Die hard trilogy ending a relationship

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die hard trilogy ending a relationship

Check out our in-depth Die Hard interviews here. moment at the end, and his relationship with Bruce Willis during the production. /Film: Your. Die Hard, the fifth in this series of films with increasingly outlandish action care about their protagonists so much as see them through to the end. a failing marriage, Die Hard opens with McClane reluctantly arriving for a. Forget debating whether or not Die Hard is a Christmas movie. elements: Holiday Setting, Family Values, Emotional Impact, and a Happy Ending. And nothing helps save a relationship more than having to save your wife from a ( Assuming you ignore the rest of the Die Hard series where they ultimately get divorced.).


McClane then asks Simon some riddles similar to the ones he played in New York. When Simon gets a riddle wrong, McClane forces him at gunpoint to fire the launcher, which fires the rocket through Simon, killing him.

die hard trilogy ending a relationship

McClane had been wearing a flak jacket which was the answer to the final riddle: In the DVD audio commentary, screenwriter Jonathan Hensleigh claims that this version was dropped because the studio thought it showed a more cruel and menacing side to McClane, a man who killed for revenge rather than in self-defense.

The studio was also displeased with the lack of action in the scene, feeling that it did not fit as a "climax" and therefore chose to reshoot the finale as an action sequence at a significant monetary cost. Hensleigh's intention was to show that the events in New York and the subsequent repercussions had tilted McClane psychologically.

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This alternative ending, set some time after the film's main events, would have marked a serious break from the Die Hard formula, in which the plot unfolds over a period of roughly 12 hours.

According to the DVD audio commentary, a second alternative ending had McClane and Carver floating back to shore on a makeshift raft after the explosion at sea. It is, however briefly, a movie about husbands and wives. In a well-played early scene, John and Holly realize how much they've missed each other before old arguments take over their conversation. Their attempt at reconciliation isn't given as much time as the terrorist killing, of course, but it's there in the background, motivating McClane's every action.

Without it, Die Hard would be about a businesswoman killed in a terrorist attack while her estranged husband watched from the East Coast.

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More Titles for the Die Hard Franchise Continue Reading The appearance of those terrorists — or thieves disguised as terrorists, as it turns out — brings all talk to a halt. The rest of the film finds McClane fighting not just to save himself or rescue the hostages but also to save his wife and keep his family together. To the film's credit, those loved ones feel integral rather than like devices added in to raise the stakes of the action — like all the suckers who made the mistake of befriending Charles Bronson in Death Wish movies.

As Adam Kempenaar, host of the Filmspotting podcast, noted in recent reappraisal, McClane's a tough guy but one who's always playing at being tougher than he really is. Did you understand that was part of what you guys were doing outside of Nakatomi Plaza at the time? I actually just was doing what the director told me to do because it was my first big movie role.

Were you able to lock into your character and understand him right away? I know sometimes it takes a little while to ease into a portrayal. John McTiernan has talked about how important it was for the relationship between McClane and the villains to be very serious, and for the humor to exist on the periphery.

What do you remember about filming the comedic sequences with the police chief and the FBI agents?

die hard trilogy ending a relationship

Was it surprising to see that idea become even more relevant in recent years? Yeah, when I was doing it, Powell shooting a kid was an important thing for me.

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I wanted to make sure that people got that, and they did. It was interesting for a cop to admit that at the time, and John McTiernan took a lot of time to make sure that part of the movie came out the way it did. A cop shooting a kid was a heavy thing, and I wanted to make sure that came across well. What was your relationship like with Bruce Willis while making this movie? Did you two do anything to build your camaraderie off screen?

die hard trilogy ending a relationship

I was very intimidated by him in the beginning. But he was very, very nice and very careful with my character, telling me what he wanted me to do.