Relationship between sissy and brandon

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relationship between sissy and brandon

Brandon and Sissy are coping with a similar trauma. Sissy is an extrovert. A performer. Brandon reveals less of himself to the people around. The movie concerns Brandon's relationship with his younger sister, Sissy, an alcoholic up-and-coming singer with a depressive streak. Sissy. I think that naked scene is about her trying to be seen. She wants to hold onto some sort of dynamic they had, as children, and forge a new relationship and try to.

He goes right back to the porn, of course. He and his boss, David, go out to pick up chicks at a bar, and while the oafish David embarrasses himself by trying too hard, Brandon scores a dirty alleyway? Sissy in a nutshell. Sissy and I have the same reaction to that. She points out that she has called him many times.

They have a bit of a laugh over the mix up, she insults his shampoo, and he tells her not to use all of the towels. R u srs rn? He softens a little at this expression of sisterly love and then tells her to lock the door next time.

Shame Film by Steve McQueen T.V Scene with Brandon and Sissy. Fassbender. Carey Mulligan.

These people need to take their own advice. Her nakedness is symbolic of her vulnerability, and it represents how open she is with Brandon, how exposed she allows herself to be with him.

And how she is as a person. When it came to this, it just seemed so obvious that she is the sort of person who would have no trouble being naked in front of any family member, especially not her brother. More than anything, she wants someone to acknowledge and help her.

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Which is to say, he sees her completely. He sees all of her scars and all of her flaws. Brandon hesitates for a minute once he is outside the bathroom, having closed the door behind him.

relationship between sissy and brandon

He just stands there, taking deep breaths. He might be able to ignore her messages but it shakes him up something crazy when he has to see her.

Brandon rejects emotion all day every day, so when he is confronted by it in the form of his sister, of course he has a reaction. He literally has to just stop for a few seconds to deal with it and get over it. I mean just look at his face while he is leaving the bathroom: But reading about this movie helped me to see it as much more than that.

As this reviewer put it: Just, briefly, the cessation of pain. And since Brandon has all of these ugly sex issues, that means Sissy may actually be the only woman he is capable of forming a real relationship and intimacy with. She may, literally, be the only woman for him.

He turns off the music. Then he glances over and sees her scarf.

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He picks it up with the bat, frowns at it, then lets it slide down the bat into his hand. He runs his fingers along it, then lifts it up to his nose and smells it, closing his eyes. The first time I saw this movie, that was the one part that really stood out to me. The way he smells her scarf you can tell that he loves her deeply, and has missed her, and needs her.

There is no one else.

Character Analysis: Michael Fassbender’s Brandon in SHAME

I can stay with you. I love you so much. I love you, please. Please, I feel sick. I feel really sick. She needs everything from this guy, which is reflected in her intense language.

His masculine impotence is attractive to her. He is not mean. Her brother, on the other hand, seems to be the only parent on whom it is safe for her to rely.

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And when he no longer offers safe harbor, that is when she attempts suicide. The vagaries around the multiple scenes involving this are where I would suggest a lot of the mystery in the film is… not with his relationship with his sister.

No question that she stirs the pot and changes this moment in his history. But his story is mostly his own. One could argue that he is heading for bottom at that moment and with his actions afterwards. Again, an interesting conversation. He might be ready to seek some real help though. So in conclusion, for now, I think that both or either sib might have been molested as a child.

But the more central theme seems to be about control and an abusive male parent.

Confessions Of A Movie Geek: 'Shame' analysis

She hides from that power. He embodies that power and then some. He is in extreme control. She has no self-control. I see them as opposite reactions to a similar abuse. Obviously, there can be many variations on this notion. I have heard the arguments. If you strongly believe that there is an argument that incest occurred in this film, I would love to hear the argument. I truly welcome discussion on this. And no doubt, the blonde in the sports car at the beginning of the film will proudly tell her girlfriends the tale of the beautiful man who took her under the bridge.

And I would agree that serial date George Clooney is probably not a sex addict, though a fear of having intimacy withdrawn seems pretty obvious.

Flip side, scared, needy, boundary-challenged women and men, for that matter are hardly a rarity and no one is going to want to identify with Sissy. So something extraordinary must have happened to them. As things go, I happen to know quite a lot on this subject. I have had friends in program who shared a lot of it with me. I have had friends who went through incest and the emotional waves left behind are not subtle, no matter how well covered.

Every story is different. However, I've witnessed many an actor or actress rise above mediocre material and I expected that if Shame turned out to be a subpar film, Fassbender still could deliver a superb performance.

Unfortunately, thespians can do only so much with scripts as aimless, pointless and devoid of meaning as Shame. While Fassbender lets it all hang out in service to this lackluster screenplay, Carey Mulligan delivers the film's best performance, far better than Shame deserves, as Fassbender's character's sister.

Fassbender plays Brandon Sullivan, an Irish transplant to the U. For what kind of business, it's never clearly stated, but it allows Brandon enough free time to leave the office for hours during the day to go to a hotel and have vigorous sex with multiple women.

Now, sometimes Brandon does have to stay in the office. You might not be able to smoke inside public buildings in New York anymore, but masturbation breaks seem to be OK. At night, Brandon occasionally carouses with his married boss, David Fisher James Badger Dalewho doesn't even try to hide his adultery from his employees. However, when loads of particularly nasty paid porn sites turn up on the hard drive of Brandon's work computer, Fisher immediately assumes that someone has hacked into Brandon's account or been using his computer when Brandon isn't there.

relationship between sissy and brandon

Based on the portrait painted in Shame, it seems that nearly all currently living in New York — including the women — carry attitudes toward sex that's more likely to be found in year-old boys, only real year-olds aren't getting laid at this high a percentage and the teens probably display more maturity and hold fewer fears of long-lasting relationships. Yes, I understand that Brandon is a sex addict, but the screenplay by director McQueen and Abi Morgan may depict the life of a sex addict but it never deals with the subject of sex addiction.

Imagine a film about a heroin addict and the entire movie consists of the addict shooting up or snorting the drug, showing little in the way of consequence and no discussion of the addiction before the film finishes.

That's almost what Shame amounts to as a film. Hell, the TV sitcom Cheers treated sex addiction more seriously and with laughs when in a later season Sam sought treatment for it. The film's complication, i. Brandon's complication, stems from the arrival of his estranged younger sister, Sissy Mulliganwho crashes at Brandon's apartment because she and her boyfriend are on the outs. Her arrival, according to the production notes and a couple of dialogue scenes inserted to break up the monotony of Brandon's boffing, throws his world into "chaos.

What also upsets Brandon is that Sissy gets a booking to sing at a New York club, which Brandon's boss David hears about, forcing Brandon to reluctantly accompany Fisher to see her show.