Merlin arthur fanfiction age difference in a relationship

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merlin arthur fanfiction age difference in a relationship

Hello everyone, I'm looking for two kinds of Merlin/Arthur fics and I hope you can rec Tags: category: fanfic (recs), pairing: merlin/arthur, theme: age difference. Comment: Oh, the PAIN in this fic: in the way Merlin and Arthur never quite acknowledge Details: Modern AU, Age-Difference!fic, Fluff/Angst/Pining. [ Note: There is no romantic/sexual relationship between the two when Merlin is underage.]. Merlin's been lying about his age to Arthur, who he's been flirting with online. There's a fairly big age difference, which you'll find out about right He could adjust his expectations for this relationship and be a friend to Merlin.

He was beautiful, and Arthur's breath caught in his throat. Then he was gone in a flash, turning and scurrying down the hallway before Arthur could protest.

He watched until Merlin disappeared down the staircase, then closed the door to his flat. Arthur didn't have the strength to move; he just leaned back against the front door and sighed. Instead of every other Saturday, it became every Saturday, and some Sundays. He would press his case, careful not to say anything outright, but making it clear that he was Arthur's for the taking, if only Arthur would make the first move. It was becoming increasingly difficult for Arthur to object.

Merlin wore his defences down one at a time, worming his way into Arthur's heart and Arthur's home. Just when Arthur started to tell himself that maybe, just maybe, it wouldn't be so bad to give in Merlin showed up at his door one Saturday morning and wouldn't look him in the eye.

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He didn't look up, just went straight to the kitchen and starting fumbling with the knobs on the cappuccino machine. He closed the door and followed Merlin to the kitchen to watch the boy measure out milk and coffee just like Arthur had taught him.

merlin arthur fanfiction age difference in a relationship

He turned out to be quite skilled at getting perfect foam, so Arthur let him take over the coffee-making duties most mornings. Arthur had been worried, and Merlin's behaviour was not making him feel any better. Come on," Arthur tried again, stepping closer so he could reach out and touch Merlin. He settled on the end of the couch where he always sat, but pulled his legs up in front of him and wrapped one arm around his knees.

merlin arthur fanfiction age difference in a relationship

Arthur sat closer than he normally would, but still left a foot of space between them. Talk to me, please? It's embarrassing," Merlin sighed. He finally lifted his big blue eyes to meet Arthur's. What I've been doing. Coming round here, pretending like I belong. Throwing myself at you. As if a man like you could ever, ever want Arthur was horrified as Merlin's body started to shake with the force of his sobs. He reached out to touch Merlin and the boy pulled away, sobbing harder. I'm sorry," Arthur said, his voice firmer as he folded Merlin into his arms.

He held Merlin for a few minutes, smoothing his hand over the boy's back and trying to soothe him. Merlin clung tightly to Arthur, and didn't pull away even when he tried to speak again. In the face of Merlin's sorrow, though, he felt he couldn't keep pretending not to be affected by the boy. I spend each week looking forward to your face at my door on Saturday morning. I mean, but just as a friend," Merlin said, sniffling.

How sweet and amazing and If you were a little older Arthur knew he should lie, or make up an excuse that might spare Merlin's feelings. He knew he should do something, anything to keep up the barriers he'd erected between them. Only for a few seconds, but long enough for Merlin to see the truth in his eyes. And then Merlin was kissing him, all messy and awkward and desperate. Long, thin fingers twined in Arthur's shaggy hair, holding him close, and Arthur Arthur let it happen.

He tried not to respond at first, tried to cling to the last vestiges of his restraint, but it all went to hell when Merlin moaned into his mouth.

That's when Arthur pulled the boy into his lap, urging him up and helping him arrange his long limbs around Arthur so their chests were pressed tightly together. Arthur took control of the kiss, too, cupping Merlin's cheeks in his hands and guiding him, slowing the pace of the kiss until it was less desperate and more sensual. When Merlin finally pulled away, gasping for breath, Arthur had forgotten every objection he had.

Merlin, we have to go slow," Arthur gasped, reaching down to try to steady the boy's hips. Some part of his brain was still functioning, reminding him that above all else, he needed to be careful with Merlin.

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Arthur tried to maintain control but all of Merlin's pent up desire was making the boy come undone, making him moan and writhe in Arthur's lap like he'd never been touched before. Dear God, Arthur thought.

He's never been touched before. Arthur's hands stroked up and down Merlin's sides, caressing him slowly, and Arthur thrilled at the boy's responding shivers and moans. Merlin started to grind down against him again, and Arthur knew he ought to stop it. He knew he shouldn't let things go so far without discussing boundaries with Merlin, without talking to him about responsibility first and making sure this was really what Merlin wanted.

But then Merlin shuddered in his arms, his whole body quaking as his hips twitched into Arthur's, and Merlin's head fell onto Arthur's shoulder. Arthur reached out to stop him, but Merlin stumbled down the hall and into Arthur's bathroom.

It was over so fast that Arthur barely had time to register it. Merlin had come in his trousers, just from a few minutes of kissing and grinding on Arthur's lap.

