Relationship between private and public security

relationship between private and public security

Stage 1 is Denial in which police officers refuse to acknowledge that private security officers are a legitimate topic of discussion. Stage 2 is. University of Nairobi. The Relationship between Public and Private Security Providers: An Analysis of the Regulation of Private Security Providers in. Uganda. identifies three conceptions of the relation between public and private policing that In restricting the definition of policing to security, I am seeking to recognize .

relationship between private and public security

Normally public officers receive there pay from tax payers and are part of unions that back officers up. On the other hand private security officer can also avoid more serious liability issues, such as law suit due to someone constitutional rights, and injuries that they may have cause by passing them off to the company they work for due to the companies policy. Over the recent years there has been major increases within the hiring of private security officer compared to using local public law officer.

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It is becoming a huge trend to hire local private security to protect CEOs, political figures, and celebrity figures. They are now using private security companies to be personal protection which are subcontracted out to these individual in need of security.

relationship between private and public security

They important people have hired these personal security guards to protected them and also there assets. The small business have also started hiring private security officers to protected them and their assets You use to see Local law enforcement patrolling private property or parking lots but now you have private security taking over those roles.

Relationship between Private and Public Police Essay

You also have private security such as shopping malls, casinos, and even airports have hired private security officers to protected the business assets. This is not just happening with security guards you also have private investigators who have started taken over the local law enforcement role in investigating murders, rapes, and abductions.

Due to not enough funding for public law enforcement, companies like Target have open up their own investigation center that investigate crimes with in there company without having local law enforcement do it for them.

relationship between private and public security

Private security companies can now investigate crimes side by side with the police department and also work longer on the case compared to the police department because of funding. It serves to provide security to the citizens of a country, public departments or institutions etc.

relationship between private and public security

The guards provided by the Public Security are given discretion to arrest any offender if necessary. These gunners are authoritative and can make decisions on their own.

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Since the Public Security is run and funded by the government, the officers are always accountable in front of the higher authorities as well as to the public. Their first and foremost concern and duty is to ensure the protection of the civilians.

relationship between private and public security

Advertisement Definition of Private Security Private Security is a privately own security service and is neither run nor funded by any government department. The guards usually trained with limited skills of protecting.

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Their main concern is to protect whatever they are directed or ordered by their owner. As they are not funded or supported by any government institution, they are neither accountable to government nor to any citizen other than the one who hires them.

Privately Security persons are devoid of power and authority to detain anyone and their power is limited.