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nabiki ranma relationship help

The Nabiki and Ranma Relationship Archive URL Internet Archive Link Created by Bill Hitchens You can help the Ranma 1/2 Fan Fiction Wiki by expanding it. I'm sorry for all the Ranma x Shampoo, Ranma x Ukyo, Ranma x Ryoga, ect. I've been and. I have fan art of most of the ships, I mean they are good and I'll support it maybe, but dude. Ranma x Nabiki Tendo Author. Yup!. Kasumi's and Ranma's relationship has suddenly changed, leaving them to face off with the While training Ranma hurts himself and Kasumi comes to help.

Ranma moved into the room and closed the door behind himself before turning to address his hostess. It's all right," Kasumi cut in with a smile.

Ranma turned an unbelieving gaze to Nabiki. Looking around the room, Ranma couldn't help but think that he'd stumbled into one of those sleepovers that girls seem to love so much. Nabiki was clad in a pair of sweat pants and an oversized tee-shirt while Kasumi wore a rather warm and fuzzy looking pink flannel nightgown.

Both of the girls had rather mischievous smiles on and, for a moment, Ranma was afraid they'd dump some cold water on him and try to give him a make-over while they grilled him for embarrassing information about his sex life… or lack thereof.

What did you call it Nabiki? Martial Arts were way easier to discuss than the stuff in that book he'd been reading. Still, though, he felt a bit of confusion at the strange topic.

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You mean this isn't about…" "Oh, it's not what you think Casanova. Kasumi and I have been trying to think of ways to train you to be a better… um… 'master' for our little sister," Nabiki interrupted. Why the hell would I want to train for something like that! It's hard enough just tryin' to talk about it! Fortunately Kasumi was nearby to pull him back into his seat. Her face lost its mirthful smile for a moment as she tried to express the seriousness of the topic. A serious Kasumi was never something to be taken lightly.

If she thought Ranma needed to train for this, then he probably did. That didn't mean that he didn't find it terribly humiliating though. For a long moment all that the boy could do was look at the floor and blush.

Finally it was Nabiki who broke the strange silence. You've had your nose buried in that book for the past week. You know this isn't just about sex. You're going to need to change you're whole outlook on life to keep from doing serious emotional damage to our sister," she charged. I can control myself! Ranma could only growl in irritation at her remark. Verbal battles were never the martial artist's strong point, and even he had to admit that he tended to speak without though. He didn't have to like it though.

Kasumi turned the sour looking young man to face her so that she could lecture him in a somewhat more friendly and tactful manner. The dog doesn't really like people too much, and it has a tendency to bite when provoked. His two coconspirators picked themselves up from their mutual face planting.

nabiki ranma relationship help

Once again Ranma seemed to find the ground very interesting. His hand went up to scratch the base of his pigtail and his face flushed yet again. Once the boy calmed himself Kasumi continued.

You want me to…" The rest of the sentence was lost as it was delivered directly to the floorboards. Her hands were still extended from pushing her rather dense future brother-in- law off the bed.

nabiki ranma relationship help

Ranma mumbled his apology into the floor and then pushed himself back up to a sitting position so he could continue the rather confusing conversation. You know, compliments and such, if you want to get Akane to accept her role.

nabiki ranma relationship help

Fortunately that part of the discussion actually did make sense to the confused young man. The utter cluelessness of the boy was beginning to make her wonder if this whole project was worth the headache she was going to have. He too was beginning to wonder if all this was worth it. In fact, of the three she had gone to already today, this was the best. Most of the lights were already turned out for the night, but a rather upset young girl was waiting in the kitchen for the wayward boy.

She had lovingly destroyed most of said room some time ago in an attempt to create something nice for him, but he hadn't shown up for dinner. A few hours ago she'd planned to give the jerk a piece of her mind when he finally decided to come in, but, as the hours passed on, her anger grew into concern for the boy's well being.

Strangely enough, when the door finally opened, she found that the emotion welling up inside her was more akin to relief than to fury. Have you been…" She stopped. Before her was a mass of bruises with a mop of red hair. The injured creature hobbled, with great difficulty, a few more paces into the room.

With two swollen black eyes, she was obviously having great difficulty identifying the person before her. The identification cease to be a concern, however, as the wounded girl's legs finally gave out, dumping her onto the sofa.

She tentatively reached out a hand to examine the prone form, but could find no place undamaged enough to manipulate without possibly aggravating the injuries further.

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During the young girls search, Kasumi entered the room to see what the fuss was about. Saotome at the moment, what's the… Oh my! Akane stopped her own fretting for a moment in confusion. What's Nabiki got to do with this? Um… They had a silly little bet! Ranma lost," Kasumi answered lamely as she continued to probe the extent of Ranma's injuries. How dare anyone hurt her Ranma! When I get my hands on her…" "Now Akane! Ranma just has to hold a few jobs at the mall for a little while. Akane gazed off into space for a moment as she contemplated Nabiki's answer.

Finally she seemed to reach some sort of internal consensus. Don't worry too much Akane. He'll survive," Nabiki offered in parting as she stepped through the door. Apparently she was still trying to assess how she felt about all of this.

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Her response seemed good enough for Kasumi though. The eldest sister picked herself up off the floor and headed back off to her room. She did offer a simple "Thank you," as she left though. Akane, for her part, came out of her little reverie to find herself and her unconscious betrothed the only ones left in the room.

