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Having attended over conventions from - , she is one of the and has amassed a large following of cosplay fans after starring in. Meet Our Guests Banner. Amazing Guest List. View Ticket Information Now View Details · Master of Cosplay Banner. Fan Expo After Hours Podcast. Start prepping your costume or simply come watch the spectacle in person. Rampage (starring Dwayne Johnson), and True Memoirs of an International Assassin (starring Founded in , Volpin Props has evolved over the last decade from one propmaker in pm – Contestants and Judges Meet for Pre-Judging.

Gayle is aware of their court mandate and warns them that if they fail to meet her requirements they will be sent to prison. Wheeler is paired up with Ronnie, a foul-mouthed streetwise miscreant obsessed with breastswho has driven away all the other "Bigs" he has been paired with.

cosplay meet 2008 starring

Danny is assigned Augie, a nerdy teenager obsessed with medieval live action role-playing games. Danny is unable to find common ground with Augie while Ronnie takes a disliking to Wheeler. Danny considers choosing the jail sentence, but Wheeler insists that if they go to jail, they will get raped. They gradually bond with their "littles"; Ronnie and Wheeler share the experience of having been abandoned by their fathers while Danny learns about Augie's medieval fantasy realm.

Ronnie takes an interest in Wheeler's favorite band, Kissand discovers that Wheeler shares his obsession with breasts, which Wheeler teaches him to control. Danny and Augie bond when they realize that they are both involved in the Sturdy Wings program against their will. However, their good luck is short-lived. Later, Danny insults Augie's mother and stepfather for refusing to support Augie's hobby, earning their hatred.

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As soon as Augie's parents kick Danny out of their house, Danny retorts, "I'd be psyched if he were my kid. Ronnie and Augie's parents ask Sturdy Wings for new mentorsand Danny and Wheeler are expelled from the program, thus failing to complete their community service. Beth says that she will defend Danny and Wheeler in court, but cannot make any promises, as they will eventually be sent to jail.

Danny and Wheeler argue and go their separate ways. Danny convinces King Argotron to allow himself and Augie to fight that afternoon in the much-awaited battle royale.

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Mom" music video and many more. Samantha has acted and has been a stunt worker in many on camera features including: Samantha also dabbles in SFX makeup, which can be seen in the movies: Over the course of ten years while working with military themed art, Mr.

Chiasson, grew a name for himself, which provided him the ability to sell artwork worldwide. His name was well known within the military community where he designed Challenge Coins, Combat patches, Battalion, and Company level themed art pieces. During his service, he has supported many events by donating personal funds and original artwork to help various charities in the Springfield and Branson, MO area.

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He has only just started his new path in March ofand has already had several pieces shown on various Robotech related sites. In his own words for his artwork that covers Robotech, "It's for the fans, by a fan! Since then, she's worked for the Georgia Aquarium as a costume designer. Cox first gained national recognition as a costume designer and model when she placed in Wizard Magazine's costume contest with her home-made Star Sapphire costume.

Since then her photos have gone viral on the internet and have given her international recognition. Of the costumes she's made, she's probably most well known for her Wonder Woman in which she does most of her charity work. For eight years Cox has been involved with Heroes Alliance, an organization whose mission is to bring a real life superhero experience to children who are medically fragile or have special needs.

She's currently the Atlanta Branch Leader of Heroes Alliance and it's her favorite part of costuming. There she designs and sells geeky kitchenware, clothing, and personal accessories.

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She's also been studying to be an actor for a few years. She lives with her husband and two dogs in their home in Atlanta.

cosplay meet 2008 starring

He, along with his wife Margie Cox, have worked with the superhero costume charity group, Heroes Alliance, since its early days nearly ten years ago and have served in various leadership roles in the group.