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Sunday, February 10, Slippery Rock University "All Comer" Meet - AM. ​. Saturday, February 16, TSTCA Indoor Track and Field Championships. Feb 16, For Sale: Honda GLAN GOLDWING ASPENCADE Reduced to $ Coudersport Gospel Tabernacle Service Schedule. Get your free-forever account! Offering team management tools for coaches, meet registration for all, training tools for athletes, unlimited stats for parents & fans.

Matsumoto, David, and Michel Brousse. Judo in the United States: A Century of Dedication. Baseball and Masculinity at Tule Lake University of Illinois Press, The Wat Misaka Story.

ReImagined World Entertainment, The Meaning of Ichiro: Okumura born in Kochi on the island of Shikoku. According to Nakagawa, he learned the game in from his American schoolteacher.

Five years after immigrating to Honolulu, Reverend Takie Okumura established the first Japanese-American baseball squad, the Excelsiors in In Hawai'i the Japanese experienced racism and discrimination on the plantations, but they also built communities based on racial solidarity, coalitions with other ethnic groups, and formed an "American identity" with baseball, which also served to heal intra-prefecture tensions carried over from Japan.

In the s, Rev. Chimpei Goto organized baseball teams in Oahu specifically to aid immigrants from Okinawa, an island prefecture located some miles south of the main Japanese islands, who were seen as "impure" because most were not pious Buddhists: They faced discrimination by whites and by other Japanese.

For more information on baseball in Japan and Hawaii see: Japanese Immigrants in Hawaii Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press: Par 27," Tanforan Totalizer, August 1,4.

Louis Fiset, Camp Harmony: In Rohwer, baseball diamonds were "set amid thousands of acres of recovered swamplands. Gotham, This was not the last time Japanese inmates challenged the MP at Rohwer. For information on the Minidoka baseball squad, see: Finally, for information Tule Lake see: An interesting note, the Dispatch had the wrong team name for Klamath Falls in two papers, May 21 and on May 25, but by May 28, The letter was originally sen to Mr. In it Rickey stated: Holland, We will be most happy to have any boys that you might recommend in our baseball camps this summer if any of these boys have sufficient ability to play professional baseball, we will, of course, recommend them just as we would any other young man.

The fact that these boys are American boys is good enough for the Brooklyn Club. Whether they are of Japanese, English, or of Polish ancestry makes no difference to us and I know that these boys would be treated with the greatest courtesy and respect.

Unfortunately, I am afraid that the camps which we run this summer will not be too close to McGehee, Arkansas. Our nearest camp may be in Oklahoma somewhere around the latter part of August. There may also be a possibility that later in the summer we may conduct a camp at Little Rock, Ark. At any rate, if any of the boys are able to attend any of these camps we would be more than happy to have them.

Very Truly yours, Branch Rickey Jr. For other examples please see: The following are examples of articles in the camp papers and represent a very small sample size.

Male sports writers were not kind to "girls" who played sports, an example of this is "Dust and Desert," Poston Chronicle, June 20,4. Others, like Gila River and Granada made women's sports programs visible, see: For images of women and sports, see: Nakagawa, Through a Diamond, In an interview with Hugo Nishimoto, internee and manager of the Placer-Hillman Squad, Tule Lake ofNakagawa notes, "Jerseys were ordered from Sears and Roebuck and one of the fellows stenciled in the name.

The pants were potato sacks that came from the farm Within Six weeks the popularity of the sport drew in over participants with more men, women and children on the waitlist for gis, see: Martial Arts of the World: Svinth, and For another example in the assembly centers, see: A small sample of additional articles: Joe Yasutake, "Activities in Crystal City internment camp: Japanese inmates used the term "marathon," in a more liberal fashion as this course was a "grueling five miles up and down the Castle Rock.

PF Flyer had its earliest roots firmly planted in with a band called Paragon. Drummer Dave Foote, guitarist Kurt Thomas, keyboardist Lance Eastman, and bassist Rod Shaffer played together for the better part of a year before they decided to take a break. During this time, Shaffer moved out of the area, leaving Eastman, Thomas, and Foote facing an uncertain future. The trio hoped to continue playing together, but they needed to find someone who could assume bass-playing duties.

And so it happened in the fall of that Eastman contacted bassist Gordon Jesberger. Jesberger was then a member of 'The Late Show', a band based out of Bradford, Pennsylvania, but he readily agreed to join Thomas, Eastman, and Foote in this new endeavor.

Word of mouth quickly helped them build a solid reputation among the Pennsylvania club circuit. As with any venture, there were growing pains. Dave Foote left the band in late to pursue a personal business interest. He was replaced by Kevin Dippold. Don Strandberg became the third drummer to join PF Flyer. The dance-pop format on which the band had been built was slowly pushed to a more classic rock format.

The change was beneficial; the band grew in popularity and drew a large following wherever they played. In the spring ofDon Strandberg left the band.

