Arnav and khushi finally meet my mom

arnav and khushi finally meet my mom

Read parts 42&43 from the story ISS PYAAR KO KYA NAAM DOON(HOW CAN I After the plan succeeded of khushi Arnav became very close to his daughter. he is Mom here is DEVI my daughter your first granddaughter I present to you love and has stopped playing with the poor Aarav and finally his father Arnav in . Mom Aunt! She takes the blessings. Khushi: you're all here Why wouldn't we be . to the temple that day worship the goddess and finally, she put on your way a .. I'm just afraid arnav won't accept anjalie's wedding even after meeting kartik. Part(b) khushi was in shock by the behaviour of Arnav she was not able to coming to meet him after that when arnav decided to think about khushi and It was seriously shock for arnav and his ego was brutally then before, final nail in the coffin was khushi Now they were the parents of two children Aditiya and Diya.

The last time he had judged Khushi it had been disastrous. He chose to drive away not being able to bear the sight of them two being so happy. He would let Khushi tell him herself about the little rendezvous' she's been having with this man. No matter how hard he tried not to think about them two he just couldn't and soon began to panic. What if Khushi was in love with this man and because of the contact she couldn't be with him? What if she had loved this man all this time and him and Shyam were only thorns on their love?

Just because she said she didn't have an affair with Shyam it doesn't mean she wasn't in a relationship. And then came the thought that destroyed the great ASR; he had said he loved her but she hadn't said it back.

Waiting for Khushi to come back home was agonising. By the time Khushi had finally got home, he restrained himself from grabbing her and demanding some answers. Arnav had prepared himself for all kind of worst case scenarios but now that the time had come, he didn't know what he was going to do. He motioned for her to continue.

I'm sorry Ar-" But before she could finish he had engulfed her in a hug. Arnav smiled at the memory. He still couldn't believe how he had over reacted seeing Khushi with another man. Arnav was interrupted in his thoughts when he heard the poolside doors side open.

He turned to see his young wife holding out a glass of milk to him. He quickly drank the milk and pulled her into their room. And I know that there's only 2 hours left before you won't be my wife anymore but you need to know that I love you and trust you completely. If you do choose to leave after the contract is over, I promise I won't chase you and I'll let you go. The divorce papers are on the table, sign them before you go, if you choose to go. Do you understand Khushi? Will you let me make love to you for perhaps the last time?

The next morning Arnav woke up slightly groggy but thoroughly satisfied that he still had a wife. He was then given the shock of his life when he's wife wasn't in the bed beside him. Dread filled his entire being. He opened the wardrobe to find all her belongings gone.

He checked the bathroom and none of her toiletries were there. He glanced at the table where the divorce paper were and felt physically sick. He stumbled over to it and saw that there was an envelope and his mother's bangles along with a signed divorce paper. His world came crumbling down when he saw this and his shaky fingers opened the letter.

Dear Arnavji, By the time you read this I'll be long gone.

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You might be feeling a bit groggy and that because I mixed sleeping pills in your milk. Please forgive me but I had to pack and leave quickly and quietly and I didn't want to disturb you. Khushi let me sleep please! I'll come by later. Arnav stands up to watch the time. It's only 05, khushi. Go back to bed, we'll go a little later Khushi starts with his drama scene.

Your Mother would have wanted to be the first to wish you your birthday but you know your father; always so grumpy He doesn't even want to make you smile for your tenth birthday.

But what can I do? I'm gonna go back to sleep Arnav: Khushi knew it would work so she'd gloat from the inside. They arrive in arav's room and are ready to scream a wonderful birthday when they find out he was already awake. What are you doing here so early?

Khushi is pretty worried that a child is up so early but she thinks it's due to the new year adding to her life. But Arav is standing at this hour for anything else.

That you are always happy and that everything dear to your heart is granted to you! She's hugging arav very hard before she goes out Two hours later All the women in the house are involved in the preparations for the double party.

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Khushi Honey don't prepare too many sweets today again. Those of yesterday are in the trash now Payal and manorama don't care about khushi. If not for her sake, she has to make the right decision for Aarav.

No matter what happened.

arnav and khushi finally meet my mom

I love you but I am not here searching for my happy ending. I gave up on you the day I broke off our wedding and no matter who you are with, I will always wish you well.

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But my son, our son, I will have to keep my promise to him. I owe this to him and you Arnavji. I will take him to see you tomorrow and then we will go back. Her heart is beating so loudly she is afraid that her son who is sitiing next to her in the cab woud hear her. That he would know that behind his mom's calm exterior she is falling apart with every passing moment. When she woke up this morning, the house was empty.

She did not want to do this alone but before she could bail out again, she had woken up her still asleep son, rented a cab and started for Raizada Masion.

The cab stopped in front of the gorgeous house. Just standing in front of it, Khushi was overwhelmed with the memories that she had there, with the people who were probably just inside.

arnav and khushi finally meet my mom

She in immediately assaulted with people and flowers and decorations? Is today some festival? Khushi wonders but she can't remember anything.

Aarav is standing beside her in a stunned silence, too awed to talk. She sees a waiter passing by and grabs him "Bhai sahab? What is this celebration? Akash is married " Khushi weakly replies. Maybe there's some mistake- the voice inside her head still hopes. He toh already married naa. His bitiya is so sweet.

The other sir, the one who studied in foreign? With Lavanya madam, arrey dekhiye madam as bhi gayee" the waiter chirps in happily and points her towards the huge staircase. Lavanya is coming down. Didi and Anjali di are holding her. Lavanya is smiling, she looks beautiful beyond words. Khushi has trouble standing up. I was too late. What is going on?

Who's getting engaged, is it dad? Hearing her son speak the ominous words hits Khushi like a bucket of ice cold water. We should not be here today. Not a single question" she turns back and walks in a daze. It will be Lavanya. She was here when I left him.

It was always supposed to be her. I was just a phase.

arnav and khushi finally meet my mom

Tears flow down Khushi's face and she doesn't try to wipe them up. She remembered how Lavanya had gone awaya and she found out that Arnav loved her and not Lavanya. Lavanya had given her love and now she is getting it back. It's only the circle of life. But why does it feel as if her heart would burst open?