Great lakes mega meet 2012

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great lakes mega meet 2012

Tabo – Dhangkar Lake – Mane – Photo Tale of DoW Mega Meet Most of the devils made it to the Dhangkar lake, showing some great. In last year DoW Mega Meet, we took the DoW Causes to the next Self drive guys continues to drive to the Mega Meet Kickoff Point at Dal Lake, . Guest Houses or Homestays especially when away from big towns. .. Understand that on both occasions of and the Phugtal trek eluded you:. See you next May , in Novi, Michigan, and then again on the show! There are still tickets available for the Great Lakes Mega Meet!.

Apart from that, we may be holding cleanliness drives along water bodies we will be visiting. We will be carrying the large plastic bags and carry out these cleanliness drives while visiting these lovely lakes in Suru, Zanskar and Ladakh. Eligibility You can easily see that the above tour plan has about Hrs of drive time in 11 days which makes an average of 9 Hrs of drive time per day that is the time you will be on the road itself almost every day.

This tells that the difficulty level of the trip will be somewhere in between Moderate and Tough. Hence, for being apt traveller for this tour: You must be adventurous enough to take up this heavy duty road trip. You must have high levels of endurance and low levels of fatigue. It is trans-Himalayas, a place where Mountain rules… So, you must always be ready for the surprises or change in plans.

If required, you must be ready to camp out or stay at moderate Guest Houses or Homestays especially when away from big towns. I feel families looking for relaxing vacation should not pay attention to this tour as it might be little difficult.

The Loose Ends In order to have a varied flexibility, I have kept loose ends, head and the tail. So, in case you wish to start and end as per below options, please feel free to do so. Here are the options we can think about as of now: Option 1 for Self drive guys covering delhi to delhi, start 2nd sept and end at 14th sept Option 2 for guys flying to srinagar covering srinagar to delhi, start 4th sept and end at 14th sept Option 3 for guys flying to srinagar and flying out from leh without Tso Moriri and Manali — Leh, start 4th sept and end at 10th sept Option 4 for guys flying to srinagar and flying out from srinagar, start 4th sept and end at 10th sept Option 5 for guys flying to srinagar and flying out from leh after covering Tso Moriri, start 4th sept and end at 13th sept Accommodation and Cost Estimate We plan to carry our own tentssleeping bags and camping gear in order to stay wild and open with nature wherever we can and where we do not find any accommodation.

However, you are free to opt for any home stays, guest houses, hotels, etc. Hence, over 11 days, it will be somewhere around Rs — ex. With 4 people in one car, it will be like Rs for the transport per person. Taxis from Srinagar to Manali drop with whole of Zanskar and stuff shall cost us around K.

Plan ahead, and bring your scrapbook project ready to assemble!

Tabo – Dhangkar Lake – Mane – Photo Tale of DoW Mega Meet 2014

Pre-cropped and pre-planned pages will go together easily, and allow you to enjoy this HUGE crop! It will be a long walk! Should I bring my own chair to the crop?

We rent chairs from our supplier for our croppers; however if you are planning to crop all day — you may wish to either bring a cushion for your comfort, or bring your own chair.

great lakes mega meet 2012

These are the best chairs they are able to provide to us for a reasonable cost, and in the quantity that we need. Will I be able to shop during the crop?

All Day Croppers will be able to shop on the show floor during show hours. Admission to the show floor is included with their All Day Crop registration. In order to keep your crop supplies secure — you will have to exit the crop to the front hallway and enter the show floor through the main entrance — you may not enter the show floor through the pipe and drape — our staff will stop you if you try to take a shortcut — it is critical for your security that you help us enforce this policy!

During the evening crop party, some exhibitors will have merchandise for sale at tables during the crop. Can I sit with my friends at the crop? When you register for the All Day Crop — you and your friends can select your tables so that you are near one another. For the evening crop, you can reserve a table for four for you and your friends. If you have not made a table reservation for the evening crop, then, seating for unreserved tickets is first come, first serve, beginning at 6: There are 4 croppers to a table.

Are there any age restrictions? All croppers must have a ticket to enter the cropping hall, and we ask that you leave infants and children under the age of 11 at home with Dad or a sitter! All Day Croppers will have access to power at their tables.

Great Lakes Mega Meet

What if I get hungry? The concession stand will remain open during the first part of the crop! What is your beverage policy?

Only beverages with lids will be permitted on the cropping tables, for the safety of your albums, and the safety of the albums of others working at your table! Beverages without tight fitting lids should be kept on the floor.

DoW Mega Meet - Suru & Zanskar Valley

Will there be prizes? At the Evening Crop Party — we like to give away LOTS of prizes — and we have games and contests during the evening where you can win prizes!!

great lakes mega meet 2012

Can I buy crop tickets at the door? If there are crop tickets available after all of the pre-registrations are processed, they will be for sale beginning opening day of the convention, in the information booth!

A note about allergies: We do not regulate what other croppers bring to decorate their tables, or as snacks, so if you have severe allergies, please use caution while attending our events.

Tabo - Dhangkar Lake - Mane - DoW Mega Meet

Infants and Children 10 and under are not permitted in the crops. All Children 11 and over must have their own ticket to enter the crop area. No refunds will be issued based on perceived quality of the event. Crop Contests, games and prizes! Fill out a survey at the information booth after visiting our show floor, and receive an entry blank for our Daily Grand Prize drawing!

The {Stamps} of Life Mega Meet 2012 Recap!