Kevin Dippold, who had been playing with The Things, agreed to return. The boys never missed a beat. They continued to explore new venues, which expanded their following. Best of luck Kori, we know you will do well in whatever endeavor you undertake With the introduction of Kori to Wyoming Technical Institute, DTL also participated in a number of events in Laramie. Bradley stole the show with his Honda Accord, running a screaming 18 second pass, the slowest vehicle in his class and winning Street Class at the Saturday event, and earning the runner-up trophy on Sunday.

Bradley proved the point that the driver and a consistent vehicle make the difference; the fastest vehicle in a class does not always translate into a win. Also Dakota earned the semi-final trophy on Saturday with his Camaro, and Mark won the semi-final trophy on Sunday with his Mustang.

A special thank you goes to Brian and Ben for their assistance with photos, and providing information from the starting line. Bailey and Cameron were interested in learning about racing and later on, what they could do to help with the DTL program.

Bailey and Cameron purchased an older race vehicle, a Malibu wagon, and had quite a successful year.

2018 WCCA Track and Field Championships

The first few races the boys participated in they won trophies. DTL is very envious, but ever so proud of their accomplishments. It is a testament to the entire community.

In addition, they encouraged their high school to invite DTL to present a program to the student body. Throughout the presentations at each of the schools the students demonstrated that hope for us all is ever present, and in our future.

These folks made all the programs and presentations at wonderful success. Other racers and track staff who have donated time at the track, used slicks and parts as give-a-ways include: When time permits, take a look at the DTL website and view some of the racers and their vehicles. As we tell the kids in the program, you cannot be successful in any endeavor without the help of others. Without the financial and emotional support of the DTL Team individuals, businesses, advertisers and supporters, we would not be able to accomplish our goals and meet the needs of the program.

Included is the financial breakdown for each year, following the list of supporters. The Drag To Learn…? Mix-Up Day at West Elementary was an exciting experience to meet and share with new friends. The students were grouped at random and discussed different topics of the day. A few the questions produced surprising answers.

Each racer was given a series of time-trials, running as fast as possible, with the field being limited to 32 race vehicles, which ran a similar elapsed time. The competition and time-trials took place over two days August 8 and 9culminating in a run-off of the 32 chosen race vehicles.

DTL missed the selection by an approximate two-tenths of a second.

Drag To Learn | About Us

This is a guess and based upon the vehicles that made the final selection. The event was very interesting, with a few minutes of super exciting tension, followed by frustration and chaos, followed by lengthy stages of waiting. Because of the extremely busy schedule this year, the idle time became an important time to reconnect to those closest to the program! The recent experiences of Pinks All-Out laid the groundwork for a successful event. We had a rewarding event, reaching the final eleven in Pro ET, while posting two of the best runs for the event.

During the second round, our reaction time was a perfect. During the fourth round, we posted a. It is all up to each individual, no excuses!! If you are individual or business that would be interested in being a part of the league, call Will DeRyk or Mark Knickerbocker for more details and how you can make this program a success! To date we have delivered seven programs, participated in seven promotional events, and had ten participants at the track during the first four race weekends.

800m PA Meet of Champions 2013

In total, Drag To Learn…? The participants were divided into six teams, with a parent volunteer to help to supervise. Each team was responsible for maintaining their car, keeping the equipment and batteries in top order, and working together to race each event. Each class would compete in two qualifying heats, to be placed in the final race of each evening. At the conclusion of each race evening, the kids were recognized and given ribbons for their placing in each class.

Throughout the season, points were awarded for race placing, resulting in season awards, which were presented to the individual and team winners of each class. Because of the success of the student league, two Super Saturday Events were hosted by the league, with adult and student racers from around southeast Wyoming.

What a fantastic experience, what great young people, and what wonderful volunteers to make it all happen. Special recognition to a few of the folks who made all this possible: For more information and photos from the activities, check out the website listed above, or go to the Drag To Learn…? The reception from the kids and staff was second to none.

We were joined by a special guest, Dave Burch from Casper brought his fast hot rod Chevelle to both schools and helped with the presentations. In addition, we had a nice surprise the Casper Star-Tribune sent reporters out to see the program, and wrote a nice front page article about DTL, which created interest in the Lander area for a program this fall. We handed out hero cards, stickers, pens and other gifts to the spectators at the race. As in the past under the leadership of Julie Balzan, Wade Ward and Dean Finnerty, the students were great listener and participants.

The kids received a taste of the long hours and hard work that is required to race and be successful. While attending the event we were able to enjoy our evening meal with a DTL racer from the Lusk area and NEA college scholarship winner, Cameron Brown and his parents. You can see their photos and cars on the Drag To Learn…?

Thanks helping out with this event! What an honor to be with the amazing group of young men. Craig Kenyon from Air National Guard, for their assistance with the program. We did not experience great success on the track, but we had a great time with new racer friends.