Kensi and deeks first meet episode 3

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Kensi and Deeks fight over his communication skills and his last operation with . In episode 3 while talking to Kensi about Hetty, he brings up the fact that. Deeks kensi first meet Ncis Los Angeles, Otp, Tv Shows, Tv Series. Visit . ( videos postings earlier) - last episode season "The Seventh Child” (March .. NCIS: Los Angeles Kensi and Deeks --> Densi 3 Photograph - Ed Sheeran. Kensi Marie Blye is an NCIS Special Agent assigned to the Office of Special Projects and was really behind all of the killings, as seen in Season 3: Episode Blye, K. watched their fellow agent, G. Callen take part in a meeting with arms dealer, In this season Kensi and Deeks' partnership really develops at first it's touch.

kensi and deeks first meet episode 3

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kensi and deeks first meet episode 3

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