniper are missing. The Quick-Fix uses sounds from the Medi Gun.

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After the Heavy kills the Soldiers onscreen and continues to fire at unseen enemies, the Medic poses as in the Meet the Medic taunt. Next to him is a Ciggy Stop vending machine, identical to the one in the Intelligence room in Meet the Spy.

team fortress 2 meet the spy cartoon pics

Since the June 17, Patcha dove will sometimes fly out of gibbed Scouts. This foreshadowed the final gag of the video, where Archimedes is left inside the Scout's chest after his operation. It was revealed in the Source Filmmaker introduction video that the hospital battle scene is actually a modified version of Badwater Basin.

The spawn that the Medic walks out of appears to be one of the exits in 5Gorgewhile the rocky hillside seems to be inspired by DeGroot Keep both were released December In some leaked developer files of Source Filmmakersome stills of an old version of Meet The Medic can be found featuring an injured Scout, Soldier, Demoman and Heavy.

team fortress 2 meet the spy cartoon pics

Concept art from the final scene can be found in the files as well. Episode Two, and other goodies. The game followed the same formula as the original Team Fortress Classic, which was one of the most popular Half-Life mods in Sold across PC and Xboxand just two months later PS3, it caught on in the mainstream earning the full-time attention of millions of gamers.

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The Characters Team Fortress 2 was most known for its cast of nine playable characters. Each had its own distinct personality, and also its own memes. The Demoman Everyone loves a good explosion, and the Demoman knew how to make fireworks happen better than anyone. Naturally, he was the cool guy among his peers.

team fortress 2 meet the spy cartoon pics

The Engineer This well educated construction worker could fix machinery by smashing it repeatedly with a wrench. While that might sound like a fun skill, having to deal with people blowing up your sentries within moments of you building them isn't for the faint of heart. The Heavy If there's a sandwich in the room, you can bet the Heavy will find and devour it in no time. His massive frame might have resulted in a catastrophically high BMI, but he's also the perfect stature for leading the charge against an enemy team.

The Medic The glorious medic; savior of mankind, responsible for every game loss.