She glanced back down at the woman she was supposed to one day marry, and, for just a moment, a tender smile seemed to grace her features. She hid it quickly though, lest it be discovered. You may have noticed that the rating of this fanfic has shifted from NC to R.

What perplexes me is how Ranma can rationally be romantically attracted to a girl who doesn't seem to have nearly same level passion in the arts as he does. Akane Tendo is offten called a good martial attest and though she is definitely better then the averige person, she's lacks the same love and dedication for martial arts that Ranma and most of the other cast members have.

Now, we all know that Akane 'does' train herself even though you barely see it after the first anime season or after volume one of the manga but it's not "if" she's training, it's "how. Akane however, never does anything beyond running in the mornings, breaking bricks and beating up straw dummies of Ranma, and that's usually when she's angry and needs to let out stress.

She's never seen trying to learn new techniques or advance herself in the Anything Goes Style. Also, whether It's pride or a sense of inferiority toward most of the cast, Akane has never bothered to ask for help beyond asking Ranma to be her sparing dummy.

She only jogs to keep in shape. It was refreshing to see, but after she and Ranma finally defeat Natsume and Kurumi she reverts back to the same routine of breaking bricks and so on Also, this OVA is an anime only storyline so Akane throughout the manga still remains at the same fighting level as in the beginning.

Now it might seem like I'm bashing Akane but none of this is really wrong in it' self. It's a fact that most people 'do' only take martial arts as a hobby and to keep in shape. This goes right back to why his attraction to her makes no sense. I can't understand how someone could fall in love with an individual who obviously doesn't share the same passion and value in Anything Goes Martial arts, and on top of that, acts as if she's just as good as any of the other cast members and even more so, denies any help from Ranma even when he's not being his usual jerk self.

I would imagination that such behavior would be extremely off-putting and a definitely unattractive especially for someone who can get as hot headed as Ranma can sometimes. But since Akane is deemed the main girl she is destined to win Ranma, no mater how forced it may seem.

This is only one of many problems I see with them being together but I see a much bigger problem here and it's one that all the Tendo's and Saotome's are guilty of.

There seems to be a blatant double standard which is always in favor of Akane. I'm well aware that Ranma, is in large part, deserving of a smack or two when he's being a jerk or completely insensitive. What about the times when Akane's just overreacting? For instance; When Shampoo happens to come across Ranma she will usually run him over with her bike and latch onto him with a death grip hug. It's quite obvious that Ranma is unhappy and desperately wants to get away from her. However, Akane lets her irrational jealousy get the better of her every time and will beats the tar out of him or bop him on the head.

nabiki ranma relationship help

The beatings are also usually followed by some rude remark like "pervert! In he dub version, when Ranma protests that it was Happosie who broke the boat Akane retorts by saying "It's the same thing.

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The unfortunate thing is that Akane doesn't give Ranma the benefit of the doubt or allow him to explain the situation. In her eyes he's automatically labeled a pervert and a jerk. Akane however has 'intentionally' used Ryouga multiple times to get at Ranma and make him jealous. Something which Ranma has never done to Akane. In the 'Tunnel of Lost Love" arc. Ukyo pretends to be sick to get Ryouga's attention but Ranma comes to her aid instead and offers to give her a piggy back ride.

Akane easily gets jealous and decides to run of with Ryouga to make Ranma jealous. It is perfectly fine for her to beat him, insult him and generally inflict torment upon him, but he doesn't dare try and to do the same to her because of what the fallout will be from the other Tendo's, from his own parents, and even from characters like Ryoga and Dr. Akane is basically given free reign to trample over Ranma in whatever ways she likes, but everyone Ranma has major contact with exept for his other fiancees sees nothing wrong with this and forces Ranma to go along with it without complaint.

nabiki ranma relationship help

It's essentially always Ranma's fault until Akane can calm down enough to apologies which can take day's sometimes. While it IS the family's fault for supporting and encouraging Akane's bad behavior, I still find her behavior in this matter repugnant.

Akane still has to take some personal responsibility for her own actions and she seems to see absolutely nothing wrong with the way she treats Ranma, despite it being unfair a lot of the time. If anything, she seems to prefer listening to others who back her up and make her out as always being in the right.

A good example of this is the fight with her at the start of the Nabiki- Ranma's Fiancee storyline. Ranma, literally, did nothing to get Akane mad - he came into her room to apologies for using a piece of embroidery he'd mistaken for an old rag to clean the dojo and commented that it looked like she'd forgotten to stitch on the letter "C" when Nabiki asked if she'd misspelled the word "cat".

Akane is mad at Nabiki for stealing all of her clothes, and because Ranma makes one trivial barely-insult along with a deed he did apologies for- using it as a rag in the first placeshe hits him. After dinner, Kasumi, Soun and Nabiki all pretty much tell him to apologies to her.

Nobody even suggests that Nabiki should apologize and they outright deny it when Ranma brings it up. While both Shampoo and Ukyou may be similarly over-possessive of him; they usually show their over-possessiveness by trying to get closer to him, rather than beating him up for even looking at another girl in the wrong way.

Akane, feeling like they're ganging up on her, gets mad again and punches her outside deck into a million peaces.