Relationship between goku and chichi lemons

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relationship between goku and chichi lemons

Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance - Goku, Chi-Chi - Chapters: 5 Okay, so he was naive and he lived in the forest with his grandpa, who. This fanfiction contains a sex scene, and so is rated M. Please heed first few years of their marriage, she'd always wondered if somehow "Sorry, Chi-Chi," Goku said, causally strolling into the kitchen to lean on the bench. G/CC tale with lemon. I met the challenge--Goku and Chi Chi CAN be sexy! Warnings: None really, except that this fic contains a scene of Goku having explicit.

He wouldn't eat, all he would do was stay locked up in his room and study…willingly!! He said it was better that he studied all the time so he wouldn't have to think about it. It killed me to see him like that. I never let him see me cry because I had to be strong for him. But I was no better. Not just the fact that you died, but what hurt me the most, is that you didn't want to come back. And I started thinking to myself, was I the reason you didn't want to come back?

Its not that I didn't want to come back, Its just that I figured that since I was the reason for all the evil coming and threatening earth, that it was best that I stay gone" Goku said in a low tone.

They know you have the power to defeat them so they try and fail to get you out of the way. But since you weren't around its just easy access. I always felt safe when you were around. Whenever you held me, I felt so safe and secure, that nothing could tear us apart, but obviously I was wrong!

I didn't really know who to call so I called Bulma and told her about my pregnancy. She was happy and concerned. She insisted that I let her help me through the pregnancy and everything.

I did cause she wouldn't take no for an answer. She called me like every day to see how I was. I didn't tell Gohan until I was 3 months when I wasn't so emotional.

When I was 5 months I became ill.

relationship between goku and chichi lemons

The doctors placed me on bed rest. Bulma, Gohan, and even Vegeta of all people made me stay at Capsule Corp. Bulma threw me this huge baby shower and she invited everyone we knew. Later at the party, I went into labor. Would you believe that Vegeta delivered the baby? How much he missed. The image of Vegeta delivering a baby…he couldn't help but laugh.

I thought about you and Gohan every day. I wanted to come back but I thought that I would risk putting you in danger. I came back today, and when I saw you, it took everything in me not grab you right then. When I saw Gohan and how much he's grown, I mean shit he's taller than me!

And when I saw Goten, my heart sank. To know that I missed out on your pregnancy, the birth of my second son. His first steps, his first words I hate that I missed it. Our anniversaries, Birthday's, Christmas's, and everything else. How much I miss you all the time? Then again, why should you? All I am to you is the bitch who forced you to marry me! I didn't say that Chichi! All you care about is eating and fighting! You don't care about me at all! The second you see me, you act as if you want to be else where!

You don't even want to spend time with me on your only day on Earth! Why the hell are we even still married?! The only thing you probably enjoy getting from me is sex!

She just sat on the her part of the bed, crying away as Goku tried to calm her down. After all failed, he just put his arms around her and held onto her tightly as she cried on his shoulder. He was quite surprised that she didn't bother to push him away. Also you're smart, you're funny, you're amazing A smile spread across her features, her heart lifted immediately and two, small tears of happiness, escaped her swollen eyes.

He knew his poor wife was now reasurred and all that mattered to him was that she was happy. She sighed contently and just stayed inside his arms for the next few minutes, not wanting to let go. Her hand traced it's way along his muscular back, making small circular motions. I want to be sure that you know I love you It's just the way things are.

Every time I close my eyes, you're there.

ChiChi & Goku True Love Never Dies

I miss you so much that it hurts me just like it does to you. No one's ever made me feel the way I feel with you. Those caring, loving, dark eyes The kiss deepened as Chichi welcomed Goku's toung into her mouth, massaging hers against his. Her hands ran down to his shirt, pulling it up and breaking apart from their kiss to pull it off his head.

Goku looked at her curiously. And I have been dreaming of this night for a long time Chichi pulled off Goku's pants, now leaving the two in only undergarments. Goku pulled Chichi towards him, allowing her to straddle above him. His lips latched onto the side of her neck, sucking gently on her tanned skin. His arms held onto her small form tightly, not wanting to waste these precious moments.

A small moan escaped her lips, her hands running through his black hair. She tilted her head back, arching slightly against him. The feel of his lips His fingers fumbled with her bra, unclapsing the white clothing and throwing her strapless bra aside. He stared in wonder as her breasts lay before him like some forbidden treasure. Her beautiful pink nipples hardened from the cool air of the Son home, her breasts heaving a little forward with every breath.

