Samurai warriors 2 nobunaga oda ending relationship

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samurai warriors 2 nobunaga oda ending relationship

Oda Nobunaga, original name Kichihōshi, later Saburō, (born , Owari , Kyōto), Japanese warrior and government official who overthrew the Ashikaga (or Muromachi) shogunate (–) and ended a long period of feudal wars Nobunaga established his hold on the samurai and the wealthier farmers by. Nobunaga Oda is one of the three unifiers of the Warring States period along with his former His story in Samurai Warriors 2 abridges his battle at Okehazama and . Slaying Nagamasa at the end of the battle, with many of his generals . He is a witty and charismatic leader who shares happy relations with his allies. For Samurai Warriors 2: Empires on the PlayStation 2, FAQ/Strategy Guide by The second one is that at the end of your musou, your character will .. Around this time, Nobunaga Oda would defeat the much larger and Nobunaga offers a marriage between Nobunaga's sister, Oichi, and Nagamasa.

After about minutes Hideyoshi should be eliminated and you will get a message telling you so. The Imagawa army will then recieve some reinforcments. Nobunaga of course being the demon that he is claims he will destroy them all.

You will then receive a mission that says to eliminate all the Imagawa elite officers. Kill all but 2 of the elite officers, one of them you should leave alive should be Ieyasu Tokugawa. Once you have done so, head towards the main entrance of the Imagawa camp. Hanzo will appear in the very South-East corner of the map. If you get to the enemy base first you will complete the mission and Hanzo will withdraw from both the map and the "fakes" he sent to your main base.

The supply team should then show up South-East of where Hideyoshi first appeared on the map in this little circular hole area. Rush there and kill the captain and congratulations, the sword is yours. Now go back and kick Imagawas butt and complete the mission. A quick runthrough again -- Defeat the 2 "Defense Captains" at the start of the mission. Stats and other info These are Nobunagas starting and final stats respectively.

They are taken from the game when he was Rank 1 and when I maxed his stats out later on. Please note that Item effects do not apply here. These are all his BASE stats without item add-ons or his 5th weapon implemented. Fool of Owari Rank The Upstart Rank Fiend of Gifu Rank Dark Hero Rank Chaos Being Rank Demon Lord Nobunagas Default Costume: Nobunaga in his black armor with his red cape.

Nobunaga in his purple and white samurai outfit. Skills Chart Nobunagas skill tree is listed here. Some people have asked what skills are good for him. Everyone has their own style of play. I tend to love Reach as attack range is always good for crowd control. Guts and Parry are a must so you never stagger, and they both help on castle stages.

Mastery is always nice but since Nobunagas musou attack is so horrible you might want to not get it. Other then that experiment and see what suits you best. Note these are not level 2 and 3 costs. Stages and Paths Battle of Okehazama Base Path: Kill the guards, then head North and, assist Hideyoshi by killing the named general and all his guards. Then proceed to eliminate all other generals, then kill Imagawa. Note that depending on the order you complete the missions in Hanzo could show up in two different places.

One above the enemys main camp, or below it. Start off by eliminating the 2 pilgrims closest to you. Then protect Hideyoshi as he moves towards the center to set it on fire. After its success and Magoichi decides to surrender go into the main fortress and slay the head commander Shoukei.

After that either kill all the rebel groups or let them escape to win the mission, next. If you wish to move along Nobunagas upper path and get the "movie" ending, do the following in the Battle of Ise. When the mission starts kill the rebels marked with a green dot. You only need to do this until it says "Oda Army has the upper hand". Afterwards protect Hideyoshi until he sets the fort on fire.

When Magoichi decides to surrender with Shoukei, enter the main fort and slay Shoukei, you don't have to kill Magoichi. Then when all the rebels decide to escape kill ALL of them.

That means every single green dot on the map you need to kill. They have the name "Pilgrim" above their head.

If you did all this correctly you should go onto Nobunagas upper path. I will continue the FAQ from there and then goto the lower path.

Start off by going to the South-East and occupying the supply depot. Then rush back all the way North and help Mitsuhide defend the mountain by killing all the basic units around him. Then do not allow the 2 generals to meet up by killing either one of them or better yet both. Then kill Yukimura and the enemy general will try to retreat. Slay him and the mission is completed. Revolt at Honnouji Upper Path --Ah yes, the mission everyone on the message board hates.

This time you are the escapee himself, praise the Lord right? Start off by rescuing Oichi. Lead her out and all is well. Or you can let her die, but that would be mean.

