Relationship between nutrition health and safety

The Importance of Nutrition in Early Childhood Development

relationship between nutrition health and safety

Child Health, Safety, and Nutrition . National Association for the Education of Young Children. . nutrition and eating habits in children is from the fact that obstacles to god nutrition among children such as peer pressure. Chapter 1 & 2 Topics. Chapter 1: The Interrelationship between Health, Safety and Nutrition. Factors affecting health, safety and nutrition; The teacher's role. General Course Title: Health, Safety and Nutrition needs of children at various ages and evaluate the relationship between healthy development and nutrition.

At least one of the activities should involve gross-motor locomotor skills, and another should involve fine-motor manipulative skills.

Remember, the activities you recommend should be developmentally appropriate, which includes noncompetitive. There are various ways that adults can assist their children to develop good fitness habits. For example, they can teach children to walk or cycle instead of using the car to school, getting off a bus, train or tram earlier and walking the rest of the distance home. Adults should limit the time children spend watching television and take breaks to play or move around.

Parents can help children develop healthy fitness activities by giving children fitness-oriented gifts such as hula-hoop or mini-trampoline, which encourage movement.

Health, Safety and Nutrition

Parents can encourage fitness in children by making domestic chores fun. Singing silly songs and making funny faces and movements with children when washing dishes or cleaning the house are some the ways to encourage fitness and making chores fun. Parents can finally encourage healthy fitness activities and lifestyle by being role model of fitness such as following a structured fitness program.

relationship between nutrition health and safety

This will inspire and encourage children to do the same Robertson, Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body; it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity. Kennedy Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it. According to Robertsonhealth and well-being and physical activities should comprise the daily routine of children.

Research shows that obesity has the capacity to compromise the immune system and ability to fight infections and disease among children who do not engage in healthy fitness activities. Understanding a childs heredity can help determine the predisposition of health problems including heart disease, cancer, allergies, etc.

Environment can play an equally important part in a childs development. The environment includes physical, social, economic, and cultural factors. These factors often influence how children think, perceive, and act on certain situations in their surroundings. There are some positive environmental factors that can affect children such as good dietary habits, recreation with regular exercise and adequate rest, an access to medical and dental care, limited stress, and a safe and clean place for children, also opportunities to form stable and respectful relationships.

Childrens safety is very important. Safety is the behavior and practices that protect children from risks or injury. Controlling safe environments for children such as having developmentally appropriate equipment, will help prevent accidents.

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Even minor accidents have immediate effects on a childs health. It is imperative that adults scan the area of which children are to eliminate and put away hazardous materials out of reach of young children. So strict monitoring is needed. Another form of protection is setting rules and limitations. Rules help children to learn what is expected, and ensures safety.

Nutrition is defined as all processes used by a child to take in food and to digest it, absorb, transport, utilize, and excrete food substances.

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  • The Importance of Nutrition in Early Childhood Development

The substances found in foods are called nutrients. Eating food is a very important component of life.

relationship between nutrition health and safety

Eating proper foods that ensure good nutrients increases a childs energy, growth and development, normal behavior, resistance to illness and infection, and tissue repair. The intake of nutrients affects the behaviors of children. A child who is well nourished is usually more alert and attentive, and has better physical and learning experiences.