The balm meet matte hughes sephora gift

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the balm meet matte hughes sephora gift

I love the smell of the Meet Matt(e) Hughes, too. My mom got me Loyal as a birthday present, which I think is the next darkest red after They are one of my favorite LL formulas, only just below sephora's cream lip stains. theBalm Cosmetics. Meet Matt(e) Hughes. Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick. $ Select Shade Meet Matt(e) Trimony.® -- Matte Eyeshadow Palette. Beli theBalm di Sephora Online. Temukan Meet Matt(e) Shmaker; About The Brand Meet Matt(E) Hughes®. theBalm. Meet Matt(E) Hughes®. Rp

Eventually the FDA followed up with its own studies.

theBalm Meet Matte Hughes Long-lasting Liquid Lipstick Honest

The FDA found lead in more lipstick and other cosmetic products, often at levels higher than those originally discovered. What is lead doing in lipstick? Also the human use of metals has caused higher levels of contamination in the environment, including sources for cosmetic ingredients. This is why we have heavy metal pollution in our air, water and food supply. The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and others argue that lead exposure is problematic at all levels because lead accumulates in the body over time, and the effects can be very serious for adults and children alike.

I am concerned about heavy metal pollution in general. When it comes to lipstick, I prefer brands like Beautycounter and Dr. Hauschka because they source their ingredients carefully and conduct additional purity testing with conservative standards.

Also, Randy Schueller at The Beauty Brains blog suggests that even a heavy lipstick user would excrete more lead than she ingests.

the balm meet matte hughes sephora gift

Organic waxes, oils and plant butters, such as beeswax, candelilla wax a vegan alternative to beeswaxcarnauba wax, cocoa butter, mango seed butter, shea butter, avocado butter, avocado oil, and coconut oil, to name a few. Safer antioxidants and preservatives, such as rosemary extract, elderberry extract, neem oil, pure tocopherols vitamin Eand jojoba esters. Straightforward flavoring and aroma ingredients, like vanilla planifolia fruit extract—aside from smelling great, it also has antioxidant and preservative properties.

The Good Stuff Axiology Non-Toxic Lipstick is made primarly from organic oils, waxes, and butters, including organic castor seed oil. They use earth-derived pigments non-nano and manganese violet for colorants.

the balm meet matte hughes sephora gift

I wish they did some purity testing, but they say that they get their colorants from a trusted source. I call them Good Stuff because their ingredients are safe— Beautycounter is very deliberate about every ingredient they use, and they provided us with detailed information on each of the ingredients we wanted to know more about. Most importantly, they conduct purity testing on every batch of color cosmetics, including screening for 12 metals.

I also like that they skip concerning preservatives and use vanilla planifolia fruit extract in place of sketchy fragrances.

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As I mentioned above, Beautycounter is my top pick for lipstick—and what I use myself. Kjaer Weis uses organic castor seed oil in their Lipstick and Lip Tint formulas, both of which are relatively simple and straightforward. Many of their other waxes, oils and butters are also organic. Both of these lip products also contain some citral and limonene from the essential oils.

Honeybee Gardens has recently transitioned to u sing more organic ingredients including organic castor seed oil in their Truly Natural Lipstick and Luscious Lip Gloss formulas.

the balm meet matte hughes sephora gift

I also like that they are in the habit of having their products tested by a third party for potential contaminants such as lead, mercury, arsenic, and cadmium. In the Lucious Lip Gloss, they use vanilla planifolia fruit oil rather than a more vague aroma or flavor ingredient.

Safe Lipstick Guide

Their formulas are relatively simple and contain familiar ingredients. The ingredients they use for extra antioxidant, preservative, and aroma quality are of little or no concern for instance, vitamin E and vanilla planifolia fruit oil. Thankfully over the past few years there have been quite a number of brands arrive in Irish store, that were normally only available State side.

However, there are still a few that elude us, so here are my must have items from Sephora and more! Anastasia Beverly Hills While we can now get access to the ABH palettes, highlighters and brow products, there are still a few items that they are holding back on giving us.

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First up, the single Eyeshadows! Let me just say, buy as many of these as you can because the quality is incredible!! I adore these eyeshadows and they are probably one of the most used in my collection. While I bought all nude shades, there is a massive range of colours and they are incredibly beautiful to work with. They blend so well, have great colour pay off and they wear really well throughout the day. They are so creamy, long wearing and not in the least bit drying on your lips.

While I have three of their lip products, I really regret not buying more! Too Faced Cosmetics Yes, I know we already have Too Faced Cosmetics here in Ireland, but the Just Peachy collection is limited edition in Sephora and there is no word of it coming to Ireland any time soon, or if at all!

the balm meet matte hughes sephora gift

This shade is called "Outlaw", but the minute I put it on all I could think was Kapow! I don't think the picture did it justice really, but this is as RED as you can get and there's no room for mistakes when applying it.

The formula is smooth as butter and dries very quickly to a soft, powdery feel that is comfortable to wear for hours on end. Oh, and it does not budge once on. Lower Right on lips: I picked mine up in Make Up Forever where they told me they'd previously had a six page waiting list for it not that long ago.

Don't worry, it's in stock now.

the balm meet matte hughes sephora gift