Then go and grab you wife Noh. She asks him permission to watch him carry on with his lone training, a request which surprises him. He only proceeds when he is assured she will not be bored by it. Pleased to see his flawless fighting stance, Hotaru voices her admiration for him and her belief that he is a fine warrior.

Ranmaru rebuffs her, quietly admitting his inexperience in battle and his father's death to her. Once she hears Nobunaga's words for him, she offers her opinion that it is a request for him to live.

Her words are hard for him to swallow as Ranmaru had never considered that possibility. Even if he cannot fully accept them yet, the page promises to take them into consideration. He unwittingly embarrasses both of them when he formally praises the qualities he finds beautiful about her as a sign of gratitude.

Ranmaru later daydreams about her, which provokes an amused Nobunaga to tease him. Oito enters Hotaru's quarters the next day to announce Ranmaru's presence in the Akechi manor. He has finally decided on a spot to take her and asks her to accompany him to the nearby town, happy when accepts the offer. While he plans to give her a formal rundown of the town Nobunaga helped build, Hotaru is distracted by a stall of hairpins on the street. The proprietress cheerfully recommends various hairpins for the maiden when Ranmaru comes over, which causes him to patronize the woman's thoughtlessness with the pin he thinks best suits Hotaru.

He vehemently adds she can use it to defend herself from enemy spies when he isn't around, feeling that it can be the part of him which can still protect her. One look at Hotaru's flushed expression silences his ranting and leads to a bashful purchase of the hairpin. The page is flabbergasted when the proprietress calls them lovers, both of them forgetting their respectful missions in their panicked flight back to the castle.

Cherishing his present in spite of herself, Hotaru secretly returns to the town by herself to purchase a gift for Ranmaru. The proprietress recognizes her and offers her braids that she is selling.

Hotaru quickly finds one in a color which suits Ranmaru and buys it. As she turns to leave, Hideyoshi spots her and happily starts a friendly conversation about her purchase back to the castle.

Ranmaru happens to find them upon their return and mistakenly believes that Hotaru has been swayed by Hideyoshi's womanizing; the page leaves before they can explain themselves. Hideyoshi has to explain the young man's jealousy to a baffled Hotaru.

Although uneasy about her feelings and her devotion to her kunoichi duties, Hotaru steels herself to give her present the next day.

A guard leads her to Ranmaru's private quarters where he passively greets her. She offers to tie the braid into his hair, a request which he shyly accepts.

Moments after she ties it, however, Ranmaru loosens the knot and puts it away so he can always treasure it. His sentiments please her, yet her joy is muted when she realizes he only knows her princess disguise and not the real her. An exasperated Nobunaga later spots the two youths dancing around their affections for another, further frustrated when Ranmaru claims he can only be beside the princess on Nobunaga's orders.

He leaves his page with the retort to broaden his horizons, which Ranmaru misinterprets as a sign of Nobunaga's dissatisfaction with him. When Mitsuhide reads his controversial poem the following week, Ranmaru buys into the rumors of mutiny and assumes the worst for his lord and Hotaru.

He is convinced that Mitsuhide may be the ringleader of the enemy spies and continues to request a strengthen patrol for the firefly viewing banquet. Though Nobunaga patronizes him to ignore the doubters, the page can't help himself and visits Hotaru in private with the plan to negotiate peace with Mitsuhide.

He believes the princess's words can convince her brother to reconsider and that covering for her brother pains her. As he offers to warmly be her support, his honest obliviousness to her true mission causes her anguish, so much that Hotaru can barely stand to be within his company without being racked with guilt. On the day before the firefly banquet Ranmaru gives Mitsuhide a scroll of loyalty with the hopes of convincing the general. Irritated by the page's meddling, the general orders Hotaru to give it back for him.

Ranmaru explains to her that he suspects Mitsuhide as a precaution for Nobunaga's safety and as a means of guarding her. Hotaru's pale visage worries him so he escorts her to the riverbank they had visited earlier in the hopes of raising her spirits. She lies that her scheduled return to Sakamoto Castle will tear them apart yet inwardly broods that her kunoichi duties means they can never be together. As she crouches by the riverbank to mope, Ranmaru places his hand atop hers and gently confesses his desires to someday becoming a reputable samurai with enough prestige to marry her.

His words move her yet Hotaru politely declines with a wish for him to focus on his duties to Nobunaga. Ranmaru accepts her advice with great difficulty by requesting permission to be repositioned to an opening in the patrol for the firefly banquet. Every setup for the assassination plan remains the same as the default route, yet Hotaru's affinity for Ranmaru ultimately stays her hand.