And he had run away. He turned the knob and let himself into the bathroom, finding Merlin sitting on the edge of his bathtub with his face in his hands. He kissed each of Merlin's denim-covered knees, then reached for his wrists and tugged his hands down gently. The boy was clearly mortified, his cheeks bright red. For turning me on? For being so turned on by me that you came? Don't be sorry for any of that. He pulled away and whispered to him, their lips still touching, "I'm going to remember that for the rest of my life.

You coming in my lap like that. It's the hottest thing that's ever happened to me. Arthur hadn't told anyone about Merlin, except Gwen. Gwen had been his fiercest friend since they were at school, but she wasn't afraid to call him out when he was in the wrong.

He told her about Merlin over pints and raised an arm to defend himself from anticipated blows when he finally let slip that their relationship had become physical. Put your hand down, mate. You're making a spectacle," she hissed, slapping at Arthur playfully. Sounds to me like Merlin was the one doing the seducing. Besides, I may not have any experience in your shoes, but I've been in his. He sat back down slowly and raised an eyebrow at his oldest friend, the girl he thought he knew everything about.

The physics teacher we had in sixth form? Was it while we were in school? Did you do it in the classroom? We only did it at his place. I never told you because it was just something private and very real to me, and I thought you'd give me a hard time.

My relationship with Lance was wonderful and I'm better for it. You're supposed to leave it better than you found it. But gradually, as it found its feet, Merlin stopped this listless wheel-spinning and started moving things on. Morgana, the previously insipid peripheral character, turned into Robert Smith from the Cure and kept trying to murder everyone. The Round Table was created. And at this precise moment in time, Merlin is better than it has ever been. It has moved on from its shaky start and transformed into a brilliant kind of Poundland Game of Thrones.

I assumed that there was so much more to look forward to. King Arthur's acceptance of sorcery. The quest for the Holy Grail.

Mordred's rise to power. The weirdly simultaneous decision, possibly reached at the end of a long night of drinking, that both Arthur and Merlin should see what they looked like with beards. We've only got five episodes left to fit all of that in, and then it'll be over. It all feels so premature. There are plenty of things that I'm going to miss about Merlin. You all assume that I am just after his money! Have any of actually given a thought to the fact that I see Arthur for himself and not for his money!

That I see him for the amazing, kind, generous, strong brilliant man that he is, even if he is a bit of an oblivious spoiled prat at times! I've had enough of everyone judging our relationship! And the only person that actually realises that its our relationship and not everyone else's and being supportive is Gwen! And that's only because the woman can't actually see the bad in anyone! So just butt out and leave us the fuck alone!

The silence after him was echoing, he didn't dare look at Arthur's face after he had spoken to his friends that way, he was probably going to be furious with him for snapping at them like that and embarrassing him.

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He slammed the bedroom door shut after himself and stormed over to the windows to yank the blinds and curtains shut before stripping his jeans off. He didn't know how long he had been lying curled up in a ball under the covers, his eyes closed as his head throbbed, frustrated tears were choking him up but he tried to fight them back feeling pathetic enough.

Then their bedroom door opened and he was able to recognise easily Arthur's footsteps making their way over to the bed. The mattress dipped when he sat down and there was silence for a few minutes before a hand rested on the lump of fabric that was his shoulder.

merlin arthur fanfiction age difference in a relationship

Why didn't you say how they were treating you? He stood and quickly made his way to their bathroom, the sound of muttered voices outside the bedroom door making Merlin childishly grab the covers and yank them back over himself, he could hear the anger in Arthur's tone and closed his eyes. This wasn't what he wanted, he didn't want Arthur to fall out with his friends because of him.

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Arthur was back pretty quickly, the covers being drawn back again as Arthur sat down and one of his migraine tablets with a large glass of water was help out to him. Arthur however ran his fingers gently through Merlin's hair before taking his chin and lifting it to make Merlin meet his eyes.

Speak to me," Arthur's words were demanding, but his tone and eyes were pleading, a mixture Merlin would never be able to resist. And that I could put up with, but the Freya 'expressed her concerns' as well. And then my mum called me, Will had called her up 'concerned' and told her that I was living with a thirty year old man, and he made it sound like you were mistreating me or something, so of course she was all worried and wouldn't listen to me when I tried to tell her what was going on and how I feel for you!

I just wanted to come home and sit with you but then they were here and they were making all their comments and I just…why can't everyone just leave us alone to our relationship! He blinked when he heard the sound of Arthur's clothes hitting the floor but before he could force his tired body to sit up Arthur had slipped into bed behind him and was tugging him against his body, reaching over to throw their covers over their heads.

Merlin I'm so…" "Don't," Merlin rolled over in Arthur's arms to glare at him. If I wasn't so selfish and just left you alone you could be living a normal student life, not shacked up with an old man," Arthur sighed.

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But I was and I am, and I would rather be here with you, with all this than 'living a normal student life'" Merlin rolled his eyes.

I'll ask Uncle Gaius to speak to her, he'll make her see reason, we'll meet with her and she'll fall in love with you and see exactly why I am with you," Merlin smiled stroked his thumb over Arthur's cheek.