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Episode list on Good Luck Charlie Wiki wiki The following is a list of episodes of at a grocery store so the owner Hugo (Larry Joe Campbell) "arrests" her. But when she accidentally butt-dials her mom and says the whole thing, Amy and Meanwhile PJ and Gabe meet a photographer who offered to pay them $ to. Madison's mom Katherine. Teddy tries to help Gabe with his classmate Jo who is picking on him. Good Luck Charlie (–). /10 Boys Meets Girls Poster. When PJ Episode cast overview: 1. See full technical specs». Joseph Jose Havos "Jo" Keener is one of Gabe's classmates. Good Luck Charlie Wiki. Pages. Add new page · Episodes · Season 1 Full Name In Boys Meet Girls, she picks on Gabe before she confesses to Teddy that she has a crush on . Joe kenner is a little bit more tantrum she punched and kicks. a year ago.

In the episode "Butt-Dialing Duncans", PJ and Emmett accidentally send a voice message of them insulting the school bully and try to stop him from hearing it. They thought they succeeded after destroying the bully's phone, but the bully gets the message on his new phone anyway and punishes them. In "Special Delivery", one of the tricks that Teddy attempts to get Amy to go into labor is scaring Amy which doesn't work. The next day, determined not to give birth on Charlie's birthday, Amy asks for peace and quiet.

When Bob crashes the new car into the kitchen while Amy is in the kitchen, the shock of the crash may have ironically caused Amy to go into labor.

Averted, as several episodes have taken place during the winter, without ever mentioning Christmas. One episode was notable for taking place during the late spring The prison guard from the episode where the Duncans all end up in jail is named Snoo-Tay.

Jerk with a Heart of Jerk: Piper, to the level of Genre Blindness. Kick the Son of a Bitch: Piper, in "Teddy's Bear". He's also a Karma Houdinias the principal doesn't ask why Amy was chasing him or demand that he change her grade back - the cause of all the problems. Amy is forced to apologize to him; he makes rude comments to Bob about Amy, and neither of them manage to catch him. Jo is a prepubescent version. The store manager in "Charlie Did It!

Left the Background Music On: Played with in the episode "The Case of Mr. Dabney", in which Mrs. Dabney says things to Bob that reinforce Gabe and PJ's suspicion that she killed her husband, punctuated by omninous-sounding music coming from a murder mystery playing on TV.

Only the third time, it's not coming from the TV. Amy is such a bad cook that in the episode "Duncans Thanksgiving", PJ who has a talent in cooking tries to trick her so he bake the Thanksgiving turkey insteaf. Let Me Tell You a Story: Subverted in one episode. Gabe is feeling down because of jealousy over Charlie and Mrs. Dabney says she's going to tell him a story.

She proceeds to tell him about the sister she hated as a child and caps it off by He asks how it's supposed to make him feel better and she says "I didn't say it was gonna make you feel better, I said I was gonna tell you a story.

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PJ and Skyler, the moment they first encounter each other, are immediately smitten. Actually used by the Duncans to describe Amy - and she owns the trope to very good effect. One episode title directly lampshades this trope - the episode where Amy goes after one of Teddy's teachers is titled " Teddy's Bear.

In "Duncan's Got Talent", Jo tricks Gabe into letting her record footage of him, claiming they'll use it in a campaign ad for him, but she instead makes it a campaign ad for her, showing the clips out of context to make him look bad. Gabe, although he's technically not nor has he ever been the middle child. It would appear this trope was averted prior to Charlie's birth, as the middle child was also the Duncans' only daughter. He is gonna be the middle child soon, however, as now we know that Amy is pregnant with another baby.

Minor Flaw Major Break Up: Teddy is told by a psychic that she will meet the love of her life furing the fanily's vacation in the ski lodge and is torn between two guys she just met and Spencer. She invites Ivy over to the ski lodge and they examine the two other guys. The first is turned down because of his Annoying Laughand the second seems perfect but is also turned down when he receives a phone call from his mother whom he calls prettier than Teddy and Ivy.

PJ and Gabe misinterpret their next door neighbor Mrs. Dabney's outburst at her soap operas, and her attempts to get rid of a bad smell and a large, heavy trunk as evidence that she murdered her husband. The Mountains of Illinois: An unusual example of this trope in a mountainous state. When Teddy drives Mrs. Dabney to Boulder, it's portrayed as a distant destination "in the mountains," complete with perilous roads containing hazards like getting stuck in a mud hole or running out of gas. In reality, Boulder is traffic notwithstanding not that long of a drive from Denver, the road connecting them is a superhighwayand the space between them mainly comprises existing or expanding suburbs.

Teddy and Ivy had to censor it for comedy. Gabe IS this Trope. It could almost be called The Gabe. Gabe, you wearing aftershave? Why would you do that?

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As long was we're being logical, why you do still have a comb? Kickin' Asteroids for their anniversary while Teddy and P. Bob's penchant for bugs; the pillows on the Duncans' couch are upholstered with spider-patterned fabric.

Spencer, most notably in "PJ In The City" when Teddy meets him while shopping for Picture Day-worthy clothes, and later when she interviews for a job where Spencer works. Specifically made to be a show the whole family can watch, as opposed to Disney's usual targeting of young children or tweens.

This show could very easily be aimed at adults if they shifted the focus of some episodes. It's so nice to have kids we can trust In the Movie, when Amy is shocked after realizing that accusing Teddy of ruining Christmas would hurt Teddy's feelings. Teddy breaks down crying and walks away from Amy.

They even replay the original scene at the beginning of the episode. Naked People Are Funny: In "Snow Show", when PJ is chased out of the hot girls' cabin by their mean, physically-imposing father, and told to leave the robe he's wearing as he's shown the door, PJ makes his way back to the lodge in the buff, covering his man-parts with his snowboard. When the women at Amy's baby shower all leave after Charlie innocently blurts out what Amy said about them, Amy insists that it isn't anyone's fault; it's actually her own fault for saying these things in the first place.

This show departs from Disney Channel tradition and averts this by having PJ and Gabe suspect and accuse neighbor Mrs. Dabney of murdering her husband. It's zig-zagged in another episode when PJ says his car had an elderly woman die in the driver's seat, but then find other ways to say the same thing. Lampshaded in another episode, when Bob uses the phrase "take care of" Gabe notes that whilst Bob can say that, everyone knows what he really means.

It is my job as an exterminator to take care of pests. When you say take care of, I know you mean kill. In the same episode, Gabe later tells Mrs. Dabney that he wants to take care of her. Bob kicks Gabe out of the living room. Averted even harder in "The Bob Duncan Experience" when Leo and Gabe argue over the name of their guacamole stand until they are reduced to skeletons and.

When Gabe gives up, Leo responds with something along the lines of, "You couldn't have said that before we were dead? Teddy later invited her to help her express her true feelings, but it ends up wrong when she claims Gabe cheated at a videogame then ends up dislocating his shoulder " Boys Meet Girls ".

Jo promises Gabe that she will help him run for class president. They work on the campaign video together, but when it comes in time for presentations, Gabe gets tricked by the one and only, Jo. Jo says that 'he hates babies' and much more fake facts about Gabe. He is a really caring person. People 'boo' him, but he makes a new video and shows it to the whole class.

He then becomes the class president and Jo gets in trouble for sabotaging his video " Duncan's Got Talent ". She is Gabe's partner in science class. It turns out that she is actually good with taking care of Charlie and much better than Gabe at it " Charlie in Charge ".

Jo asks Gabe to practice and be her date for Cotillion. Gabe does not agree at first, but his mom Amy forces him to be Jo's date.

During the practice classes, they launch with a spoon, melon balls at each other, and then Gabe launches some at Mrs. Krump, the female instructor. During the dance practice, both of them are hesitant to hold each other close for dancing, but when they do, Jo actually likes it.

Boys Meets Girls

Gabe is confused by Jo liking it, and tells her that he does not want to be her boyfriend. They both argue briefly and Gabe storms out of the class. Dressed up, she stops by his house asking for a corsage, and Gabe looks at her impressed. She goes to Cotillion alone, but a dressed up Gabe shows up unexpectedly, and they happily dance together and enjoy their food together.

Physical Appearance Jo has brown eyes and brown hair. She has tan skin and is shown to be a little short. She is very skinny but also Jo is very strong. Jo and Gabe's Relationship Jo and Gabe's relationship is very complex. Jo couldn't show her emotions throughly to him, frustrating her and always ended up hurting him.

She is in denial at first, but then admits it.