Momoji is disparaged by his pupil's kindness to throw a kunai in her stead and merely reprimands her. Once she lowers herself from her rooftop perch, Ranmaru confronts her and seeks to apprehend the kunoichi. During their fight, Hotaru can't bring herself to hurt him; he takes advantage of her hesitation by wounding her shoulder. As she flees by transforming into a bird, Hotaru accidentally drops the hairpin Ranmaru had given her. She only realizes her error too late when she returns to her room within the Akechi manor.

Not wanting to deceive him further, Hotaru dreads the long wait for her eventual arrest. She tries to play dumb when Ranmaru charges into her room, but she openly exposes her true identity after he presents the hairpin and touches her wounded shoulder. Despite his own apprehensions for the deception, Ranmaru stays true to his duty and brings her before Nobunaga for judgment. Nobunaga answers with a curt order for his page to execute her, egging him to kill the one who had betrayed their trust and plotted to end his dream.

Surprised yet seeking to be loyal, Ranmaru prepares himself to obey. Before the fatal blow is struck, Hotaru freely uses her last words to thank Ranmaru for his heartfelt honesty. Ranmaru's resolve cracks instantly. He shields Hotaru from Nobunaga and pleads for her life to be spared —in spite of her own protests. When his lord threatens to cut them down for their insolence, Ranmaru is adamant and proclaims his belief in the Oda dream as his cause for defiance.

Nobunaga rebukes his page seeks death being with the kunoichi; therefore he will permit their survival only if Ranmaru swears to forever be responsible for her. He dismisses them after Ranmaru makes his pledge of loyalty, scoffing that he is tired at looking at the traitor's face.

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  • Oda Nobunaga

They return to Ranmaru's quarters. He asks for Hotaru's true name and offers to tend to her shoulder. When a confused Hotaru asks him his reasons for doing so, he confesses his vexed feelings for her as he embraces her. Even through her act, he believes he was exposed to her true character and pleads her to no longer lie to herself in front of him. Hotaru thanks him and spends the entire night revealing her real origins to him. Ieyasu and Hideyoshi visit them the next morning, each party revealing their encounter with Nobunaga.

The duo remark that the news of Mitsuhide's betrayal is vastly different than the version they heard and invite the couple to join them to a trip to the gaols. Hotaru and Ranmaru are surprised to see Mitsuhide greet them and only then is the real motive of the fake assassination is explained to them. Nobuyuki revealed his hand by throwing a tantrum when nothing happened, quickly imprisoned within moments after Nobunaga overheard him.

When it dawns on the couple that Nobunaga's cruelty the night prior was a grand farce, the young lord mirthfully takes pride in his page's show of courage and congratulates them for rekindling their affections.

Once she is formally dismissed, Hotaru insists on delivering her report to her village, promising to return to Ranmaru's side when her task is finished. He understands and swears to always be waiting for her. Nobunaga's trip to the capital proceeds according to schedule, and Ranmaru leaves Azuchi Castle to act as his lord's bodyguard. Before she flies back home, Hotaru feels it's courteous to say goodbye to her former master.

Inside the temple, Nobunaga teases that his page is at a ripe age for marriage and declares his intentions to make a peace treaty with Iga for the couple. Ranmaru appreciates his lord's concern, but their cheer is cut off when Hotaru rushes into the room and reports the army of two thousand surrounding them.

She is too late to escort them out of the flames, yet Nobunaga is ready to accept the end heaven has appropriately judged for him and commands his page to escape with Hotaru. With his lord's permission for a last request, Ranmaru asks the kunoichi to head to Nijo Pavilion and tell those present to rejoin with Mitsuhide's reinforcements. As Hotaru flies away, Nobunaga scolds his page for choosing to die with him before Nobuyuki's soldiers discover them.

Ranmaru expresses his longing endearment for Hotaru in soliloquy as he prepares to fight to the death. Realizing that he lied to her for her escape, Hotaru transforms outside the temple and reunites with Mitsuhide. After he briefs her on the situation, she hurries back inside the burning temple to report it to Nobunaga and Ranmaru. The Oda siblings are dueling and Ranmaru is busy fighting back rioters.

Her news lightens the Oda lord's spirits, as it means heaven finds him still fit to rule. The trio apprehend Nobuyuki while Hotaru fights for their escape. It is only after he sees her defeating a guard in their path that Ranmaru learns she is Shichisuke. Nobuyuki is dragged away for imprisonment by Mitsuhide, and the couple admonish one another for their recklessness. Hotaru confesses her intimacy for Ranmaru, asking him to promise to keep living for her.

