10 and 11th doctor meet

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10 and 11th doctor meet

The Eleventh Doctor, perusing a copy of Advanced Quantum Mechanics, welcomes . He also intends to meet his death after using the Moment, not wishing to live . has their memories modified every day; the guard has been there ten years. The End of Time is a two-part story made up of the fourth and fifth of five special episodes of the At Naismith's mansion, the Doctor and Wilfred meet two Vinvocci disguised as humans, who assert the Gate is a harmless medical The Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) inspects his new body before realising he is crashing. As the Doctor is a time traveller he does indeed meet himself every so recently aired with Doctors 10 and 11 as well as the "War Doctor".

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Concurrently with the recording of the story, a music video was produced, featuring the cast, extras, crew and CGI Adiposeall lip-synching and dancing to the Proclaimers ' song, " I'm Gonna Be Miles ". Tennant appeared with each pair of featured actors, as well as with the Proclaimers themselves. Broadcast and reception[ edit ] Ratings[ edit ] Overnight ratings placed Part One as the third most watched programme of Christmas Day, behind EastEnders and The Royle Family with a provisional viewing figure of The episode achieved a This is the highest timeshift that the show has received since its revival the previous highest being When this figure is recognised, the program becomes the most watched of the week.

This makes The End of Time only the third instance in which the show has achieved such an honour in its extensive history.

10 and 11th doctor meet

After being resurrected temporarily by the Sisterhood of Karn in the aftermath of a spaceship crash, the Doctor is persuaded by the sisters to take action to end the Time War, offering him a selection of potions to control his regeneration.

In the midst of the Time War between the Time Lords and the Daleks, the War Doctor — an incarnation of the Doctor about years younger than the Eleventh Doctor — decides to trigger an ancient and sentient weapon called the Moment to destroy both sides.

The Moment's humanoid interface shows what the War Doctor's future would be after the Time Lords are destroyed but the Doctor survives.

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Inthe Zygons enter three-dimensional paintings made with the Time Lords' stasis cubes, and go into suspended animation to emerge in the present. UNIT head Kate Stewart starts a countdown for a nuclear warhead beneath the Tower that will destroy the advanced technology along with London.

10 and 11th doctor meet

The countdown is stopped and all present negotiate a peace treaty. The War Doctor, convinced that detonating the Moment will save many more lives in the longer term, is returned to his time.

The other two Doctors follow him with the intention of helping him detonate the Moment.

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When Clara Oswald insists they do not destroy their people, the Doctors devise an alternative solution. The Doctors, aided by ten of their other incarnations, plan to use the stasis technology to freeze Gallifrey in a pocket universe.

When Gallifrey disappears, the surrounding Dalek warships would obliterate themselves in the inevitable crossfire. She nearly succeeds using a kiss of poisoned lipstick before Amy convinces her to save his life instead.

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The Doctor also learns the circumstances of his death from historical records on a time-travelling shape-shifting robot ship called the Teselecta. Some time passes before the Doctor is ready to confront his death.

In " The Wedding of River Song ", he devises an escape by concealing himself within the Teselecta, which is disguised to look like him, to make it seem he is shot and burned as history records. In a doomed alternate reality caused by River's reluctance to shoot the Doctor, the two become married; during the ceremony, she is let in on the Doctor's original plan and helps fake and corroborate his death.

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The Doctor is then warned by his old friend Dorium Maldovar Simon Fisher Becker that more prophecies still concern him. The Doctor learns he will be asked the oldest question in the universe, "Doctor who?

They unite again in the Series 7 premiere " Asylum of the Daleks "in which the Doctor is erased from the Daleks' memory banks due to the actions of Oswin Oswald Jenna-Louise Colemana young woman turned Dalek who had retained her human mind; she subsequently dies.

10 and 11th doctor meet

The Doctor then takes Amy and Rory on several adventures, eventually taking them back on as full-time companions in " The Power of Three " before losing them during the events of " The Angels Take Manhattan ". Mid-adventure, Clara dies, and when the Doctor sees her tombstone, reading "Clara Oswin Oswald", he realises that Oswin and Clara are the same woman in different moments of time.

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He resolves to find her again in another era. He takes her as his companion and attempts to solve the mystery of "the Impossible Girl". The Doctor eventually gets his answer in " The Name of the Doctor " when he is forced by the Great Intelligence to go to Trenzalore, revealed to be planet on which the Doctor will die. Within the Doctor's tomb, the Great Intelligence uses the dead Doctor's remnants—his disembodied "timestream"—to spread himself across the Doctor's history, turning his victories into defeats.

Clara pursues him and is scattered throughout the Doctor's timeline creating Oswin Oswald and Clara Oswin Oswald among numerous other incarnations who undo the Great Intelligence's work.

The Doctor has a mournful conversation with River's apparition, giving her closure before entering the timeline to retrieve Clara. However, once he saves her, the Doctor is forced to reveal the existence of a previous incarnation John Hurt who broke the promise represented by the name "Doctor" during the Time War of his past.

10 and 11th doctor meet