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Alan Silvestri official lyrics, discography and site new. NATOの失敗, 0. キング・ コブラ, 0. 彼女に何が? 0. 約束, 0 . Watch and See / Meet Rachel / Fletcher / Can I Help You? 0 . 0. “Alternate ”, 0 Teaching Fire to Tiger Girl, 0. Exploring . View the full and accurate lyrics we have for "Alan Silvestri" on LyricsBox. com. Find them now! Alan Silvestri Lyrics. − / 5 Alternate · Alan Silvestri .. It Had to Be Nato's Fault! Meet Dexter . Teaching Fire to Tiger Girl. 52 Reading Song Lyrics (Middleton , ; see also ). “where human beings physically meet, they react to each other, even if this is not Pidcock who long has bore the bell, as general in the field Of lions, tigers cats 11), or as a suited business man wearing a gas mask before the backdrop of a NATO.

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And can you hear the sound of hysteria? Welcome to a new kind of tension. All across the alien nation. Everything isn't meant to be okay. Television dreams of tomorrow. We're not the ones who're meant to follow. Well that's enough to argue. Well maybe I'm the faggot America. He disarms one of them, takes control of the plane and decides to crash it into a military barracks on a hill in the distance.

On the hill, he sees a school and children at play.

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So he pulls the plane up and smashes it instead into a hill farther away, killing himself and his torturers, who go to their deaths reduced to tears. Now that's the kind of thing songs should be written about. It's a true story.

The whole event was taped by an airport control tower. And about now, on the Garbanceros' outfield, groups of staggering, short-haired young men in white cowboy hats, silk shirts and cowboy boots are feeling the song's sublime message. They hold each other upright in full-grip handshakes that take a good 10 seconds in the wind-up and consummation. Heads to the sky, faces contorted, they chortle along with Jorge Hernandez, Los Tigres' lead singer.

At stagefront, hundreds of young people, primarily teenage girls, stand crushed against each other, mouthing lyrics to a song recorded when most of them were in elementary school. Farther back, on the infield, couples grapple in various stages of consent as they rock to and fro with the polka beat. And this moment, as the band tells this story of humiliation and revenge, as young men bond, young women squeal and young couples explore each other on a baseball field in a small town in a corner of Mexico - this moment you are getting close to the essence of Los Tigres del Norte, the most important and enduring binational band in pop music.

So this crowd of about 3, people is small by Tigres standards. Yet the band plays Guamuchil every year. It is a homecoming.

Los Tigres grew up in Rosa Morada, a village of unpaved streets half an hour from here. Playing dates like this is one way the band shows that they remember who they are, where they came from, and that no matter how long they live in America's decadent gut, they remain mexicanos, cien porciento.

Los Tigres del Norte - four brothers, a cousin and a friend - are the Mexican-immigrant experience personified. Like thousands of immigrants, they crossed the border, made it in America, but never shed their most precious commodity, their mexicanidad - their Mexicanness. Like the Mexican-immigrant community, they are virtually unknown to American society at large. Within it, they are revered - Los Idolos del Pueblo.

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This year marks the band's 30th anniversary. They have made 30 records and 14 movies, won a Grammy and were nominated for another this year, and have played thousands of dances on both sides of the border.

Los Tigres have twice created trends in Mexican pop music, first with songs about drug smuggling and, later, about immigration.

Immigrants, in turn, transported Tigres' music to parts of Mexico where the band was unknown. Together, the band and its public turned norteno into an international genre.

Meanwhile, the band modernized the music, infusing it with boleros, cumbias, rock rhythms and waltzes, sound effects of machine guns and sirens, better recording quality.

In the process they made a pop style out of an accordion-based polka music indigenous to northern-Mexico cantinas. Los Tigres emerged from an unnoticed side of the s. As America's restless children were turning in rebellion to drugs and music, restless working-class Mexicans began coming to the United States. Their exodus was also a rebellion of sorts, if unarticulated and unpublicized.

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Mexico's young were leaving corrupt Mexico - the Mexico behind the sunglasses, the Mexico that never gave a poor man a chance - eager to re-create themselves in the fields and restaurants of Gringolandia.

The irony was that in Gringolandia these immigrants wanted more than ever to be Mexican. They missed the pueblo, the girlfriend, Mom. Mostly they asked from the U. As these immigrants grew into one of the most significant movements of people in the last half-century, Los Tigres became their chroniclers, spokesmen for a community that remains largely voiceless in both Mexico and the U.

If you want to know what the Mexican-immigrant community is feeling, listen to a Tigres record. Their audience is your gardener and grocer, your car washer, your busboy. Tigres' best songs are stories distilling the essentials of Mexican working-class life: Inthe band - four kids - arrived at the border in Tijuana with a musical revue contracted to play for two dates: Since the oldest was only 14, they had to persuade a middle-aged Mexican couple to pretend to be their mother and father. The band had no name.

But the immigration officer kept calling them "little tigers," and they were headed north and playing norteno music, so they became Los Tigres del Norte.

Los Tigres never returned to Mexico to live. They stayed in San Jose and played small clubs, furniture-store openings and weddings for the Bay Area's growing Mexican community.

They once shared a Berkeley festival bill with Big Mama Thornton and Janis Joplin, talking with the latter backstage as she and her band wolfed down apples that made them act funny. They might have remained just another cantina band were it not for a song that changed the group and norteno forever. Jorge Hernandez, the oldest brother, heard the song in an L. Los Tigres put out their version of that song, "Contrabando y Traicion" "Contraband and Betrayal" in It tells the story of a man and a woman - he an illegal, she a Chicana from Texas - smuggling marijuana from Tijuana to Los Angeles.

After exchanging the dope, the man says he's taking his money and visiting his girlfriend in San Francisco. However, his partner is in love with him. Unwilling to share him with another, she shoots him in a dark Hollywood alley and disappears with the cash.

The song beautifully fuses news item and twisted love story into a series of images that end in sweet tragedy. It came out at exactly the right moment. It spoke of the total chaos that is drug trafficking. Perhaps, also, people had never heard these things said so clearly in song. The song hit huge. Dozens of lesser-known bands have recorded it.

The tune launched Los Tigres' career. But beyond that, "Contrabando" was the first hit about drug smuggling. Together those songs revealed a market and essentially created the narcocorrido, currently undergoing an explosion in popularity in Mexican music. The narcocorrido updated the traditional corrido, or ballad, which told of revolutionaries, bandits or a famous cockfight. Instead, narcocorridos tell of drug smugglers, shootouts between narcos and police, betrayals and executions - bloody events set to a rollicking polka rhythm and an obliviously cheerful accordion line.