Nice to meet you spanish female

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nice to meet you spanish female

How to greet and say goodbye to people in Spanish. Nice to meet you (often said while shaking hands and as an alternative to saying "encantado" if the other . I had previously learnt that pleased to meet you was mucho gusto but encantado is for when meeting a male and encantada for female but is. By using this guide to Spanish greetings, you'll not only just know the words, but While there are many ways to say hello (as you'll see in the slang section.

Most of the time, people understand you, nbd. However there are a few instances where you really need to be careful.

nice to meet you spanish female

Pollo is chicken, however, polla is something entirely different read here. Make sure you remember this at 5am when you are drunkenly ordering a chicken kebab, otherwise it can lead to some pretty awkward moments.

Club When Americans come to Spain, one of the first things they do is hit up the crazy night life here. Tons of bars and clubs where you can drink and dance til dawn, Spain has a plethora of night spots to chose from. However, once you have finished at the bars and you want to go get your dance on, you head out to the club. Except dance clubs in Spanish are discotecas or discos. To put it mildly, a club in Spanish is usually a whorehouse on the side of the highway aka puti club.

Estoy caliente One of the biggest problems where Spanish and English differentiate is when you cannot translate word for word. Rather I just find it baffling! So confusing, can someone please explain?

Preservativo This one is another false friend in Spanish. It does NOT mean preservatives, like in food. Remember that the next time you want to know if a food has certain preservatives in it conservantes.

nice to meet you spanish female

Marrano This just goes to show you that even the pros like me just kidding! Nowadays, one way I consciously attempt to improve is to try to use new vocab words I hear my Spanish friends say. The other day in class, I was trying to explain that this girl I know is like a total pig, really gross, eats like a pig.

pleased to meet you

Basically I called her a frog instead of a pig and my friends will never let me forget it. Among those who are middle class and richer, it is also common to shake hands and to greet women with a quick kiss on the cheek. Just to be clear: Man to man is just shaking hands. Among the poor, as in a missionary working with the poor, just a handshake and not kissing on the cheek is the most common and least offensive.

Asking "What did you say? This word encapsulates, "What did you just say? Children who are native speakers of Spanish are consistently remineded to say: When a servant or soldier is called by a superior, he will answer: This can be a boss to a worker or parents to children.

This little social exchange can be taken very seriously.

Spanish Greetings

With those three wishes of health, money and love, sometimes you will hear the person who sneezed comment about hoping to be lucky with love. Depending on the situation and the personality of the person saying it, the words may be spoken quietly or with much exuberance. The situations where this can be used is when you are at somebody's door or gate and you want to come in. Possibly you don't see anyone around and you want to let them know you are there.

If they are expecting you, you should hear the usual response.

nice to meet you spanish female

Again, this conveys that you are being polite in Spanish, and not being forward by just coming in. This is the English equivalent of saying,"Excuse me," or "Sorry, about that.

nice to meet you spanish female

If a prayer is said before the meal, this is said after the "amen". If you are in a group gathering, several may say it at the same time. If you're in a smaller setting, you can say it, and the other person will say it back or just respond with, "Gracias". The equivalent in English is the borrowed French phrase "Bon Appetit".


It is used daily at any meal. A very polite gesture. It just means the food is "delicious". Having your elbows on the table is not considered polite in Mexico.

It is important to have your hands where they can be seen.

nice to meet you spanish female

Also burping is impolite. For those of you who are very exact and nitpicky about why and what it is you are saying in Spanish, don't sweat these phrases. They are just common niceties that come naturally to the Mexican native speaker. Mexicans who are used to being around foreigners don't expect you to know every single thing, but when you do use these phrases, it will probably bring you up a notch, and impress them that your mother raised you right.

Saying Good-bye When you've been introduced to someone, or run into someone you know out on the street, when it's time to say good bye, it's time to extend your hand and shake once more as you take leave. All this handshaking, at greeting and leaving, is the normal way to do things in Mexican culture.

To a North American mind, it mind seem redundant and overkill, but it is not seen that way at all in this culture.