Yankee lake ballroom swap meet

Swap Meet-Yankee Lake-Ohio – Bubba's Tri-City Cycle – Linwood, MI

yankee lake ballroom swap meet

COM WALNECK'S MOTORCYCLE SWAP MEETS & SHOWS • ALL BRANDS OF. POTOMAC Fall Swap Meet. Yankee Lake Ballroom, Route 7, Brookfield, OH. Sunday March 25, Yankee Lake Ballroom - Spring Biker's Ball - Motorcycle Swap Meet - Brookfield, Ohio. April 7 & 8, Metroplex Gunshow. Venue. Yankee Lake Ballroom. State Rt. 7NE Brookfield, OH United States + Google Map. Phone:

Episode 1 ships in December and will include a postcard with this very picture of Yankee Lake in the summer of Share with your friends!

yankee lake ballroom swap meet

Yankee Lake Inn Come on out and try your luck! A Romanian bootlegging family decided to build the ballroom and have dancing every night of the week, featuring every big band in the nation. Now you can learn all about your local history by having beautifully printed photos, documents, and stories delivered to your home every month for 9 months.

Each episode chronicles another chapter in the story of Yankee Lake and its founders. From the bootlegging days to the creation of the lake and ballroom on up to today. Learn more and order today at yankeelakehistory. Like Yankee Lake History's page to learn more. Before there was Yankee Bootleggers Saloon, there was a bootleg king. The origins of Yankee Lake are wrapped in stories of bootlegging, floods, kidnappings, fires, big bands, and the American Dream.

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Yankee Lake History is bringing this all to life with a historical mail series coming this September and a documentary film in Follow their page to learn more!

Yankee Lake History Many people remember the cement diving platform of the 60s and 70s, but long before that there was a wooden pier with a diving platform at the end.

yankee lake ballroom swap meet

You could walk from the beach and brave the climb to the top. With a line of people waiting impatiently behind you, your only option was to jump!

yankee lake ballroom swap meet

This photo is from the early days of Yankee Lake. Probably the late 20s or early 30s. Back then there were no swimming pools and everyone came out to Yankee Lake to swim, dive, party, and enjoy their weekends away from work.

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Soon you'll be able to get your own photo prints like this delivered to your home. The Yankee Lake historical mail series is almost ready for release.

26th Annual Yankee Lake Spring Bikers Ball Motorcycle Swap Meet

Each month will be a new tale about the beginnings of Yankee Lake from bootlegging, to the building of the dam, to the big bands, and so much more. Digital is easy, but we want to give you a tactile experience. One that you can frame and hang on the wall, or share with a friend. Stay tuned and please share this post! Yankee Lake Ballroom in What is now known as the Yankee Lake Ballroom was erected in 1 month during the summer of ' Keegan charged from 15th, diving hard in the corners but could only find second place with lapped cars between he and Baker.

Bonnell stayed wide on the track, but hit the wall on lap The E-modified feature had to be restarted before a lap was recorded, as Jeff Sharp in third place spun between turns three and four.

The spin caught three cars from further back in the back, brining out the yellow. The re-start saw heat-winner Dwayne Clay to fight with Steve Haefke for the leader position but put several car lengths between he and Haefke until the 52 of Josh Butler brought out the caution with two laps in.

Clay's car came out of the turns faster on the restart to stay wide break away from Haefke and Scott Jones. The re-start with 12 cars showed Clay's car faster out of the turn from Haefke and Jones staying wide. Caution on lap 3, as one of James Turley's tires remained on the front stretch while he spun in the first turn.

The caution brought out the single file restart as Clay secured his lead again, while Jones and Haefke stayed closer on him. On lap four, the pack started to close in until Jeff Sharp spun between one and two.

Yankee Lake Motorcycle Swap Meet Brookfield, OH Motorcycle Event

This time, Jones stayed closer on Clay, while Joe Gabrielson and Alan Dellinger in fourth and fifth pushed right up behind Ron Yaeger in third position. As they passed him on either side in the backstretch, he slowed with a flat and headed to the pits. Despite two more restarts, Clay held on to lead and win the feature, his second at Sharon Speedway in Alan Dellinger left the track on lap three, but returned on the next and was able to pass Clay on lap 13 to finish on the lead lap.

Sharp battled back from two cautions to finish second. Scott Jones placed third, with Joe Gabrielson came from 14th to finish fourth and Bob Diver came from 18th to finish fifth. The heat races were won by Clay and Rich Stiffler.

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Bill Hanna started Pure Stock action pushing pole-sitter Michael Aley, while third-place stater and Pure Stocks points champion Steve D'Apolito took the outside line to take first on the first lap before the yellow came out for four cars in turn one. Randy Rife pressured D'Apolito from the second lap until the checkered flag flew, but the top spot was just out of reach for Rife.

Behind them, racing was intense with three-wide racing through the tenth position. Heat races were won by Jamie Duncan, Rife and Dellinger. Jason Scoville had the initial lead by as much as two-tenths of a second. Spithaler won the heat. Gates open at 4 p. Fans can call or visit www. A-Main 01 - 1.

yankee lake ballroom swap meet

Jim Rasey; Southington, OH 2. Russell King; Bristolville, OH 3. Brian Swartzlander; Leechburg, PA 4. Del Rougeux, Frenchville, PA 5.

yankee lake ballroom swap meet

Scott Bonnell; Girard, PA 2. Danny Holtgraver; Pittsburgh, PA 5.

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Jason Dolick; Coshocton, OH 9. Aaron Michael; Lititz, PA Jeff Sharp; Canfield, OH 3. Scott Jones; Vienna, OH 4. Joe Gabrielson; Bristolville, OH 5. Bob Diver; Canfield, OH 6. Alan Dellinger; Hermitage, PA 8. Arlan Coy; Salem, OH Brandon Spithaler Evans City, Pa; 2.

Jason Scoville Warren, OH 3. Nathan Stein; Waterford, PA 6.