His hands held onto her but his lips left her neck, delicately licking the cave between her breasts. He kissed along the sides, the top, and the bottom of her breasts, tormenting his poor wife. Then, he kissed the tip of her right nipple, hearing his wife's breath begin to quicken. He made his desent again, this time gently suckling her, causing to breath faster.

She was so close. The feel of him sucking and slurping, the working of his lips and tongue on her centre was too much to bear. He licked and nibbled and sucked on her engorged flesh, always coming back to a small hard nub covered in flesh.

When Goku moaned against her, his fingers digging into her thighs, Chi-Chi arched against the table. He smirked against her, watching her body arch and fall in rapid pants from under his eyelashes.

He usually liked to watch her come while she was under him, but he began stroking her faster with his tongue and felt her fingers grip his skull almost painfully, tugging at his hair.

His wife let out a beautiful moan of his name and then a strangled scream and he watched her hands release his hair and fly to cover her eyes as she cried out into the empty house. He stood back up, looming hauntingly over her.

His tongue darted out and licked her off his lips.

Her chest and face was flushed red, and her skin was covered in a sheen of sweat that made her glitter in the dark room.

Goku grinned and crawled on top of his wife, hearing the table groan in protest, before he kissed her lazily. Chi-Chi whimpered and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling her boneless body up as Goku rose to his feet. Goku held her nude body against him with a strong hand against her lower back. Her hand travelled down his back soothingly, before travelling over the junction of his hip and thigh before grasping his erection and giving a few gentle tugs.

Goku gasped and felt his knees weakened. That feeling doubled when Chi-Chi moved her hand and he let out a strangled moan.

Goku x Chichi Moments Part 1

His little wife smiled at him mischievously. His voice was croaky. It sounded foreign and far away. Chi-Chi took hold of him again and didn't waste any time sliding her hand up and down.

She saw his Adam's Apple bob up and down as he swallowed thickly. Goku closed his eyes tightly and took a deep breath out. Just remembering Christmas with his own hand had him doubling over in seconds, not to mention Chi-Chi's hand. He tried to think of something else other than what was happening down below.

That thing Master Roshi did with his hands as breasts, and the noises he made as he shook his head between his hands. Yeah, that did it. No sooner had Goku stopped her hands by arresting her wrists, Chi-Chi found herself on the top of the lounge, delicately balancing with Goku's hand steadying her on the small of her back.

His pace was hurried and hard, since he was close and Chi-Chi had already gotten her just desserts. He'd noticed the look in her eye — the only thing he could be tortured with was a withdrawal of food or a withdrawal of sex and he knew he had to take back control if he wanted any hopes of completion in the near future. He knew from past experiences that Chi-Chi knew all the tricks to drive him wild, but prevent him from not quite getting there.

When she'd offered the gift she'd given him for Christmas, he shivered in anticipation before realising she'd leave him on the edge with that one as well. Red scratches appeared on his shoulder blades, but as soon as they were made, they disappeared. Goku panted and furrowed his brow. God, he was so close.

A grunt escapes his lips as he pounded into her mercilessly. Her husband always got hotter when they made love, more than what was naturally expected. If she opened her eyes now she was sure she'd see his aura rise and form a peak above them, but they were screwed shut tightly in intense pleasure. Chi-Chi threw her head back in abandon, letting her hair cascade down her back as her husband grew frantic.

A few more grunts and he had that sweet release into her warm body, and leisurely pumped out the end of his moment into her before withdrawing and stumbling into her embrace.

Chi-Chi panted and hugged her sweaty, exhausted husband. She pushed his fringe out of his face and smiled as Goku trembled all over. It was dark inside, and their clothes were outside, so they rested against the back of the lounge, looking at the scene of passionate destruction in front of them.

Picture frames had been knocked off the wall and smashed on the floor from where Goku had thrown Chi-Chi against the wall outside. A chair had fallen over in the kitchen, and their dinner was sitting cold in a wok on the stovetop.

relationship between goku and chichi lemons

As if on cue, Goku's stomach growled. It was almost eight o'clock. Chi-Chi snuggled into her husband's body heat, running her hands over his pectorals. If there was one thing his karate-bum lifestyle was good for, it was his body Chi-Chi nuzzled Goku's throat. They should have a bath together, thought Chi-Chi. A nice warm bath, and then they could retire early to bed. Yeah, that would be great. He looked back at his wife and gave a smirk, tying an apron around his nude body when the oil began to spit at him.

Chi-Chi stared at his ass while he warmed up the food, her legs feeling like jelly by the lounge. Chi-Chi gaped, sorely missing his body heat but at the same time, enjoying the view.