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58 .. You may get some quests simply by entering a new zone! . summarizes the objectives you must meet in order to complete the quests in your log. .. Death Knights always start in Acherus, a gloomy section of the Eastern Plaguelands. We've got an entire new zone, new world quests, new class world kinds of players on a time schedule that's most appropriate for them.” Part One is a thing that's going to get me on the right track for flight. .. 4P: Each rune you spend reduces the cooldown of Army of the Dead by 3 Acherus Drapes. 2x (3) Explosive Runes .. 2 months so I forgot to turn on my Track-o-Bot, therefore I cant provide . the match-up and the board state, so I enjoy playing around with it. Level Up!, Acherus Veteran, Blessing:Vigor and Divine Favour, .. Been having good results at ranks with control warlock (VS list.

Killing Cove Seagulls should now add Enemy Forces credit. The Overflowing affix has been removed. The Bolstering affix range has been reduced to 30 yards was 45 yards.

The intent of this change is to allow players more opportunities for crowd control. Necrotic Rot will now expire after leaving combat. Duration reduced to 9 seconds was 10 seconds.

This should eliminate the situation where players were waiting for Necrotic to fall off after killing enemies, and it should give tanks more opportunities for resets while in combat. Sanguine radius increased to 8 yards. Artifact Power rewards for Mythic Keystone dungeons have been adjusted: Longer dungeons, such as Halls of Valor, now award a proportionately higher amount of Artifact Power. Shorter dungeons, such as Maw of Souls, now award a proportionately lower amount of Artifact Power. Artifact Power bonuses have been added to your weekly chest rewards.

These increase based on the highest level Mythic Keystone you completed. Expect more details once the dedicated have had some more time with the build. On Twitter, game director Ion Hazzikostas made sure to specify that there was a lot more going on in the Broken Shore versus similar events in the past.

There's far more structure and story than Timeless had; you're only seeing bits of the sandbox systems in this initial push. The Broken Shore also comes with new patch 7. Bringing them back online involves contributions from large portions of the player base, and gives unique, zone-wide rewards. This is done through earning War Supplies from daily quests and rare mobs, and the buffs last three days once active.

Anytime you loot an item which grants Artifact Power in a raid or dungeon, theres a chance you will earn a bonus one. World Quests have a chance to grant an extra artifact power token. Chance when earning War Supplies to get bonus War Supplies. Receive one piece of legendary follower equipment. World Quests have a chance to reward augment runes. Provides you with access to additional Cathedral of Eternal Night world quests, helpful Wardens will show up to aid you in combat on the broken shore, extra difficult missions to send followers on for good rewards.

Each day the Nether Disruptor is active, you can return to the Broken Shore to complete a quest that grants you a free Seal of Fate. Fate Smiles Upon You: Chance that failed bonus rolls will be refunded on the Broken Isles. Chance to earn bonus Nethershards when earning Nethershards. Lets you interact with objects while mounted.

Provides you with access to the Broken Shore world bosses ilevel lootUnstable Portals spawn across the Broken Shore that let you fight rare elites, lets crafters earn the legendary materials for the new crafted legendaries.

They cost unique resources nethershards, however. Cauterizing Void Shard — 5, NS. An instantheal, 10 minute CD item that also damages you for 80, every three seconds for twelve seconds afterwards. Legionfall Banner — 4, NS. Places a banner at target location with the Legionfall logo. Legion Pocket Portal — 7, NS. A toy that opens a portal to a Legion world. Repurposed Fel Focuser — 7, NS.

This means on average, you will get. The math is not wrong, and those rune per death coil values are absolutely correct, so why does every guide that has its shit together at least claim Blood Tap is better? In order to get benefit from Runic Empowerment, both FU pairs need to be recharging because it only procs on fully depleted runes. This means that until we get our second proc, we will be without a Death Strike. In BOTH cases, the math was correct.

So why was the first approach so wrong? It came at the problem from the wrong angle. Math is a powerful tool, but not the final word. Formulas There are lots of random formulas that are essential in modeling anything in game. What the hell even is that symbol on the bottom left!?!?