Nobunaga is amused by her boldness and urges his page to return the sentiments. Ranmaru feels there are still many circumstances they need to consider for their life together, yet he gladly accepts her feelings.

She had been granted her elder's permission to leave the village and is simultaneously acting as the envoy for the Oda-Iga alliance.

Upon hearing the news, Ranmaru openly states his earnest devotion to her and proposes. His Yumeakari route has Hotaru try to bond with Ranmaru. Within the first week of the story, she happens to see him training and opens with small chat. His cold reply encourages her to try again as Shichisuke.

This time Ranmaru greets her with a smile and offers to train with him. They work up a sweat so the page invites his comrade to wash up with him. Hotaru fails to fib her way out of a refusal and asks permission to talk with Ranmaru in private. Once inside his room, she lifts her transformation and apologetically explains the truth to him.

I got this event about 15 minutes after I had sent in my last update. I do thank everyone for trying to help, but I already had the event, even though it didn't look like it.

Oh, and I'm just now realizing I forgot to put dates on my updates like I normally do.

samurai warriors 2 nobunaga oda ending relationship

No use in backdating Not important, but it's starting to get on my obsessive compulsive nerves I should get that checked out The next update should be pretty much the last update, since I only have one more event and policy to obtain. All policies are obtained.

Updated the move sets.

samurai warriors 2 nobunaga oda ending relationship

Only missing one event. That will be the last update. Added the last special battle and the supposed, non-confirmed requirements for the last missing event. I apologize if the information for that event is incomplete, but I got tired of waiting for someone to confirm it and I don't have the time to play through another Empires Mode, so I left it as unconfirmed information and marked it as such.

Sorry it took so long to get this guide updated with the Osaka Campaign. My computer decided it wanted to die so I was left without Microsoft Word for a good month.

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Minor fix in the Seek policy. I will not be listing the move sets for the unique officers in this guide. If you want to see them, you can look at them from my Samurai Warriors 2 guide. If there is an uproar over me putting those move sets into this guide, I may do so in the future. Empires is, at its very core, a hack and slash game.

Oda Nobunaga | Japanese warrior |

Even the most hardcore fan must admit that on a certain level, there is a lot of button mashing happening. However, because of the new strategic elements that are added to the game, you are given more control over both your character and your allies.

There are many new strategies involved with this game that can mean the difference between victory and defeat. The major difference in this game is that the directional pad now gives commands to your allies, giving you some control over what they do.

Moves character Right Analog Stick: Rotates camera Directional Pad Up: All attack command for allies Directional Pad Down: All defend command for allies Directional Pad Right: All gather command for allies Directional Pad Left: Auto command for allies Square: Toggle mini map R1: I personally change the L1 and the L2 buttons on my controller because it is easier for me to hit L2 than it is to hit L1 and I block more than I toggle the mini map.

Therefore, if in this guide, you see me say the L2 button, odds are, I'm talking about blocking. I don't think it comes up, but just in case, I don't want to confuse anyone.

This stands for the square button on the controller.

Nobunaga Oda

This stands for the triangle button on the controller. This is the regular attack combo of general. This indicates a specific charge attack. The number indicates what type of charge attack it is. For example, a C1 would be an attack where you just press T.

For tiered charge attacks, they would be indicated with a C. The first number is what type of charge attack while the second number indicates what tier of the charge attack it is.

This is performed by pressing triangle while in midair. If you press the R1 button, you enter a special stance. Pressing the square or the triangle button while in this special stance will execute your character's special attacks. When you are knocked into the air, you can back flip and land on your feet by pressing the guard button at the right moment.

There is a certain bit of timing involved, but the window of opportunity is normally very big. You cannot always perform a back flip when you get knocked down. This can also be called a tech by some people. Grabs are unblockable attacks where you pick up the enemy and throw them in some fashion. This is performed by pressing the circle button when your musou bar is charged up completely. When you press the circle button, all regular soldiers slow down and your attacks are more powerful.

Unique soldiers do not slow down. When you hold down the circle button, you will perform a powerful, unique attack. This is performed by pressing the circle button when your musou bar is charged up completely and you are low on life. When your life bar turns red, your musou will become a true musou. True musous are the same as a regular musou except for two differences.

The first one is that true musous have the Fire element attached to them. The second one is that at the end of your musou, your character will perform additional attacks automatically.

This is the same as a true musou except that the element attached is Lightning instead of Fire. This can only be performed when you are close to an ally officer that you are friends with and that ally has a full musou bar while you have at least one level of your musou bar filled.

