How to meet sports celebrities

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how to meet sports celebrities

From Virat Kohli to Sunil Chhetri, these are the top 21 Indian sports personalities who featured on the Forbes Celebrity list. 5 days ago A look at the candid clicks of some sports stars with their little ones. I was at Temple University finishing my master's degree in Sports Administration when I attended the MLB Winter Meetings in Louisville, Kentucky. I was hoping.

I knew that it would only be in my dreams that one day I would miraculously end up in Detroit because of him. I got to know him more and more over a period of time with constant text exchanges, Skyping sessions, and snap chats. I could not believe he was actually taking the time getting to know me.

how to meet sports celebrities

What really got to me was that he was Slovakian and I am from Ukraine. I decided to plan a spontaneous trip to go see him and his games and take my best friend Kayla with me. We were both so excited to finally meet one another that you could have sworn we were going to get married the second we met.

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Finally, arriving on March 5th we went to meet him at his hotel. Everything inside was absolutely breath taking and we knew we were about to have a trip of our life.

how to meet sports celebrities

The ice and snow lying over the beautiful river was truly an awe. You could even see all of Canada as if you could just reach out and grab the entire country with your hand.

how to meet sports celebrities

As we went downstairs to the lobby, there he was sitting on the couch dressed like a million dollars and smelled of expensive cologne. When we got in his car, I was so cold that he let me put on a pair of his mittens that he actually wore at the Olympics.

He took us out to a steakhouse and paid for all of our meals.

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After dinner, we proceeded to go to one of the hotels near called the Motor City where there was a ton of gambling. After the casino, we headed back to his hotel and ordered a load of room service. He asked us what we all wanted and if we even wanted desert. As I laid down next to him, my friend could not get over all of the nice clothes he owned and was practically swimming in it.

As much as we wanted to stay longer we had to let him get rest for his big game the next day. He took me out to lunch at his hotel the next afternoon to one of the most beautiful restaurants I had ever imagined.

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When we walked back in we had to go our separate ways so he could get some sleep. He leaned in and gave me a kiss at the lobby as I almost melted to the ground.

how to meet sports celebrities

That night we got ready for the game wearing my red heels and my red wings hat. Every stranger on the streets either glared at us or laughed because you could tell we did not fit in and were different. Picking up our tickets made me feel so special with my name on it and left by his number. I got drunk off of Canadian beer for the first time and it was absolutely ridiculous for the cost of 10 dollars per 19 ounces.

how to meet sports celebrities

The list downstairs had my name on it allowing me to go to the back where fans and other team members hung out waiting for the wings to come out. When considering athletes for celebrity appearances, it is almost always more cost-effective to book a person who lives within driving distance to the event location. In addition to eliminating travel costs, celebrities are more likely to agree to participate in an appearance at a lower fee if the overall time commitment is minimal.

Start at the Bottom. This is especially true if you are quoted a fee that either does not fit your budget or that you feel is inflated. A counter-offer will often succeed if you extend a firm offer based on your budget, rather than asking if they will accept less than their normal asking price.

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Another strategy is to reduce the original requested appearance time or responsibilities to receive a reduced fee. Find the Soft Spot. Tie in the celebrity appearance to a charity about which the celebrity feels strongly, and tie that charity in to your event.

For example, during a trade show, the attendees can make a donation to a designated charity to get an autograph or picture with the celebrity, with full proceeds going to the charity. If applicable, you can ensure that the celebrity is aware that many of the attendees at the event or conference have marketing dollars to spend on celebrities and that there would likely be future opportunities if the first event goes as well as anticipated.