Blizzard open up about the biggest patch in WoW history

What are our items? All this is saying is take all your haste buffs, divide them byadd 1 and multiply them together. Essentially this just says that having those 2 buffs is that same as having one Now for the right side.

If you had haste rating, the bottom right would equalor a buff worth 1. So why on the bottom right? This is a bit of a simplification. When they buffed haste for everyone a few months ago by changing the combat ratings, this number went from to because the combat rating went from to Putting this all together So how does this all work to give you a swing interval?

How often would it occur if it went twice as fast? If you have no buffs and no haste, the bottom left would simply beand the bottom right would bemaking the entire bottom of the equationmeaning you are just left with the original weapon speed divided by 1, which means no change. If you had enough haste rating and buffs to double your weapon speed, it would be the weapon speed over 2, or half the original swing interval.

This makes the bottom right of our equation equal to. With haste rating, our bottom right looks like. This means our entire denominator is equal to 1. Divide our swing timer for 2h weapons 3. Now there is an important factor at play that is not included in this calculation: Parry Haste The mechanics of parry haste are fairly simple. After it reaches this point it diminishes its value until it reaches 0 at. The resulting function is Which looks something like this if you plot it: At an average of.

This means in this situaton, parry haste reduced our average swing interval by. This math is beyond useful for looking at thing in terms of total value, or over a given time period, but you have to keep in mind this is simply an average swing timer.

Calculating your rune regeneration is very similar to calculating swing speed. In fact the formulas look almost identical, because they both benefit from haste in a similar fashion. They are so similar in fact, if you look close enough you can see that I made this formula by taking the other one and editing it with paint! The reason these are so similar, is that in both cases you are just scaling the value down based on haste in the same way.

So instead of an initial weapon speed of 3. Weapon based ability damage: This is simply the actual damage your weapon does, based on the tooltip of the weapon. Notice how the damage is a range.

Boneshard A small fragment of Lord Marrowgar. It will NOT stop assaulting your shins. A common thread for many pets is to note the unfortunate implications of capturing the pets. It's not really an orphan. The name just makes you feel better about abducting it. Now, where are its parents? Holiday Events Love is in the Air is the Valentine's Day analogue and it's being just as heavily commercialized in-game as in real life, which means one thing: The holiday's mascot is a goblin dressed as Cupid.

One of the merchants asks you to supply free samples to people around town. The perfume and cologne spritzers take the form of enormous jets of fluid used to hose down the target. The detective who's looking into the shady practices of the company in charge of the holiday has special dialogue when receiving a sample, noting how unhealthy it all is, even if the bon-bons do taste rather good.

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Charm bracelets are given to each of the faction leaders as gifts; they're made by extracting bits of slain enemies. While most leaders offer a mild thanks, Saurfang demands to know what sort of orc you think he is and declares the whole thing a disgrace Romantic boat trips can be taken around Stormwind's canals.

The same can be done in Undercity, but given they're floating on unnaturally green sewage surrounded by undead, the ambiance isn't quite the same. The holiday allows the use of unique transmog items, meaning this is the only time of year you can defeat a raid boss while wearing a slinky black dress and holding a rose in your mouth The Kirin Tor Pub Crawl: A bunch of mages using portals to hit as many bars in one trip as possible.

The Spring Balloon Festival is one of the game's new micro holidays, which takes place over a few days in mid-May. Azsuna's balloon ride is given by a goblin who tries to charge an exorbitant rate while in the air. His plot to extort you is foiled by his oaf misunderstanding directions and putting fireworks on a grill.

Highmountain's balloon ride is provided by Hemet Nesingwary, moping about how not even shooting critters from the air is satisfying him anymore. Stormheim's balloon guide is a newbie and isn't particularly good at the whole tour guide thing. Suramar's, however, is a consummate professional and offers a quiz on Nightborne lore, such as asking what the traditional Nightborne greeting is. The answer is "An illusion!

What are you hiding? He is overly strict and demands utter silence. The balloon riders get the option that Schnottz has to go. Crystalsong Forest's balloon is piloted by Chen Stormstout, who warns he can't talk because he has to avoid hitting Dalaran.