New to this game is the multi musou.

samurai warriors 2 nobunaga oda ending relationship

If you are near two or three ally officers that you are friends with, all of the officers will perform their musou attack at the same time, with different elements attached. The triple musou has the Ice element attached while the quadruple musou has the Wind element attached.

In SW2, the musou bar has three different levels. The first level is a regular musou. The second level is the regular musou with more power. The third level adds a special effect to your musou.

You gain more levels to your musou bar as you level up your character. Empires different from regular SW2 is the fact that you need to conquer all of Japan to win. To do so, you must manage your clan and its territories while expanding by invading other fiefs.

The battles are different in this game in the fact that you have to use strategy to conquer the land. You cannot just rush out and try to kill the commanding officer of the other army. You need to take over bases to extend your supply line while preventing your opponent from doing the same thing. This adds a bit of strategy to the game. There are two phases to Empire mode. They are divided into the Strategy Phase and the Battle Phase.

I will go over each phase in this walkthrough. During the strategy phase, you first get gold based on the amount of fiefs you have and based on the Harvest levels of those territories. Then, you get a certain amount of orders that you can perform. This is based on the amount of fiefs you have under your control. You have various policies, tactics, and formations to choose from for every order. Remember, each policy or tactic requires a certain amount of gold to perform, so be wary of that.

Each policy will be reviewed in Chapter 5 and each tactic and formation will be reviewed in Chapter 6. Listen to your officers as they lay out their plans for the land. This gives you the ability to use new policies laid out by your officers. Each officer is proposing two policies an order. Request that one of your officers perform the tasks for this turn.

The officer will perform only one policy an order. If you do not like the policies laid forth by your officers, you can assign something on your own. However, you can only perform one policy for that order. The same as Decree, except for Tactics and only Tactics. The same as Decree, except for Formations and only Formations.

You can move officers from one fief to another fief. View info on various forces, areas, officers, and so forth. Move on to the Battle Phase. Here, there are also various options you can perform. Invade a neighboring neutral or hostile territory. Defend your territory from an invading force. Invade a territory with another force. This can only be performed if you have performed the Request policy during the Strategy phase or if an ally is requesting that you help them in a Joint Attack.

Help an ally defend their territory from another force. Skip the Battle Phase. You may have up to three main generals, three lieutenants, one relief general, and one relief lieutenants. Relief generals and lieutenants will arrive as reinforcements during the battle. If you are helping an ally with a joint attack or a defense of one of their territories, you can only pick one officer to join that battle with.

When you have decided to choose who you would like to attack with, you will go to a screen that allows you to prepare for battle. Here, you have many options you can choose from before the start of the battle. Here, you can equip your weapon and mount, view and equip your skills, view your move list, and receive an overall view of the officer you are currently controlling.

Allows you to equip two tactics.

samurai warriors 2 nobunaga oda ending relationship

You must equip these tactics before the battle starts if you want to use them during the battle. Certain tactics are always in use throughout the battle, while Special Tactics can be activated during the battle from the start menu. Allows you to employ a formation at the start of the battle. You can only employ formations that you have enough points for. Also, this shows you the amount of formations that the enemy currently has in stock. During the battle, you can change your formation if you have enough points to do so by using this command via the start menu.

Allows you to view the officers that are on the battlefield and, if your culture is high enough in your territory, allows you to place you and your allies on the battlefield. Lists the victory and defeat conditions for the battle. Allows you to adjust the map options and the music options. Once the battle starts, you must achieve your objectives. If you are invading, you must capture the enemy's main camp before time runs out or defeat the ruler if the ruler is on the field.

If you are defending, you have to defend your main camp until time runs out, defeat the invading army's main commander, or take the enemy's main camp. During the battle, you will need to focus on taking the enemy's bases. If you look on the map when you press start, you will notice lines going from base to base. You will need to extend your line, which is blue from your main base to the opponent's main base. The lines are your supply lines.

If you do not extend this line to your opponent's main base, you will be unable to take that base, no matter how many times you kill off the Base Captains. To take a base, all you have to do is defeat all Base Captains and enemy generals in that base until your Base Captains arrive to claim the base.

You can tell how many officers and Base Captains you have left to kill by the meter at the upper right hand corner. The bubbles above the bars tell you how many officers and Base Captains are in the base you are at. The color of the flag tells you which side has control of the base. Also, on your mini map, you will notice that each section is color coded. These colors represent the territories you control.

They also represent the chances of you capturing the enemy's officers. They are as follows: