King of swords tarot relationship reading

king of swords tarot relationship reading

A master of language read how the King of Swords can point to someone trying to get by with a silver tongue by, your source for psychic love. The King of Swords is a powerful card with powerful messages. Discover now how it can help you change your love life, career, and other life areas for the. READ NEXT: Queen of Pentacles Tarot Card and its Meaning. The King of Swords is usually a lawyer, a financial adviser, or a tax consultant.

2 Minute Tarot - King of Swords - Finding your Power and Using it to Manifest

If the King of Swords represents you, here it would be you as a student or perhaps prior to emigrating from your native land, mastering a mother tongue that you no longer use. In the present position, the King of Swords is especially potent.

Women who are developing a crush on one of their teachers inevitably see the King of Swords in this position. When he stands in front of the class and effortlessly lectures with expertise it is as if he rules all language and guides your mind in one direction as he guides your imagination somewhere else.

This can also be a person with whom you work closely who is assisting getting you through a tough time by offering sound advice. Many times we ignore the analysis of a well-intentioned friend only to regret not having followed a few wise words.

king of swords tarot relationship reading

The King of Swords lands here to remind you to respect the answers from an authority in your midst. If the King of Swords is actually you this indicates that what you have to say is important and you must speak up.

No matter if you are a computer programmer with the right code to perfect a system's architecture or an activist who knows how to speak truth to power, the King of Swords has the words and is compelled to use them.

king of swords tarot relationship reading

In the future position, the events of the present may be steering you toward an encounter with a person whose word is law. Perhaps the King of Swords is the judge who will be overseeing your child custody battle. In the future position, this card can represent a spouse or partner delivering an ultimatum in regards to some negative behavior of yours. If the King of Swords represents you when it is in this position, you are becoming a person to whom many people turn for advice or guidance.

Regardless of the position in which this card lands, there is both power and status that comes with being the King of Swords, but the responsibility of it all makes for a heavy crown. This king wears no jewelry, his garments are plain; there is no glamour besides the power of his poetry. They are called the Court Cards.

king of swords tarot relationship reading

When more than one Court Card appears in your Tarot reading, they instantly combine to tell a story even if they are placed far apart in different positions. If the King of Swords is you, the other Court Card represents the person on the receiving end of your silver tongue.

If the King of Swords is most definitely the other person, the character embodied by the Court Card representing you will most definitely be affected and influenced by the words and ideas of that person. Other Card Combinations When the King of Swords appears in a reading that features many other cards from the suit of Swords, the words of the King carry angry and confrontational overtones.

When there are many Cups in a reading with this card, the balance of logic and emotion gives a sense of hopefulness about resolution. Pentacles are cards representing material issues and money; surrounding this card indicates a discussion about money will be a memorable conversation.

The King of Swords Tarot Card

If you are going to see a financial advisor when a reading like this transpires, take very detailed notes. The King of Swords tarot wants you to be stern but remain fair.

Always make use of your strong logic and keen intellect. You have to get to the bottom of things with complete impartiality and great insight. This goes the same with the Two of Wands. He has amassed a substantial amount of knowledge in his field and will be able to provide objective and sound advice about your current situation.

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He is fair and factual. He will give you the facts straight and this will be coupled with his professional advice. The King of Swords tarot can also be an indication that you need to hire an expert to help you sort out a messy or confusing situation.

It can also mean that you need a powerful and authoritative figure to help you shed light on matters where you are too involved or too biased.

  • King of Swords Tarot Card and its Meaning

King of Swords Tarot and Love When it comes to love and relationships, the King of Swords tarot signifies that you must weigh the pros and cons. In a relationship setting, you can be getting a little too critical of your partner. In turn, he can be analyzing the situation way too much, or he can also be getting too controlling. You both are starting to ponder whether this relationship is good or bad for you, or if this can possibly lead to something serious.

Often times, the problem is nothing.

king of swords tarot relationship reading

Nothing that can kill the relationship or make you swear off love for good. But other times, it can signify the bigger and more serious issues in the relationship. If he tries to get to know you better, he sees something in you that he likes and will work his way to loving you.

King of Swords Tarot and its Meaning for Love, Money & Happiness

Not really the most romantic, but definitely holds promise! When the King of Swords tarot is in the reversed position, he becomes the bad guy.

He can be frustrating and stubborn in arguments, and his controlling behavior can reach extremes. He will suffocate you and leave you emotionally and physically stressed. King of Swords Tarot and Money When it comes to money and wealth, the King of Swords tarot indicates that there is a need for you to be educated about your money.

You must understand your financial situation and determine what steps you can take to solving it or improving it. It also signifies the need to be generous and charitable. Remember that whatever you give out to the universe, it will come back to you a hundredfold.