The balloon guide in the Valley of the Four Winds actually hates his job. He wanted to be a shaman, "But nooo, ballooning is in the blood! In Draenor's Nagrand, the balloonist is a goblin named Dorthigail, who's tricked out her balloon with a chronal accelerator which ends up taking everyone to Outland Nagrand, which freaks her out as she realizes that they aren't quite in Nagrand anymore and that there's no time like home. Noblegarden has the player gathering painted eggs for chocolate, but sometimes gathering an egg will transform them into pastel-colored rabbits.

Said pastel-colored rabbits can be found as a pet. If two players bring their rabbits into close proximity, they get busy making little Which hatch into baby rabbits. During Children's Week, you get to shepard around some orphans. Along the way, they make some random commentary, some of which is delightfully adorable and hilarious: And just what is a Nether? The orphan matron says I shouldn't ask people about their nethers Then they'll just be a legion. Mushrooms always grow in damp places and so they look like umbrellas.

If overalls are held up by the snaps at the top, then why do they have belt loops? The Midsummer Fire Festival has a one-time quest where you deliver some special incense to a tiny fire elemental. Said elemental grows massively at declares he will bring devastation on the land in the name of Ragnaros It was just a joke, apparently.

The entirety of Brewfest is a hoot. All of the booze, food, and purchasable items are obvious plays on the overdone Oktoberfest promotions, up to and including lederhosen.

The Horde equivalent, Blix's Eyesight Enhancing Romance Goggles, is even more hilarious since it causes them to appear as female orcs, basically outing Blix a male goblin as an Amazon Chaseror at least having a type. Perhaps due to a bug, the goggles affect your garrison's command table!

The background music at the festivals has stereotypical polka with goblins or dwarves drunkenly bantering and laughing. I can't feel my legs! They're fought off by hammering back an ale and chucking the empty glass at their head. And that's not counting the Super Brews. The boss of these dwarves has an ability where he jams the player's head into a keg. Two of the achievements involve getting absolutely plastered and doing something stupid - nearly falling to your death and dancing in a capital city while wearing the entire Brewfest outfit.

Due to an oversight, Brewfest wasn't updated to reflect the changes to Azeroth in Legion, so the Horde version still has Vol'jin partaking in the event when he's canonically dead by that point. Hallow's End has the Headless Horseman who's such a ham it's hard to see him as a real threat. This isn't helped by one of his attacks being jamming a jack-o-lantern on your head and his "head" periodically falling off the body.

Witches in Undercity and Stormwind recruit players to egg the other city. Getting a trick while trick or treating transforms the player into any number of tiny critters, including a fire-breathing mini-Diablo. One of the new masks introduced in is a murloc. Each race has two masks, one male and one female, but murlocs have no apparent gender so the male mask and female mask look the same, but are respectively green and orange.


The female ogre mask has long eyelashes and lipstickbecause nobody has ever seen a female ogre and Blizzard has no idea what they would look like this is a bit of an in-joke ; ogres were considered to be the new Horde race for Cataclysm, but Blizzard hit a brick wall designing the females and gave up. Pilgrim's Bounty allows players to acquire a gun that shoots other players, transforming them into turkeys.

If you're a hunter: Step 1 - Get someone to shoot you with a Turkey Shooter. Step 2 - Find an empty plate on one of the feast tables. Step 3 - Feign Death. Upon doing all of the following, you will become a roasted turkey sitting on a plate. The Feast of Winter Veil is just as heavily commercialized as the Valentine's event, including an orc and dwarf Greatfather Winter giving out presents. A daily quest involves rescuing Metzen from the fierce Greench, who has also stolen a shipment of presents.

When freed, Metzen cries a single reindeer tear. The conversation with Azuregos in the epic Scepter of Ahn'Qiraj questline. It's just a " tiny minnow ". Before learning about the "tiny minnow", the player character naturally assumes that since Azuregos is a draconic spirit, he would be guarding his piece of the Scepter personally.

His response when being asked if this is the case? That would be asinine. The supplies are three silk cloth and It becomes apparent in the next part of the quest chain that the disguise makes Spybot looks like a woman.