Cactus classic swim meet results

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cactus classic swim meet results

Cactus Classic results, teams, top swims, personal best, latest news and more. Rank, Name, Team, Time, Points, Improvement. Cactus Classic results, teams, top swims, personal best, latest news and CA TYR/MVN Fran Crippen Swim Meet of Champions, 4/28/ Host: Club Cactus Juniors Volleyball Club; Location: Tucson Convention.

Times achieved in short course yards must be marked SCY. Seeding will be as follows: Swimmers who have achieved the short course standard may enter with a SCY time and will be seeded after the LCM times. Relays are no time standard NTS. Swimmers are required to compete in their designated age group.

Athletes who are 11 or 12 years old must elect to compete in either the events or events throughout the meet, not a mixture of and events. After the TOP 8 Round semifinals swimmers must choose only one 50 to compete in for the final round. Finals will be conducted as follows: These events will be combined and functionally seeded and swum fastest to slowest, alternating heats of women and men.

cactus classic swim meet results

These events will be swum fastest to slowest, alternating heats of women and men. Swimmers must provide their own timers and personnel to count laps. Swimmers must provide their own timers for these events. Relays must be pre-entered. Teams may enter any number of relays but only two may score per event.

Cactus Classic

Swimmers must indicate their intention to scratch within 30 minutes after preliminary results have been announced. Any swimmer qualifying for a Bonus Consolation CConsolation B or Championship A final race in an individual event who fails to compete shall be barred from further competition for the remainder of the meet.

Any swimmer who checks in for and is seeded into an individual preliminary event or a timed final event that fails to compete, shall be barred from their next individual event. There is no penalty for failure to compete in an individual event which is pre-seeded and does not require positive check-in.

cactus classic swim meet results

Time trials will be offered at the discretion of the meet referee. Make checks payable to Scottsdale Aquatic Club.

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Combined High Point Team Award all teams. Teams may be assigned warm-up times during the Preliminaries Sessions in order to control crowded lanes.

cactus classic swim meet results

Warm-up for visiting teams will be available from 6: Participating teams may be assigned lanes for timing during the meet. Concessions will be available at all sessions.

A swim supply vendor will be available. We expect to be able to accommodate requests for training officials at all deck positions. Please contact the Meet Referee prior to the meet. If The Oozer had not fallen asleep in the 2nd match, he would have shot a really small agg.

Second place went to Lou Murdica with a. Sunday we started with HV Winning the aggregate with a nice. In second place was The Oozer with a. Lester Bruno took third place with a.

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Small group for HV was shot by Mr. Art Clegg bested the other 33 shooters and won the yardage with a. Art enjoys shooting groups at and it really showed during some challenging Ben Avery Sunday afternoon conditions. Sir Walter Berger took 2nd with a. Chuck had been struggling on Saturday; however, once he was able to get an emergency dose of estrogen from his Gynecologist, he calmed right down and started shooting small.

A nice side benefit for the other shooters was the wonderful dress Chuck wore on Sunday.

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Happy Ed Maxwell shot the small group for LV with a very handsome. Happy shot a very steady. The Albuquerque Flash Todd Tyler was 2nd with a.

cactus classic swim meet results

Gary took 2nd with a. Todd Tyler was 2nd with a. Happy Ed Maxwell finished third with a. Nearly every weekend, Joe arrives at the range before any shooters and makes things ready for us to enjoy a good practice session. Joe has always put safety first and willingly shares information and knowledge with all who inquire.

Like all good things i. Many thanks to Joe for his tireless service on behalf of our club and the sport of benchrest. The Range Nazi as we affectionately call him will now be able to focus all his energies on competitive matches.

Beware; Joe has a hummer barrel in his closet that will be brought to bear at the Cactus. If you are interested in joining our club or practicing at Ben Avery, please contact Art for details.

Tragically, the microphone was left unattended for just a few moments Sunday morning and Tom Libby gained control of the audio system.

cactus classic swim meet results