Tornado tiger meet 2009

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tornado tiger meet 2009

Boxart Tornado ECR "TigerMeet /12" Revell .. New decals. Model set. Model set. x. Rebox. x. New decals. The winner of the silver tiger trophy of NATO Tiger Meet is the Tornado ECM from Lechfeld wearing the "40 years Panavia" logo, Tiger. Home >Tiger Meets > NATO Tiger Meet: NTM Airfield: Kleine Brogel. NTM country: Belgium Fighting Falcon (5x). AG 51 'I' (GAF), Tornado IDS (3x).

NATO Tiger Meet , Kleine Brogel, Belgium - Plomi

A small clear sprue, decals and instructions complete the package. Although this kit has been around a while, the sprues are holding up well. There is a little flash in places, but most of this is on the sprue frames themselves rather than the kit parts.

When I first built this kit I remember being astounded at the amount of detail packed in and the quality of the mouldings. The cockpit alone is a work of art and features some incredibly fine detail that makes a resin replacement pretty difficult to justify.

tornado tiger meet 2009

The rest of the airframe is equally well rendered. The recessed panel lines are beautifully restrained, as is the delicate recessed rivet detail.

tornado tiger meet 2009

The undercarriage legs feature hydraulic lines and the landing gear bays are just as nice. Construction begins with the four-part ejector seats.

tornado tiger meet 2009

As is the case with the rest of the cockpit, these are excellent and make resin replacements a bit of a luxury. Revell provide decals for the instrument panels, but to be honest the raised detail on these parts is so nice that I would imagine many modellers might choose not to use them. The cockpit is then sealed inside the forward fuselage, onto which the nose cone is added.

It is slightly too pointed, although it looks convincing enough from most angles.

tornado tiger meet 2009

As is the case with most kits of variable geometry aircraft, Revell have engineered the kit in such a way as to make the wings and horizontal stabilisers moveable once the kit is complete. Having built my Revell Tornado in this way, I can vouch that the system works well, although the moveable pylons are quite fiddly.

Nato Tiger Meet In its relatively brief history, military aviation has spawned a considerable number of interesting and colourful institutions or associations, primarily to help in the promotion of interoperability, co-operation and morale amongst like minded aviators.

tornado tiger meet 2009

In response to this request, the C-in-C of the United States European Command urged his commanders to take every opportunity to further relationships between the two countries. The one day meet was deemed a great success and word spread quickly throughout NATO. Since those early days the NATO Tiger Association has steadily grown in international esteem and the Tiger Meet has become a firmly established annual event which is famous amongst members of the Association, NATO, and military aviation enthusiasts around the world.

KB TIGERMEET Luftwaffe Tornado 45… | Flickr

Since the very first Tiger Meet, the main objectives of the NATO Tiger Association have been to promote co-operation between the air forces, create a better understanding of NATO military objectives, and to develop unit interoperability. The maintenance of strong personal ties between the members of each Tiger Squadron are equally important.

France, who hosted the meet for the first time in recognised the value and importance of ground crews in air operations and placed a new emphasis in their involvement into the Tiger Meet. Cross training on different aircraft types was developed during a series of ground competitions. The professional profile of the Association was also enhanced in the mid sixties when General Robert M Lee placed his seal of approval on the annual event with the Air Deputy Award, that was presented for the first time in In spite of the world oil crisis of the early seventies which threatened the very existence of the Association further accolades followed.

The Silver Tiger is now arguably the most valuable trophy owned by the Tiger Association and is awarded annually to the Tiger squadron that shows the highest degree of professionalism and Tiger spirit during the Tiger Meet.

Panavia Tornado line up at Tiger Meet 2009 in Belgium